Jihad News, Volume VII- July Edition

(All the Jihad News That’s Fit to Print in less than 1,300 words which is almost impossible some months)

The Front Page

Obviously, the biggest story of the past month comes from the United States itself where an ISIS-inspired gunman ( they claimed responsibility) opened fire in a crowded gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida killing 49 on the scene and injuring another 53.  We have heard all the usual reasons (a/k/a excuses) for this act of terrorism, but a couple of observations stand out.  First, at least Obama had the courage to call it terrorism, but just could not bring himself to say the word “Islamic” also.  Second, it took him less than four minutes to tout gun control and Dick Durbin slightly longer to start the gun control mantra.  The third observation is the characterization of the attack by the mainstream media- they portrayed it more as just another mass shooting- “the worst mass shooting in the history of the United States.”  Others said, “Once again the President addressed the Nation over a mass shooting.”

The thing this writer finds most appalling is that while the Left frets over which bathroom in which a person can urinate in North Carolina, an Islamic terrorist targeted a gay nightclub in Florida.  While the ACLU has the audacity to blame right wing Christians for fomenting a toxic political atmosphere that led to this attack, they ignore the fact that Christians were feeding needy Muslims during Ramadan in Syria.  They ignore the fact that thousands of Christians have been slaughtered at the hands of Islamic terrorists in the most depraved manners imagined.  They ignore the fact that homosexuality and Islam are incompatible and punishable by death in many Muslim countries.  They ignore the fact that scores of gays in ISIS controlled areas have been forced off buildings to jump to their death only to be stoned by onlookers should they survive the fall.

No amount of gun control measures will keep weapons out of the hands of terrorists.  No amount of hate crime legislation will reconcile Islam with homosexuality.  This administration needs to wake up and stop the lecturing and start the “doing.”

Regional News

North America and Australia

The Council on American Islamic Relations has advised travelers to tell Customs agents “None of your damned business” when asked about travel to Muslim countries.  That response by anyone else to a law enforcement officer would get a baton up the butt.

In May, 1037 Syrian refugees were admitted into the United States- more than double the previous month’s total.  Most interesting fact?  There were 1,035 Muslims admitted and two Christians.  And not that immigration enforcement has anything to do with national security, but an Afghan national with ties to the Taliban was caught entering the US through Mexico illegally after leaving his home country and traveling to Brazil.


In the interest of diversity, ISIS released their first Spanish-language warning stating that Spain, other Spanish-speaking countries and the United States were on the hit list.

And in Germany, three Syrians with suspected links to ISIS (who would have thought?) were arrested and charged with planning an attack in Dusseldorf.

Middle East

In the Battle for Fallujah (part 3), Iraqi forces have discovered mass graves along the way.  Stories out of the city indicate that civilians are being shot by ISIS members as they attempt to leave.  ISIS released video of a 2,500 year old temple to the Assyrian god of wisdom being destroyed.

In Israel, terrorists dressed as Orthodox Jews opened fire in a restaurant in Tel Aviv killing at least four.  Several Islamic “holy men” in the West Bank and Hamas praised the attackers.


The Bengali Home Minister, Asaduzzaman Khan, has accused Israel of complicity in the recent killings of homosexual and secular activists and bloggers in Bangladesh.  According to him, an opposition leader had recently met with Israeli Mossad agents in an effort of an unspecified “international conspiracy” against that country for some reason.  Of course this does not explain the death of Sunil Gomes, a 60-year-old Christian store owner OR the fact that Islamic terrorist groups have claimed responsibility for these attacks.  Can you say “denial?”

{Editor’s note: The attack in Dhaka, Bangladesh will be covered in Volume VIII]

Terrorists in Turkey attacked the airport with guns and suicide vests killing more than 40 and injuring more than 130 others.  Most likely the work of ISIS, Turkey is waging three battles simultaneously- against the Assad regime, against the Kurds and against ISIS.  This latest attack may boost ISIS to the top of the target list for Turkey.


At least four people people in Niger have been killed by Islamic terrorists over alleged blasphemous statements against the prophet Mohammed.  In one town, Kano, angry Muslim youths decapitated a woman over such statements.

And being Ramadan and all that, ISIS called for lone wolf attacks against Westerners worldwide.  Apparently the threats were so credible and specific that the State Department issued a warning to Americans to be vigilant in tourist friendly areas of South Africa.  Seems Islamic terrorism knows no bounds.

Al-Shabbab terrorists killed 14 guests and took others as hostages before they were rescued in the seaside capital of Mogadishu is Somalia.  Of course this begs two questions: why are there hotels and why are there tourists in Mogadishu?

Latest ISIS Atrocities

There are confirmed reports that 19 Yazidi girls were burned alive for refusing to marry or have sex with ISIS fighters after being sold into sex slavery.  Considering that rape is a common modus operandi among ISIS “fighters,” one has to wonder how these women “refused.”  Regardless, it illustrates the depravity of these adherents of Islam.

In the wake of the Orlando shootings, an online ISIS-affiliated media group has praised the attacker as a “lion of the caliphate” and has urged other sympathizers to target American movie theaters, amusement parks and, most horrifically, hospitals.

In a report out of Raqqa comes this story: A 4-year-old girl, overheard disobeying her mother, was beheaded in front of the mother and the mother was then forced to soak her hands in the child’s blood.  The same report noted that on a particular street in Raqqa, ISIS had displayed the severed heads of the disobedient in order to terrorize the population into submission.

And although spared death, three Muslims were accused of breaking fasting during daylight hours.  They received the required 70 lashes and then tied to crosses and publicly displayed for humiliation before being released.

The Funny Pages

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  • Killed in June:  1,651 (YTD- 9,504)
  • Injured in June: 1,699 (YTD- 11,991)
  • Number of attacks in June: 153 (YTD-906)
  • Total casualties in June: 3,350 (YTD- 21,495)

Final Word

Online hackers have been targeting Twitter and other social media accounts frequented by ISIS supporters.  They follow them with what are called “pornbots.”  When the sickos sign on to these accounts, they are inundated with the most vilest porn videos the hackers can find.  They are automatically generated, but never tweet so they cannot be deleted as spam.  The attacks sometimes follow thousands of accounts within the span of a minute.  They often target European sites and hashtag followers.  Now I ask you: why didn’t the NSA think of this?  And even though it won’t bring down ISIS, the hackers known as Anonymous have hacked ISIS Twitter accounts with a picture of a bearded man in pink Muslim garb in front of an LGBT rainbow gay pride flag telling the world he’s “Muslim and gay and proud.”  Now that is cyber warfare at its best!