Is Running for President Just Another Deal for Trump?

The man who brought you The Art of the Deal and the reality show, The Apprentice, a game show chock full of C and D list “celebrities,” is now the Republican nominee for President of the United States.  A narcissist basically devoid of principled thought who speaks on a third-grade level wants to be the leader of the free world.

He goes up against an equally flawed candidate in Hillary Clinton, a woman who has been running for this office for about a quarter century now.  She tells us that when you meet the “real Hillary,” all those doubts about her trustworthiness will mysteriously disappear.  The most vetted woman on the face of the earth, she intimates, is the victim of a right wing conspiracy.  Unfortunately for her, Hillary’s actions do nothing to dispel those conspiracies.  It is almost as if they have to exist to define her whole existence.

Trump is great on telling us what a great businessman he is and about the opulent buildings he builds and the world class golf courses in his portfolio.  He’s told us that he uses his gut and commonsense to make important decisions, that he knows how to cut through the bull and get to the crux of the matter.  He is not above using the courts and his litigious nature to get what he wants.  Even when he walks away an apparent loser, he “wins” on some level be it scaring away pesky investors or litigants, or paying considerably less in some penalty or civil award than what is rightfully due.  That is his whole philosophy behind use of the bankruptcy code.

Even in those instances, he wriggles out of it.  “I never declared bankruptcy,” he says, yet there are those pictures of Donald Trump in that bankruptcy court in Camden, New Jersey.  Even the method by which he was awarded a casino license in New Jersey was a deal.  The self-proclaimed outsider was the ultimate insider in New Jersey politics in his casino years.  His decision to “get out of Atlantic City” at the “right time” is even spun into a fantasy of success for Trump.

One thing that Trump has said on the campaign trail in relation to renegotiating trade deals, or proposed ones, or even America’s commitment to NATO and negotiating with Palestinians is that he has an uncanny ability to know when to walk away from the deal.  And if one thing defines Donald Trump, it is that he does not like to “walk away” a loser in reality, or in his demented mind.

So this got this writer to thinking since Trump sees everything as one big business deal and he wrote the ultimate book on deal-making.  What if Trump views running for President as one big deal with the American electorate?  And since he is so yuuuge on polls and those polls do not look good for him now nationally or in key swing states, what if Trump simply decides to walk away from the ultimate deal in his life to avoid hanging the loser label around his neck?

As a conservative and a Republican, this writer would not shed any tears.  The sooner the Republican Party purges the Donald Trumps of the world, the better.  Trump acts and speaks like a candidate NOT out to win this race.  We hear that he hasn’t taken the gloves off yet against Clinton.  News flash: all the jabs aren’t landing thus far.  Meanwhile, the man continuously shoots himself in the foot with a series of self-inflicted wounds.  Hillary and her surrogates do not have to do too much against him; he’s doing a fine job of that himself.

He now talks of the election outcome being “rigged” which means either he does not understand the math of the Electoral College, or that there will be massive voter fraud because in his mind, there could be no way so many people would vote against him.  He is laying the groundwork for avoiding debates against Clinton by using some bogus letter from “someone in the NFL” complaining that the debate schedule interferes with NFL telecasts.  He has spent and raised pennies on the dollar compared to his Democratic rival.  That promised pledge of self-funding never materialized and never was going to happen.  He refuses to release his tax returns because, most likely, there is something in there that would pierce his persona of “greatness” or “richness.”

We’ll leave aside the numerous gaffes on the campaign trail.  There are actually websites that chronicle them.  Suffice to say, the Republican nominee is a narcissistic idiot- a true legend in his own mind.  We all know people like that, but they aren’t running for President.

IF Donald Trump was to somehow come to the realization that he cannot win in November, it would not surprise this writer if he simply walked away from the deal and spun it into yet another Donald Trump success story.  The GOP would be left without a candidate until the Party named a replacement somehow.  Unfortunately, he would slink back to New York or Florida caring less about the damage left in his wake, much like he cared less about all the investors, vendors and employees he screwed in bankruptcy court.

The good news would be that we would be rid of Donald Trump.  Personally, he could take all is rabid supporters with him to Florida…maybe even hire them instead of importing workers from foreign countries.  One way or the other, this writer sees Hillary Clinton being sworn into office in January, 2017.  From my standpoint, that is the best thing that can happen to the Republican Party.