The Jihad News- Volume VIII- August edition

Front Page

Pope Francis, while on a visit to Poland, weighed in on the issue of Islamic terrorism which basically touted the stock line that all religions have extremists and Islam is a religion of peace.  ISIS followed that up with a statement that as far as they were concerned, the Pope was wrong and his conciliatory language was designed to lull the Muslim world into submission.  In fact, they said, “No…this is a holy war.”

They had previously, in one of their on-line propaganda outlets, stated that the number one reason they “hate” the West is because we do not believe in Allah.  They also talk of “invading our lands” as if Muslims are somehow innocent of invading lands.  It is how Islam spread in the first place beyond the Arabian Peninsula.

One realizes that ISIS may not speak for a majority of Muslims.  But, they are the biggest terrorist threat out there today as the Obama administration’s own “heat map” illustrates.  Their reach is not regional anymore.  Besides the more notorious acts in Europe, daily atrocities at the hands of ISIS or their supporters occurs beyond Syria and Iraq.

Their aim is to spread Islam through violence into the Western world.  Their’s is a holy war.  In fact, their aims and methods are the same as those used by Islam in the three decades after its evolution when three of five Christian areas submitted to Islamic rule.  The fourth- current day Turkey- took longer and they never really did get to the fifth- Rome and the Vatican.  That is the goal of ISIS and people need to wake up.

Regional News

The Americas and Australia

Christopher Cornell of Ohio pleaded guilty to being sympathetic to ISIS and planning an attack on the US Capitol building.  This was followed by revelations that another recent convert to Islam was a member of the DC Metro Police and was apparently plotting an attack on that system or a courthouse.  Thankfully, someone reported his behavior and the FBI placed him under surveillance and built a case against him.

Turkey reported that they arrested nine nationals of Trinidad and Tobago, a small Caribbean nation, after police nabbed a Syrian suspected of smuggling terrorists into Syria.  Intelligence reports state that several people from that country have joined ISIS over the past year.  And lest we forget, Abu Bakr is the only Muslim convicted of attempting to overthrow a Western nation and that occurred in Trinidad and Tobago.

Jaelyn Young, a University of Mississippi honor student, was sentenced to 12 years in prison after she and her fiance, Muhammed Dakhlalla, were caught trying to join ISIS.


A Paris based publisher decided against publishing a book by German-Egyptian author Hamed Abdel-Samad titled The Islamic Fascism.  To appease the publishers, the author agreed to change the name of the book.  However, in the aftermath of the Nice terrorist attack, the publisher withdrew the contract to publish fearing a backlash.  In other words, the terrorists won.

Speaking of France, an ISIS propaganda video which shows the beheading of two captives (one looks quite European) was preceded by a rant against France promising more terrorist actions in that country.  As the New York Times reported, based upon captured returning ISIS fighters in Germany, England and Austria, there is the greatest recruitment of sleeper cells in France more than any other European country.

ISIS claimed responsibility for a failed attack on Moscow traffic police claiming the attack was in retaliation for Russian military strikes in Syria.

Voters is Italy are being asked whether a mosque next to Leaning Tower of Pisa should be built.  There is strong opposition after a thwarted terrorist attack on the famed landmark was revealed.  And France severely restricted border travel with Italy over terrorist fears.  About 1.6 million Muslims live in Italy.

The Middle East

A child suicide bomber took out 51 people at a wedding celebration in Turkey, injuring hundreds of others.  The Turkish government blames ISIS for the atrocity.  It is the second deadliest attack in Turkey.  The suspect was between the ages of 12 and 14.

Just to show they are still relevant, Hamas unleashed a rocket attack that landed on an Israeli settlement.  Israel responded by targeted airstrikes in the northern Gaza Strip against suspected Hamas and related terrorist encampments.

Illustrating that they are branching out, ISIS claimed responsibility for a suicide car bombing in Yemen that left 54 government recruits dead.


The Philippine chapter of ISIS has called for the 2017 Miss Universe pageant, to be held in that country, to be targeted for a terrorist attack.  They even posted a video on how to make a suicide bomb belt.

Five gunmen in Afghan military uniforms abducted an American and Australian as they drove to their residence in Kabul.  Both were workers at the American University in Afghanistan.  No word on whether Obama will ship a palette of cash to Kabul.

A wave of 12 bombings hit tourist areas of Bangkok in Thailand.  They are believed to be the work of Islamic separatists operating in the country for at least the last two decades.

Our good friends in ISIS recently executed six suspected spies for the Iraqi army by placing them in vats of boiling tar.  One guesses slow cooking them in boiling water wasn’t gruesome enough.

Iranian authorities arrested 11 Christians during a private church gathering in a home.  Witnesses said the 11 were escorted away by armed government forces and their whereabouts are unknown at this time.  It is illegal to practice Christianity in Iran.

In Indonesia, a man who swore allegiance to ISIS, rushed the altar of a Catholic mass and tried to detonate explosives in a backpack.  Luckily, the genius did not assemble it correctly, so he pulled out an ax and slashed the priest’s arm before being wrestled and detained by the congregation.  Believe it or not, police are searching for a motive…


The new leader of Boko Harem, Abu Musab al-Barnawi, acting on orders from ISIS leadership, has vowed to cease attacks on fellow Muslims and concentrate on Christians.  He accuses Christian missionaries of trying to “Christianize” the population which, in their eyes, is worse than trying to Islamicize them at the end of a machete.

The Allied Democratic Forces, an Islamic terrorist group with ties to Uganda, has killed at least 51 innocent villagers in the Congo.  Meanwhile, Muslim Fulani herdsmen killed at least 16 more people- all Christian.

Islamic terrorists carried out a suicide bombing in a crowded market in Cameroon near the Nigerian border.  It was suspected that an armed man from neighboring Nigeria detonated the bomb.

A pair of suicide truck bombings rocked Mogadishu in Somalia killing 23 people.  The target was a government building near a school and market.  Most of those killed were students and traders.


  • Total deaths this month:           1,334 (YTD: 12,317)
  • Total injured this month:          1,596 (YTD: 15,862)
  • Total casualties this month:     2,930 (YTD: 28,179)
  • Total attacks this month:           131 (YTD: 1,183)

The Funny Pages

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Final Word/ Editorial

In days gone by when there was a threat to the Western way of life and ideals, it was met with calling it out for what it was.  Fascism in the 1930’s and Communism during the Cold War are two such examples.  Not only were they called out by name, but we did a threat assessment and developed a comprehensive plan to defeat it.  Today, no such mindset exists.

Today, there are no Winston Churchills, only Neville Chamberlains who think that appeasement will buy peace.  Today’s leaders lack a comprehensive plan to defeat radical Islamic terrorism other than accepting it as the “new norm.”  Their’s is a plan of reaction rather than proactive measures.  It is playing a losing game of defense rather than offense.  Unfortunately, the good guys have to succeed all the time and the bad guys only once.  The weapons are suicide vests, knives, machetes, or even delivery trucks and other vehicles.

We suggest when we should be demanding greater cooperation from the Muslim community itself.  If they truly are the “religion of peace” as they proclaim, then prove it and be peaceful and purge your religion of the radical elements from within.  Until the West gets serious about this issue instead of being paralyzed by accusations of Islamophobia, the “new normal” will become just that- a state of constantly looking over one’s shoulder or having doubts about one’s Muslim neighbor.  No one should live in a state of fear and wariness.