Jihad News, Volume VIII- August Edition

Bringing you the best in Islamic jihad from the past month

The Front Page

Well, Ramadan ended with the celebration of Eid.  Of course, ISIS did not let us down with two very well orchestrated (and deadly) terrorist attacks.  The first occurred in Dhaka, Bangladesh- their capital, when gunmen stormed a popular restaurant, singled out those who could recite the Koran from those who could not, and tortured/killed/mutilated the infidels.  Three American students of Bengali descent were among those killed.

We are talking about Bangladesh here which prides itself on being secular.  They also have an Interior Minister who believes that the attacks on secular figures in that country are the work of Israeli intelligence agencies.  Even in this attack, there was denial that ISIS was involved, despite ISIS taking responsibility for the attack.  This is a country with its proverbial head up its proverbial ass…sort of like Barack Obama.

They (ISIS) followed this up with a massive suicide bombing in a Shiite neighborhood market in Baghdad killing about 300 people.  I write “about 300” because every time the story is mentioned, the death toll rises.  John Kerry- a/k/a Lurch- insists this is because ISIS is losing the battle.

Regional News

The Americas and Australia

A couple of those under-the-radar stories that show that ISIS supporters are among us:  The first one comes out of Virginia where some dude named Qamar was indicted for lending material support to the terrorist group.  He was providing photos to an ISIS propaganda website of popular DC attractions where lone wolf attacks could be carried out.

A former member of the Army National Guard- Mohammed Bailor Jalloh- was arrested by the FBI for planning a Fort Hood style massacre against members of the armed forces.  He also was encouraging targeted assassinations against anti-Sharia law activist, Pamela Geller.


Capitalism at its best: A former Spanish soldier was arrested for selling baby clothes depicting the beheading of British aid worker Alan Henning.  He even had a name for his line of baby-wear: Califato de Xuvia- The Caliphate of Rain.

And as Europe becomes inundated with Muslim refugees, a German court convicted a couple of running an anti-immigrant Facebook page under their hate speech law.  Now that’s tackling the problem of Islamic terrorism (sarcasm intended).

Proving they know no bounds, a truck in Nice, France took out over 80 people, including Americans, as they celebrated Bastille Day fireworks.  This was followed up by the murder of an 84-year-old priest in Normandy in his church.

Although few deaths were reported, there were at least four failed terrorist attacks in Germany that left many injured.  This happened all in the span of ten days.  Yet Angela Merkel insists on allowing more refugees into the country.

Middle East

Palestinians attacked and killed the driver of a family as they drove in the West Bank.  His wife and two children were injured in the attack.  Israel responded by a military action in the Hebron district.  The prime minister also announced that he would decrease the amount of tax revenue dedicated to support for Palestinians in the West Bank arguing that those revenues are being directed into the hands of terrorists.  Which begs the bigger question: How many anti-Israeli/pro- “those poor Palestinian” BDS types give money to Palestinians?

Of course, the BDS people were silent when Muhammed Taraireh slit the throat of a 13-year-old Israeli while she slept in her bed.  The Palestinian group Fattah wasn’t so silent since they praised Taraeireh’s action as being that of a “martyr” for the Palestinian cause.

Staying with Israel since they are the alleged bad boys of the Middle East and the root of Islamic terrorism, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard proclaimed that there are over 100,000 missiles in Lebanon aimed at Israel.

A car bomb exploded near the US Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  That was followed by another in the city of Qatif.  But the one that got the Muslim world most upset was the bombing in Medina near the tomb of Mohammed.  That brought swift condemnation from the Muslim world but they just could not help themselves by saying that the attack played into the Western world’s attacks on Islam.  How’s that for spinning a story?

And in Raqqa, ISIS has publicly beheaded four members of a popular soccer team in the very stadium where they used to play.  Apparently, Mohammed is not a fan of soccer.


Of course, the big story was the restaurant tragedy in Bangladesh.  Proving that ISIS knows no bounds when it comes to depravity, evidence indicates that many of the victims were tortured before being killed.  Although portrayed as the actions of misdirected youths, it later came to light that the attackers were well-bred, wealthy and educated people.

Elsewhere in that secular oasis that is Bangladesh, a Hindu priest was stabbed to death following up on the machete death of a Hindu temple worker.  And ISIS claimed responsibility for two more deaths of a minority religious group in that country.

Indian intelligence foiled an imminent terrorist bombing attack by ISIS members when they arrested five members of a cell.  They were apparently targeting an Indian army barracks.  And in Indonesia, officials there are investigating a link to ISIS when a suicide bomber accidentally blew himself up (oops) on a motorcycle on a crowded Jakarta street.


In the city of Damboa, members of Boko Harem- a group loyal to ISIS- detonated a suicide bomb at a mosque in Nigeria.  At least 20 people were killed in the attack.  They may be running out of Christian targets.

At least 13 were killed in two explosions in Mogadishu, Somalia targeting the airport.  Gunmen were also beaten back at the UN Humanitarian Mission in that city.

Latest ISIS atrocities

Kurdish rebels obtained the cell phone of a dead ISIS fighter in Syria with some disturbing footage.  It shows ISIS fighters laughing and playing with a woman’s underwear in a living room as the woman is being raped.

And after ISIS lost a battle against Syrian forces in Sharqat, seven of their own were boiled alive for the sin of leaving the battlefield.  Footage shows that their hands and feet were bound before being thrown into the vat of boiling water. Personally, who cares if they kill their own, but if they’d do that to they’re own, imagine what they’d be willing to do to outsiders?

ISIS has begun engaging in a massive murderous crackdown on people attempting to flee territory they control.  Twenty refugees- including four women and a child- were gunned down by a firing squad.  In another incident, four men were publicly beheaded for helping people escape.


  • Number killed in July-        1,479 (YTD- 10,983)
  • Number injured in July-     2,275 (YTD- 14,266)
  • Total casualties in July-      3,754 (YTD- 25,249)
  • Number of attacks in July- 146 (YTD- 1,052)

The Funny Pages

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The Final Word/Editorial

Europe buries its head in the sand and seems more committed to welcoming potential terrorists into their population.  Acts of Islamic terrorism in the United States become rallying cries and Congressional temper tantrums for gun control.  Even when terrorists strike near the tomb of Mohammed, Muslim leaders place blame on the West for the actions of their own.

Yes, not every Muslim is a terrorist.  But even a small fraction who are or who sympathize in any fashion is an incredibly large number given the fact there are over 1 billion Muslims in the world.  This is not a fight against Islam.  But can Islamic leaders with a straight face claim that Islamic terrorism is not a fight against the West?  They can lay the blame at the feet of past Western foreign policy actions, or the existence of Israel, or a host of other factors- all equally untrue.

Sadly, we live in a world where your Bengali neighbor may be a sympathizer or apologist for terrorism.  We may know people who are Muslim who will tell us we don’t understand Islam.  There is little to “understand” given the propaganda footage groups like ISIS produce.  There is little to “understand” when non-Muslims are systematically kidnapped, raped and sold into slavery.  There is little to “understand” when over 50,000 Christians have been slaughtered in Nigeria alone over the past decade.  ISIS does not speak for the majority of the Muslim world, but they speak for a large number of Muslims because even 1% of 1 billion is a very large and scary number.