If I Were President, My Appointments Would Be..

Department of Agriculture-  Vincent Smith,  an economist at the American Enterprise Institute who has now been arguing against corporate welfare in agriculture for years.  As ending phony capitalism in this area and refocusing the role of the department as one of research and education for farmers rather than a boondoggle for large agribusinesses, rural housing and food stamps, this is the man for the job.

Commerce-  Carly Fiorina because of business experience in the real world and she knows how interstate and international commerce work.  Under a revamped Commerce Department, Fiorina would best prepared for the necessary cuts while redefining the department’s role.

Defense-   Mike Hayden, a former general with extensive intelligence experience.  As the country addresses issues like cyber attacks, asymmetrical warfare and terrorism, Hayden is uniquely situated.

Education- Mitch Daniels, former Governor of Indiana.  His innovative reforms at Purdue University in his home state are a guide on how to bring down the costs of higher education.  Since a new Education Department will disengage from K-12 education and focus on job training and higher education only, Daniels would make an excellent choice

Energy- Mike Darymple, former Governor or North Dakota.  This is a man who turned around the state’s economy through enhancement of the energy sector doing so in a cost-effective and environmentally-sensitive manner.

Health and Human Services- Ben Sasse, US Senator from Nebraska.  Prior to being Senator, Sasse served as President at Midland University and in HHS in the Medicare/Medicaid area.  He knows health care and he knows education, but I believe his greater contribution would be in the orderly dismantling of Obamacare with as little disruption as possible.

Homeland Security- Rick Perry, former Governor of Texas.  For Homeland Security, we do not necessarily need a terrorism expert, but someone who will foster immigration reform while strengthening our borders.  Having a Governor from a border state gives Perry a unique perspective on the problem.  I’ll forgive him his endorsement of Donald Trump in the interest of reconciliation.

HUD- eliminate

Interior- Alan Simpson- former Senator from Wyoming.  A Republican with a long and sometimes controversial resume, he leans towards the libertarian side.  His views on gay rights and abortion, which sometimes don’t mesh with conservatives, are inconsequential to this position.  There are no gay elk under his jurisdiction and not too many female muskrats seek abortions.  He hails from a western state where he would have a unique understanding of an intrusive federal government when it comes to land and property rights.

Justice- Ken Cuccinelli, former attorney general in Virginia.  I was torn between him and Ted Cruz, but in the end opted for someone with experience as an attorney general rather than someone who has worked in an attorney general’s office.

Labor-  Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin.  Anyone who so pisses off and is so despised by organized labor is most deserving of this position.

State-  John Bolton, former UN ambassador.  While cognizant of the fact he is a neocon, he is also an experienced diplomat with extensive experience and a clear worldview of the problems facing the nation in terms of foreign relations.

Transportation-  Tim Pawlenty, just because the former Minnesota Governor needs something to do.  A low-key wonkish Transportation Secretary is what we need for a low-key department.

Treasury-  Douglas Holtz-Eakin, former head of the CBO.  A conservative’s conservative when it comes to economics.  He has an impeccable resume in the area of economics.  Likely to offend some over his stance on immigration, he would not be involved in that area.

Veteran’s Affairs-  Tulsi Gabbard, Congresswoman from Hawaii.  My lone Democrat has served on the House Armed Services Committee and Foreign Relations Committee.   She is also a member of the Air National Guard and volunteered for a 12-month mission in Iraq.  And she has received some distinguished awards for her service on behalf of veterans.

CIA- Evan McMullin, former CIA agent and presidential candidate.  Experience in the field although we don’t know at what level and thankfully so.  Seems to be clear-headed, vetted and aware of threats facing this country.  Anyone who made the most sense in the 2016 campaign should get a job.

FBI-  A. Lee Bentley- US attorney for the Middle District of Florida.  A bipartisan choice with prosecution experience most noted for bringing corruption charges against Democratic Congresswoman Corinne Brown.

EPA- Jonathan Adler- professor at Case Western.  He’s been advocating for needed reforms at the EPA predicated first upon personal property rights while realizing the need for sensible regulation.  A climate change agnostic, he would not necessarily alienate the Left or the Right.  Any regulation would be predicated upon settled science and cost effectiveness.

NLRB-  any law school geek familiar with labor law that has not worked in any manner for either an employer nor organized labor.

EEOC-  Tim Scott, Senator from South Carolina.  Let them deny an African-American conservative Republican from a position on the EEOC.

FCC-   Larry the Cable Guy because he has “cable” in his name and the FCC is a joke anyway.

Supreme Court- Ted Cruz, Texas Senator…which is why I opted for Cuccinelli as Attorney General.  A Justice Cruz would put a constitutionalist, principled conservative on the Court.  Although not a Latina, he is Hispanic.  Cruz could do greater good for conservatism in a lifetime position on the Court than as a future President.