Yet Another Hillary Scandal Swept Under the Rug

This is a story that may have received some attention here, but has quickly been buried on the back pages of blogs and political commentary.  It shouldn’t be because it shows how Clinton, Inc. operates and if Trump had half a brain, he would be going after her cash cow right now- the Clinton Foundation.

In 2005, Frank Giustra- a major donor to and board member of the Clinton Foundation- flew to Kazakhstan along with Bill Clinton to meet with the dictatorial ruler Nursultan Nazarbayev who had been under criticism for his human rights record.  Giustra owned a mining company called UrAsia and within a month of Clinton singing the praises of Nazarbayev, that company signed a lucrative deal with Kazatamprom, the state-run nuclear agency.  UrAsia now had stakes in three very lucrative uranium mines in Kazakhstan, a country rich in that element.  Soon thereafter, Giustra donated over $30 million to the Clinton Foundation.

In 2007, UrAsia merged with a South African mining operation called Uranium One in a $3.5 billion deal.  They operated under Uranium One, although many UrAsia executives were retained.  Giustra sold his stake and walked with over $45 million.  One executive who stayed was Canadian Ian Telfer.  In April 2007, Uranium One purchased a uranium mill in Utah and over 38,000 acres spread over four western states to explore and mine uranium.  They later purchased another American company- Energy Metals Corporation- with holdings in Wyoming, Texas and Utah.  That same year, Telfer donated close to $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

Giustra, in the interim, maintained close ties to the Clinton Foundation and donated $100 million to one of it’s many funds.  He also held a fundraiser that brought in an additional $16 million.  That fundraiser included Ian Telfer, Elton John, John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Shakira and Robin Williams.  Telfer further funneled additional donations exceeding $100 million to the Clinton Foundation through his charity, the Fernwood Foundation.

By mid-2009, Uranium One hit tough times as it’s stock price decreased 40%.  The head of Kazatomprom had been arrested on corruption charges alleging he sold uranium deposits to foreign countries.  The contract that Uranium One inherited from UrAsia was called into question.

The arrest of that official was likely prompted by Russian agents.  At the time, Russia was attempting to gain a stake in Uranium One since their reserves were running low.  In June, 2010 the US Embassy in Kazakhstan, at the request of Uranium One, asked whether the contract was still valid.  A few days after meetings with officials in Kazakhstan, Rosatom- the Russian nuclear agency- purchased 17% of Uranium One.

In 2010, Rosatom made a bid to gain a 51% share in Uranium One.  However, because they now held over 20% of US domestic uranium reserves, the deal had to be approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US.  That committee consisted of Eric Holder, Timothy Geitner, Robert Gates, Janet Napolitano, Gary Locke, Steven Chu and…Hillary Clinton at the time.

Despite the national security implications of Russia holding controlling interest in a company that held 20% of US domestic uranium assets, the deal was approved.  Soon after that, Ian Telfer, through the Fernwood Foundation, made a $250,000 donation to the Clinton Foundation, and more donations in 2011 and 2012.  It should be noted that these donations were never reported despite Hillary’s pledge to the contrary.

In June 2010 when the committee approved the deal, Vladimir Putin paid Bill Clinton $500,000 for a speaking engagement.  That fee was paid by Renaissance Capital, a bank with ties to the Kremlin.  Some shareholders in Uranium One sounded the alarm bells, but officials- including Telfer- promised the company would run as usual.    A few months later, the company was taken private.

Several US Senators, led by John Barrasso of Wyoming, petitioned the Obama administration to negate the deal arguing that Russia now controlled 20% of US uranium production.  He also stated that an arm of Rosatom also now controlled the mines in Kazakhstan.  Those appeals were rebuffed by the State Department.

In January 2013, Pravda announced that “Russian Nuclear Energy Conquers the World” as a result of the deal.  The New York Times buried the story on the back pages.

Anyone with an ounce of sense should be concerned given the strategic value of uranium.  Apparently the Russian reset that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton touted involved not only allowing Russian aggression in Georgia, the Crimea and the Ukraine, but also this ill-advised deal.  But in Clintonland, the ends justifies the means.  And those ends were donations to the Clinton Foundation; the means?  Selling out 20% of US uranium reserves to Russia.

Not that Trump would be any better given his budding bromance with Vladimir Putin.  In fact to Trump, this would simply be “the art of the deal.”  This is but another skeleton in the closet of the Clinton Foundation as there are likely many others waiting to be discovered.  Yet Hillary Clinton could lie with a straight face about the Clinton Foundation and her time as Secretary of State.  She could do that because she is so corrupt that corruption is the norm.

These are our choices for President.  God bless America.