ARGH!!! Hillary's Health: From Birtherism to Healtherism

Donald Trump, the great detractor, had been intimating that Hillary Clinton is physically unfit to be President of the United States.  His diatribes have revolved her around her low energy and laughing about the fact she gives a speech then retires for a nap at her mansion in New York.  We have heard these “substantive issues” before from Trump.

In 2012 when mulling over a bid for the White House, Trump was front and center over Barack Obama’s birthplace thus calling into question his eligibility to be President.   When Obama released some document proving he was born in Hawaii, which was a state when he was born (would not have made a difference if it was territory, by the way), he moved on to Obama’s transcripts from college.

Well, we know Hillary Clinton was born in the United States- in Chicago, Illinois in fact and Illinois was a state in the union when she was born.  We know she went to Wellesley College and then Yale Law School.  Her grades must have been good enough to get her into Yale and she did get a law degree from Yale, so her grades must have been satisfactory there also.  Lacking the birther and transcripter issue, Trump has moved onto her health.

Hillary Clinton is no spring chicken…we all know that.  If elected, she will be 69 years old when sworn into office.  We also know that the woman has been running for this office for the better part of 25 years and holds a big chip on her shoulder against the alleged “right wing conspiracy” and their “judicial terrorism.”  At that age and given that life history, it would be a huge surprise if she did not have a health issue of some sort.  Granted, Clinton has some physical issues namely the infamous concussion and her history of blood clots.

Morons like Eric Bolling have seized upon her most recent apparent episode of pneumonia and almost-fainting spell during a 9/11 ceremony in Manhattan.  To him and others, this is proof positive that she is unfit to be President.  If that is the best Bolling and the minions like him can do to disqualify Clinton for President, then their punditry borders on the mentally retarded.  There are many things that should disqualify Hildebeast, but her health is certainly not one of them.

Given all the baggage in her past and present, one would logically think that baggage would be the object of scrutiny.  But, we’ve turned our attention to her health.  Granted, the campaign’s handling of the situation, especially the most recent one, leaves a lot to be desired.  It was, in effect, yet another Hillary Clinton cover-up.  But we all know that is the way she operates so it should have come as no surprise that “cover it up” would be the default reaction.

What all this does is detract from the bigger question and that is Donald Trump’s inherent weaknesses.  I went away for a weekend devoid of politics and find out that our wannabe Commander-in-Chief “unknowingly” gave an interview to Russian state television and that he called our current military leaders not-so-nice names.  Before that weekend devoid of politics, I learned that Trump, according to Trump, was going to prepare for the important upcoming debates the way he prepared for the primary debates; that is, not preparing at all.

It is bad enough when the American electorate is presented with the choice of two equally disgusting, unpalatable choices for President- especially considering the important challenges facing this country- but when that debate has turned into one about a fainting spell, or a dragged foot, or a cough, what the hell has this process devolved into?

Then again, after the Republican primary process, do we expect anything better from Trump?  After all, he attacked a person’s hair, another’s height, a third’s face and a fourth’s low level of energy.  Trump obviously believes in a religious test to enter the country, but now he seems to believe that a candidate must pass a physical exam.  This is the presidency of the United States, not physical clearance by a doctor to play high school sports.

What Clinton and her campaign is guilty of is the silliness of a cover-up over her health.  Wouldn’t it have been better for the campaign to say, “Ms. Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday and advised to rest for a few a days, but she insisted on paying her respects to the fallen heroes of 9/11, became weak due to dehydration from the pneumonia and had to be helped by Secret Service agents.  She’s resting well, is in good spirits and thanks everyone for their concern.”  End of story!  Pneumonia is not Addison’s Disease or polio.

But she is Hillary Clinton and transparency, honesty and trust are three words not associated with her.  She merely reinforced those perceptions with the handling of this incident.

As for Trump, after his “get well” wishes, expect the attacks and insinuations from surrogates to heat up.  It is the nature of this campaign- avoid the policy issues and concentrate on “baskets of deplorables” and a candidate’s cough.

I believe it was Erick Erickson who had the best Tweet in response to this latest “controversy” when he said, to paraphrase, “One candidate is physically ill and the other is mentally ill.  Good job America.”  At least with the physical illness, there is Tim Kaine in the wings who might have been a better candidate for the higher office in any other year.  There is no back-up plan for the mentally ill candidate, just more craziness.

Trump is the undisputed king of conspiracy theories and Clinton’s health fits in nicely.  It makes one wonder: did Trump watch National Treasure Part 2 and believes there is a book of secrets that would confirm his many beliefs in conspiracies?