Fun With Pictures: Trump Supporter Edition

_87108055_gettyimages-500116082.jpg (660×371)

The average age of these enthusiastic Trump supporters equals Donald Trump’s IQ.

heres-what-donald-trump-supporters-really-believe.jpg (3159×2369)

“I said: Get that f$%@ing baby outta here!”

make-america-white-again.jpeg (960×504)

A contingent from the David Duke Fan Club

donald-trump-supporters-personality-traits-b.jpg (920×537)

“Who’s letting in the handicapped?  I though I said ‘no handicapped.'”

rts3gsj.jpg (830×553)

“Look…there’s one of my Latinos.  Or is he Indian?  I dunno…they all look alike.  Chris…fetch me a taco bowl.”

imrs.php (480×320)

At a Trump Does Trailer Parks Rally

Trump-supporters.jpg (620×436)

Trump’s Fourth Campaign Management Team

Screen-Shot-2016-01-25-at-8.31.46-AM.png (976×726)

A picture is worth a thousand words

635851161017720516-GTY-500350012.jpg (534×401)

“I’m gonna kill my husband.  He said it was a Bernie rally.”

650x366 (650×366)

“Geez…do I really have to do this s%$!?”

Donald Trump supporters react to Burlingame protest (1140×712)

“I meant the Pink Floyd album…”

Trump-Iowa-supporters-Getty.jpg (640×480)

“I dunno…some guy gave me five bucks, this sign and told me to sit in the front row…”

Trump_supporters_PLOS_ONE.jpg (1200×630)

“I’ve haven’t had no work since ‘Deliverance.'”

trump_supporters3.jpg (620×412)

“That damn well better not be a baby I’m hearing…”

90 (1160×629)

The next Melania?

celebrity-trump-supporters-jon-voight.jpg (769×429)

Stars of the “New Celebrity Apprentice” appearing soon on AilesTV.

GettyImages-509884176-640x480.jpg (640×480)

“You gonna WHAT?”

trump-supporters.jpg (400×267)

Hey!! Look!! It’s Rush Limbaugh.

AR-160529775.jpg&maxh=400&maxw=667 (591×400)

Women stiletto Trump?

IOWA_TRUMP_10 (940×701)

Yet another crying baby forcibly ejected from a Trump rally by security officials.

serbia-radical-party-hold-pro-donald-trump-rally-us-vice-president-joe-biden-visits-belgrade.jpg (736×442)

He’s got the Serbian War Criminal vote down.

donald-trump-black-photo-2_t580.jpg (571×400)

The New Five Tenors

untitled_4.jpg (349×463)

Nothing subtle about these two…

56c8ecee1e000021007027c0.jpeg (630×420)

That dude from “Revenge of the Nerds” is a Trump supporter

trump-zombie.png (640×360)

Either way…. America come November 9th, 2016