Reflections on the RNC Convention

Yes, I know…the Donald still has to give his yuuuge acceptance speech tonight and it’s not officially over until the balloons drop and they play some song that someone will take exception to.  I’m hoping Trump picks something by Rage Against the Machine just for the hell of it.  It would go over real well with a band with dedicated Che lovers in it.

I promised not to really watch the convention, but just as one slows down to see the wreck on the side of the road, I found myself flipping channels and stopping at the convention coverage at times.  And what have I noticed?

Maybe it is the acoustics of the arena (sounded loud during the NBA playoffs) or something else, but is it my imagination or is this group of people the most quiet collection of delegates ever to a convention?  One hopes they show more life at home or the bar or the hotel room than they do on the floor of that convention.  Trump wins the nomination on day two and there is a smattering of applause, then it stops.  Do these people not know how to act at a convention?  Come on- he reached the magic number of 1,237 and then some.  One would think that “and then some” would make more noise.

Of course it dawned on me why these people were so quiet.  Every time the camera pans the floor or the seats, greater than 50% of those in the camera are on their cellphones, probably checking on the babysitter, no doubt…or playing Pokemon Go.  I understand there are several Squirtles and Pikachus running through the arena these days.

I did not hear Melania Trump’s speech because (1) I wasn’t watching the convention and (2) I don’t care what wives say about their husbands…unless there is some dirt, then I’ll listen.  But then I heard about the controversy of her lifting lines from Michelle Obama’s speech in 2008.  So I researched it for myself although CNN and every other news outlet was doing a good job of it.  And I thought, “WOW!!  That wasn’t even close.  That was word-for-word.”  Then I heard that somehow someone else, probably a Democrat, wrote the speech and I thought “What a great page out of the political dirty tricks playbook!”  You gotta hand it to those Democrats…they’re playing to win.  But, in the overall scheme of things, Melania’s speech plagiarism will be forgotten a week from now, so in the end who really cares?

There was some excitement, but it did not involve The Donald, but the rules when two delegations- Iowa and Colorado- walked off the floor because the rules were approved by voice, not roll call, vote.  Then the Trump people shouted down Ken Cuccinelli of Virginia which leads to the bigger question: Why isn’t Ken Cuccinelli the Governor of Virginia?

Chris Christie’s speech was interesting and kind of illustrates what should be Trump’s campaign slogan:  “Because I’m not Hillary.”  On a night that was supposed to be dedicated to the economy, Hillary Clinton dominated the prime time speeches.  I think Paul Ryan actually stuck to the script about the economy, jobs and poverty, but you could really tell that Trump’s candidacy pains him.

Last night, Ted Cruz had his day in the sun which turned into an overcast day because the pro-Trump people demanded that he officially endorse Trump, which he did not do.    My wife, who was watching the convention, called and asked me why Cruz was not the nominee.  I told her because a lot of misguided (See?  I didn’t say stupid) people voted for Trump.  While most of the media was critical of Cruz calling him a “sore loser,” or saying that’s why he’s hated in the Senate, etc. what the Trump supporters fail to understand is that Cruz has principles, something lacking in Donald Trump.

So tonight ends the convention.  The way this thing is going, it is almost guaranteed that the balloons will get caught in the rafters.  Democrats probably are filling them with helium right now so that they rise, not fall.  What was promised as a glitzy affair by Trump has only showcased the contentiousness of his candidacy.  If glitz is Scott Baio, then I can’t wait to not watch the lovefest coming up in Philadelphia as Hillary is crowned Queen of the Democrats.  Come to think of it, Eva Longoria is a lot better on the eyes than Scott Baio, but I digress.  Which is only appropriate because this convention has been one yuuuuge digression.