15 Fabulous Awesomely Consistent #NeverTrump Heroes

As some within the Never Trump phenomena are jumping ship (Mark Levin!), others remain steadfast in their opposition to the man, the myth and the legend (in his own mind) that is Donald Trump.  Some are jumping ship in the belief of the lesser of two evil theory of choosing between Clinton and Trump.  Voters should not have to hold their noses when making a choice in the voting booth, but to some that is what it is.  This writer intends to vote for neither and retain a shred of anonymous self-dignity.  The following is a list of 15 people who remain true to the Never Trump movement.

#15.  Utah Senator Mike Lee.  He might be higher on the list but for the fact his opposition to Trump is lukewarm and soft.  Saying that Trump “scares the hell out of me” is one thing and an unequivocal denunciation of Trump another.

#14. Townhall news editor Katie Pavlich.  She’s been fairly consistent, but cracks may be showing.  Then again, those cracks appeared while debating a stone cold liberal on a news station.  If anything, debating a Leftist will inevitably lead one to defend Trump before you realize you are defending Trump.  Still, she seems to get it…

#13. Presidential candidate Evan McMullin.  You have to admire the fact that the man jumped into the race and dared go where more godly conservatives feared.  But alas!  Too little, too late.  Perhaps if he had started his “campaign” two months earlier it would have caught some fire.  But joining a race to maybe win Utah is not the stuff of stopping Trump or Clinton.  However, he seems the most sincere candidate in the race and he has the added advantage of not being arrested for vandalizing a piece of construction equipment in North Dakota.

#12. Former candidate Jeb Bush.  One can understand his disapproval of Trump given the attacks on him during the primaries.  But even Jeb Bush is looking good right about now as an alternative to the Great Pumpkin.

#11. Columnist George Will.  Although his verbosity often borders on the pompous, Will’s commentary adds an air of intellectual sophistication to the subject.

#10. South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham.  Bet you never would see anyone on this site praising Lindsey Graham.  Although certainly not the most conservative of Republican politicians, his opposition to Trump has been unwavering.  And he may have other reasons for opposing Trump that do not include saving conservatism, but an ally is an ally.  Plus, he is a fairly high profile Senator.

#9. Columnist Erick Erickson, currently of Resurgent and formerly of RedState.  Erickson gets a rather high ranking because he was one of the first high profile conservative activists to voice concern and then outright opposition to Donald Trump.  Nothing has changed in the interim.

#8. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan.  Maryland is one of the bluest of blue states in the country, but their Republican Governor sports a 71% approval rating.  When he speaks out against Trump, ears should perk up.  He has said he will make up his mind when he’s behind the curtain…probably write in someone.  That seems to sum up the frustration of the true Never Trump person.

#7. Former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.  It is certainly rare when a former presidential candidate in your party openly opposes you which illustrates the depth of the opposition.  McCain has somewhat tacitly endorsed Trump while both Bushes have remained agnostic at best and no one other than the makers of Viagra care about Bob Dole.  The irony of the whole thing is Romney was laughed off the debate stage when he cited Russia and Putin as threats.  Remember?  He was still fighting the Cold War.  Seems Romney was onto something back in 2012.

#6. Texas Senator Ted Cruz.  He’s not technically Never Trump, but you know damn well he isn’t voting for Trump come November 8th.  Anyone who shows up at the coronation…er, convention…and basically gets booed off the stage for not openly endorsing Trump and, in fact, telling people to “vote your conscience” is alright in my book.  That took cajones and you gotta like the guy for it.

#5. Former Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman.  He has been a consistent and vociferous anti-Trump Republican.  Usually I would refrain from using former officeholders since they likely hold little sway with recent voters.  But, Coleman represents what a conservative Republican truly thinks about Trump and draws a spotlight on the tragedy that is Senator Al Franken.

#4. Arizona Senator Jeff Flake.  Unlike his counterpart, John McCain, Flake makes no bones about it- he is not a supporter of Trump.  Of course, the thin-skinned Orange Messiah could not resist attacking him through his favorite means- Twitter.  He, like Hogan above, expresses the frustration many feel.  It is hard not to support the GOP candidate if you are a Republican, but in Trump’s case you just cannot bring yourself to do it.

#3. The Koch brothers.  Generally big money players in politics, they originally announced a $1 billion commitment in the 2016 cycle.  As Trump’s delegate count increased, that dollar amount decreased and they have now dedicated a considerably lower sum to down ballot races and extricated themselves from the presidential one.  They aren’t voting with their feet; they’re voting with their dollars and good for them.  Plus, they are the bane of Harry Reid who suffers from Koch Derangement Syndrome.

#2. Columnist and activist Glenn Beck.  Like Lindsey Graham above, who would have thunk it?  Provided he stays away from the more fringe theories circulating out there, Beck understands the threat Trump poses to the GOP and, more importantly, conservatism.  Unfortunately, his past has dug himself in a hole and he no longer holds much sway, nor is he as popular as he once was.  But with every appearance on television, he has been coherent and sums up the Never Trump movement nicely and passionately.

#1. Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse.  Ever since this guy waded into Iowa and pleaded with voters to vote for anyone BUT Trump, he has been at the top of my list.  In fact, he’ll get my write-in vote come November 8th.  Sasse has more experience and more knowledge of true conservatism in his little finger than Trump has in his entire orange-tinged body.  He has intelligently and diligently laid out the case against Trump.  A lot of people like to refer to Ted Cruz as the most consistently conservative Republican out there.  I beg to differ although admittedly Sasse was not running for president.  This guy has a bright future in conservative and Republican politics IF there is a Republican Party as it should be after this election.

I apologize if some names were left off the list because God knows there are plenty of Republicans and conservatives repudiating Trump.  But, it had to be whittled to 15 and I tried to choose people who understand the gravity of a Trump candidacy and who articulate what is at stake.  Yes, there are others like Reid Ribble and Adam Kinzinger, but their opposition may be more concerned about electoral politics than philosophical.  I also did not include people like Susan Collins and Richard Hanna because they are basically Democrat-lite people hiding behind the “R” after their name.  And apologies to our own Leon Wolf as I decided against using any voice from RedState.