Human Rights Hypocrisy and Islam

Our outgoing President is quick to lecture us every time a terrorist act takes place that the terrorist does not really represent Islam.  We are told they are the exception to the rule, and perhaps they are.  But it is quite hypocritical for the Islamophobia industry to lecture us on human rights.  For the past decade or so, we have been told about the poor suffering Muslim in America, Europe or Israel.   Yet unmentioned is the treatment of foreign nationals in Muslim countries.  The reason?  It really isn’t a pretty sight.

Groups like Human Rights Watch and even Amnesty International (with a Muslim secretary-general) have gotten into the lecturing business about how Muslims are treated in Western countries.  But, they are eerily silent on the treatment of Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and other religious minorities living or working in Muslim countries.

Take the case of Yemen where Jews were evacuated after one of their last standing leaders was killed by a Yemeni pilot because the Jewish man refused to convert to Islam.  Before the country fell apart, the Yemeni government offered the remaining Jewish population the opportunity to live in their own ghetto…for their own protection, of course.

The media is fond of showing the poor Palestinian orphan crying amid the rubble of a home, but again they are silent about the 800,000 Jews displaced throughout the Middle East in the past decade or so because of Muslim intimidation and violence.

About 90% of Dubai’s population is foreign guest workers, many who die building the beautiful skyscrapers.  About 40% of the population of Saudi Arabia is foreign guest workers- Asian maids and African laborer.  The laborers usually have their passports seized by employers making them virtual slaves.

Saudi Arabia and Dubai are all the more hypocritical because it those countries that fund organizations like CAIR and Human Rights Watch.  While foreigners and non-Muslims are treated like dirt in these countries, they demand that we throw open the doors to Guantanamo or stop detaining Muslims for suspicious behavior.  They demand that Europe throw open their borders to Muslim refugees, and for governments to ban any statement critical of Muslims.  They want Israel to turn over land to terrorists who are, in turn, funded by the Saudis.

But look at the reality of Muslim countries versus non-Muslim countries.  Western countries do not seize the passports of guest workers.  Western countries do not let off murderers of Muslims with a slap on the wrist and a fine.  Western countries do not threaten Muslims with religious conversion, nor even ban proselytization.  Western countries do not jail Muslims for failing to follow local mores.  Western countries bend over backwards to accomodate Muslims.  Western countries even mistakenly look inward for the causes of terrorism.

Sometimes we hear of attacks on mosques and many times they find out to be either hoaxes or not what they are originally made out to be.  Regardless, the occasional “attack” on mosques pales in comparison to the number acts against non-Muslim houses of worship in Muslim countries.  And one thing you do not see Westerners doing in Muslim countries which has become a real problem in Europe is them raping or groping Muslim women.

In Egypt, half the population is malnourished.  In Saudi Arabia, half the population have less rights than a dung beetle.  In Pakistan, it is easier to get an adultery conviction against a rape victim than it is to get a conviction against the rapist.  And they have the time to denounce the West over human rights violations?

Even in the United States, FBI statistics prove that not Muslims, but Jews are most often the victims of “hate crimes” or actions.  That’s right!  In the United States, a Jew is six times more likely to the victim of hate crime than a Muslim.

Before Muslims make grand pronouncements about the treatment of Muslims in the West with their phony claims of Islamophobia, perhaps it is better that they look inward and clean their own house.  And their enablers on the Left should count their lucky stars they can even “enable” because that is something you cannot do in a Muslim country.  Then again, let them go live in a Muslim country for a year.  If they’re lucky, they will return with both hands and a head.