Debate #1: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Others have done this subject justice and I have little to add, so this will be a short entry.

The Good

Absolutely nothing.  The questions sucked, the candidates sucked.

The Bad

Without a doubt, Donald Trump.  What everyone feared would happen when he got on the stage with Clinton actually happened.  He proved himself to be the charlatan we all knew him to be…at least the overwhelming majority of people at RedState.    That was a cringe-worthy piece of television.  And Mr. Trump has to stop snorting coke before he goes on the stage; that sniveling was annoying.

The Ugly

The fact the country has to endure two more of these debates.

Even Uglier

I am right now picturing what could have been had that been anyone but Trump debating Hidebeast last night.  Like Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio…or Jeb Bush…or Scott Walker…or John Kasich…or even Rick Santorum.  Speaking of Cruz, has he totally gone over to the dark side?  He actually thought Trump’s performance was good.  That makes Cruz and 90% of respondents on Drudge.

The Big Question

Why won’t anyone pick up a phone and just call Sean Hannity already?