Dumbasses: Learn Your Terminology and Constitution Before Supporting Gun Control

From Seth Myers to Seth MacFarlane to Amanda Marcotte, there is a rising gun control chorus going up in the wake of the Orlando terrorist attack.  As is their custom, the Left and their cronies in the media wasted no time taking advantage of the attack to advance their agenda.  Democrats led an ugly protest over a House moment of silence for the victims followed by a filibuster- the thing they criticized Ted Cruz about- over an unrelated piece of legislation.

But, these voices of virtue are proving their ignorance and stupidity.  Let me start off by saying that I am not a “gun enthusiast.”  I have never shot a gun nor do I own one.  However, I am a Constitution enthusiast and my civics teacher (yes- they once taught civics) taught me that an amendment is a part of the Constitution.

All these diatribes against the weapon used in Orlando simply miss the point on so many levels.  First, as best I can discern, the ire is against the AR-15 which is not even the weapon used in the attacks.  But why let a few facts get in your way when there is an agenda to be advanced?

Marcotte in particular is thoroughly obtuse.  Picking apart an article by a gun enthusiast trying to explain the difference between different firearms, she repeatedly berates truth because the author obviously has a “love affair” with the AR-15 and it is the writer’s “love object.”  Of course, this is a liberal dog whistle for that old stereotype that gun owners own guns because they have small penises.  Not that Marcotte would know anything about a penis.  Her likely experience is a fake one purchased online with seven variable speeds.

Second, the mainstream media’s depiction of this event totally ignores the obvious.  Repeatedly I heard the line, “Once again the President had to address the Nation about a mass murder involving a gun…”  NO- he had to address the Nation about the worst attack by an Islamic terrorist since September 11, 2001.  This was a terrorist attack, not some nutcase trying to make a point by taking out first grade students in Connecticut.  But why let a few facts get in your way when there is an agenda to be advanced?

Third, getting back to knee jerk reactions, there are accusations that the AR-15 (not used in Orlando) is the weapon of choice of mass killers.  The reason the AR-15 is not allowed for hunting in most states is not its lethal ability or accuracy.  In fact, quite the opposite.  The AR-15 can put out 60 rounds per minute which makes it considerably inferior to any military grade firearm which can put out up to 1,000 rounds per minute.  Second, it is not particularly accurate nor powerful.  It is good up to 600 yards and not powerful enough to put down game which is why it is disallowed for hunting purposes.

Fourth, as researchers at Stanford Law School note, the term “assault weapon” did not even exist before 1989 among the firearms industry, buyers, enthusiasts, or collectors.  Instead, it a political term used by gun control advocates to scare people.

Just like the AR-15.  It is a scary looking gun, not like anything the average Joe with a below average penis (according to Marcotte) should own.   And if its scary, then it should banned (in which case, why not ban images of Amanda Marcotte?).

Before the Marcottes, Myers, MacFarlanes, Clintons and every other dumbass Leftist out there starts frothing at the mouth, they need to consider some facts.  In the past 10 years, there have been 14 mass shootings involving what can be classified as an assault rifle.  From January to mid-April, there have been over 1,000 shootings involving handguns in Chicago alone.  Criticizing one’s own (Rahm Emanuel) is a lot harder when you have that scary looking thing to criticize.  Like I said… dumbasses!