While the Left and the World Grumble, Israel Survives

Failed Democratic Party candidate and socialist Bernie Sanders managed to get two anti-Semitic bigots appointed to the Party’s platform committee- Cornel West and James Zogby.  They have vowed to upend the Party’s bias towards Israel.  West wholeheartedly supports the BDS movement- Boycott, Divest and Sanction- against Israel and has called Benjamin Netanyahu a war criminal.  This is done in an effort to “free the Palestinians” from the “oppression under Israeli occupation.”  But as others have noted, Israel did free the Palestinians of the alleged oppression once when they relinquished control of Gaza.

For this they received begrudging accolades from the West and rocket attacks, tunnels and terrorist actions from the Palestinians.  Sanders, West, Zogby and a host of others now aims for a similar outcome by demanding Israel give up the West Bank and bring that terrorism closer to the Israeli heartland.

As others have noted, to the Left Israel formerly represented an outpost of Western colonialism.  Today’s Left wants self-flagellation coupled with Israeli suicide through capitulation.  As for that vaunted BDS movement, it has been anything but successful.  In fact, New York passed a law divesting from the divesters.  New friggin’ York!  Since the BDS movement began in 2006, Israel’s GDP has doubled.  Failing to equate Israel with apartheid in South Africa, they have changed tactics.  And there is a reason it failed: Israel is not South Africa under apartheid.

Before Orlando, Palestinian terrorists disguised as Orthodox Jews went on a shooting rampage in Tel Aviv killing four.  Israel’s reaction was rather restrained despite the celebrations over dead Jews by Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.  Israel sent some troops to where the terrorists originated and rescinded 83,000 Palestinian work visas.  The UN High Commission on Human Rights condemned the Israeli action calling it “collective punishment.”  The US State Department chimed in with the belief that this would only raise tensions.

So four Israelis are killed in Tel Aviv by terrorists bringing about a perfunctory condemnation followed by a strict condemnation against Israel for securing its borders.  The United States and United Nations should be reminded that Hamas and the Palestinian Authority views all of Israel including its original borders “occupied territory.”

We can sort of understand the administration’s position.  Obama has a few months left in office and a big score to settle with Netanyahu.  But, Obama is proving to be no match for a true leader.  While the Democratic Party starts to echo the anti-Semitism of Europe, Netanyahu has been making strides in other areas.  Today, there are reports that it is almost impossible to get a plane ticket on an El Al flight from Israel to Beijing.  Netanyahu has met with Vladimir Putin four times in less than a year.  They have apparently worked out a deal to allow Israeli fighters jets take out Hezbollah targets in Syria.  Later this year, Netanyahu will visit African countries, including Uganda.  A few decades ago, that country harbored terrorists bent on Israel’s destruction.  Today they seek Israel’s aid in fighting terrorism.

Europe formerly tried to get Arab countries to accept Israel over the Palestinian issue.  Today, Arab countries are quietly forming ties with Israel while European leaders attack Israel.  In fact, among Arab countries, the Palestinian question is not that big of an issue.  Consider the fact that a recent biased WHO assessment of medical conditions in the West Bank received the support of every European country.  Iceland has no Muslims at all and they voted in favor of the report.  Meanwhile, Turkmenistan with a 90% Muslim population voted against the report (in favor or Israel) as did Tajikistan and even Libya!  While relations cool with former allies and friends, particularly those in the West, Israel forges ties with its neighbors.

In early June, Hollande in France sponsored a peace conference where Israel and the Palestinians were not represented.  Although he tried to put a good face on it, the confab fell flat with the obligatory decision to hold another conference.  Incidentally, Netanyahu was in Moscow that day.  France recycled the tired mantra of giving Judea, Samaria and parts of Jerusalem to the Palestinians and this would magically end terrorism.  Except Hollande and the rest of the dolts in the EU fail to realize that Islamic terrorists do not need the excuse of alleged Palestinian oppression to fuel their hatred and acts of terror.  Hollande and the rest of Europe is delusional, like most of those on the Left.  Given the number of anti-Semitic incidences in France (where greater than 10% of the population is now Muslim), it is not surprising that policies that threaten the existence of Israel would be favored.  There may be a rising current of anti-Muslim immigrant fervor, but there was always an insidious undercurrent of anti-Semitism in Europe.

With Obama’s waning power, Palestinian terrorism will increase.  No matter who wins in 2016, neither enters the White House with an ax to grind against Netanyahu.  He leads a country that deals with the very real overt threat of terrorism every day. But Clinton will be saddled with an anti-Israeli party platform.   The world did not stand still and Israel was not weakened by the Obama administration, except in the small insulated bubble of the Left and their European anti-Semitic allies.

It is not surprising that the Democratic Party would behave as it has.  A recent poll shows that more Democrats oppose Israel than support it.  Bernie Sanders and his minion of millenials who are long on passion and ignorant of history and woefully short on an understanding of Israel may get their plank in the Democratic Party’s platform.  The good news is that nobody really reads that stuff anyway, and rarely is it ever followed.