Jihad News, Volume VI- June 2016

The Front Page

NOTE: Jihad News will not comment on the loss of an Egyptian airliner until terrorism has been proven as the cause.

The Senate unanimously passed a bill which would allow victims of 9/11 and their families to sue Saudi Arabia and other countries in federal court for damages.  This bill, you’ll remember, was sponsored by New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, much to the dislike of Barack Obama who threatened to veto the bill.  It also involves the infamous redacted, never published 28 pages of the Congressional report on 9/11 that many believe implicate Saudi Arabia.  This will no doubt be heralded as a day of justice for 9/11 victims.

So how did something so controversial receive unanimous support in the end?  It seems that Chuck Schumer inserted an amendment nowhere to be found in the original or, for that matter, any other versions of the bill.  The amendment would allow the Justice and State Departments to intervene in any lawsuit putting any proceedings on hold if they assert they are trying to resolve the matter diplomatically.  In other words, justice for the victims could be delayed indefinitely with a letter from the Attorney General to the judge.

Admittedly, some of the rhetoric of the victims sounds like some conspiracy theories straight from Alex Jones.  However, holding out “justice” which proves to be a cruel hoax in the end is just…well, cruel.  But at least Schumer and Obama can make the claim and every Senator who voted for the amended bill can slap themselves on the back.

Regional News

The Americas and Australia

Once again equating Islamic terrorism with alleged Christian atrocities, John Kerry said the following:

Efforts to smear them for the actions of a few are despicable- and no more logical than it would have been in the 1990s to hold all Christians accountable for atrocities committed against Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo.

Unfortunately, it is that mentality that leaves the United States paralyzed and vulnerable.  The moral relativism is ridiculous.  Without revisiting the 1990s and the war in the Balkans, it is safe to say that atrocities were committed on both sides.  But, this goofy statement by Kerry is no different than Obama equating ISIS atrocities with the Crusades.  Considering that the FBI reported that they are currently tracking about 1,000 suspected Islamic terrorists in the United States, one would hope that before Obama leaves office some official would actually call it what it is- Islamic terrorism.


Russian secret police broke up an alleged ISIS recruitment cell operating in Moscow.  The cell consisted of two men and two women.  One woman was said to be a member of an unidentified intelligence service.  Another woman worked at an airport.  Russian intelligence also broke up another terrorist ring said to be taking orders from Syrian terrorists.  A large cache of weapons and explosives was discovered as they intended to disrupt celebrations in Russia on May 9th.  Russian intelligence services broke up a third plot that entailed Paris-style attacks in several major Russian cities.  The suspects had plans to flee to Syria after the attacks.

In Italy, police arrested four suspected terrorists, one of whom was planning an attack on the Vatican.  Police acted on an online plea from someone in Syria to carry out the attack.  Italian police also arrested four other suspected terrorists- two of them from Afghanistan- said to planning an attack on London’s Canary Wharf and hotels frequented by foreigners.  And in the southern Italian city of Bari, police arrested two other suspected terrorists- one on charges of aiding illegal immigration.

A former French gym teacher is said to be the first European to reach the higher ranks of ISIS.  Abu Suleyman al-Faransi so impressed ISIS leaders with the blueprint for the November, 2015 attacks in Paris that he was elevated to a senior position in the group’s foreign intelligence branch.

The Middle East

An Iranian man who attacked a Tehran taxi driver last year and blinded him, had his sight removed when authorities publicly blinded him with acid in public.

In Mosul, Iraq, ISIS terrorists executed five young girls because their parents refused to pay a royalty/tax to the group.  Another 35 were abducted from Nineveh province and central Mosul and forced into marriage with ISIS jihad fighters.  Elsewhere in Mosul, there are documented reports that ISIS has moved chemical weapon labs into densely populated areas to avoid airstrikes.  Some reports indicate they are testing the agents on captured prisoners.

And although the current narrative is that ISIS is on the run, the terrorist group seized a major gas field in eastern Syria in the Palmyra desert.  This is seen as a significant victory for the group after losing the town of Palmyra to Syrian forces backed by Russian airstrikes.

And just to prove they are still potent, ISIS carried out coordinated attacks in Syria in coastal areas controlled by the government with a heavy Russian presence.  The blasts killed over 140 and injured another 200 or more.

Apparently assembling to watch a soccer match gets you a bullet in the head from ISIS in Iraq.  Or maybe it was because they were Real Madrid fans.  Regardless, ISIS gunmen killed 12 Iraqis watching a soccer match north of Baghdad.


An 18-year-old Christian Pakistani boy was hung by the father of a Muslim girl after being accused of being attracted to the young girl.  No word on pending charges…

Several attacks against Bengali secular and gay activists have dominated the headlines in Bangladesh.  The preferred method of killing is either stabbing the victim or cutting them to pieces with a machete.  Bengali officials deny these are terrorist acts although one group- Ansar al-Islam- has released graphic video of one attack.  Other victims have included a Hindu holy man and a Hindu tailor accused years ago of making derogatory statements about Muhammed.  ISIS claimed responsibility for that attack.  And a homeopathic doctor was hacked to death with machetes.  But, yeah Bangladesh…you’re immune to Islamic terrorism…

After Islamic terrorists left the beheaded body of a Canadian to be found, reports surfaced that Abu Sayyaf militants also planned to kidnap and execute Philippines boxer Manny Pacquiao.  President Aquino also revealed that plots to kidnap and execute him were uncovered and thwarted.


In the Congo, Islamic militants killed between 20 and 40 Christian villagers with machetes and axes in the eastern part of that country.  Meanwhile in Nigeria alone, it is estimated that Islamic terrorists and militants have slaughtered 20,000 Christians and caused a $6 billion setback to the Nigerian economy over the past few years.  Yet, Hillary Clinton was slow to call Boko Harem, the main Nigerian group that has pledged allegiance to ISIS, a terrorist group.  And the administration has not singled Boko Harem out for committing genocide.

For the third time this year, Muslim extremists have burned down a Christian church in Kenya.  And in Morocco, a group of Muslims raided local restaurants and vandalized them warning the owners not to allow Western Christians and not serve alcohol.

Latest ISIS Atrocities

(Trigger Warning: It’s Not Pretty)

In Raqqa, Syria, activists report that a 7-year-old boy was publicly executed for allegedly insulting the divinity while playing soccer on the streets.  Also in that city, two men were crucified then shot after being accused of being Western spies.

Recently, ISIS has invented a new depravity against girls accused of violating the Sharia dress code.  There are reports that they are locked in cages with the skulls of others executed by the terrorist group.

One ISIS video shows a man being publicly executed by having a knife slowly rammed through his heart before they finish him off with a bullet to his head.  And in public testimony, a Christian refugee family told the story of their plight.  Their four daughters had been kidnapped by ISIS terrorists.  In order to exact a tax on the family, the dismembered bodies were returned to the family in a plastic bag along with a video of the girls being raped.

Informed sources stated that ISIS publicly executed over 20 captives suspected of spying against ISIS by dropping them in vats of nitric acid.  Another 13 captives were executed in Mosul for using cell phones.  An entire family attempting to flee the terrorists were burned alive and over 250 women were executed for refusing to marry jihad fighters in Iraq.

And just when you think it could not get any worse, they invented a new method of execution reserved (for now) for ISIS members who fail to carry out orders.  They are tied to trees and mauled to death by hungry, angry dogs.


  • Number killed by terrorists in May:      1,855 (YTD: 7,827)
  • Number injured by terrorists in May:   2,218 (YTD: 10,292)
  • Total terrorist casualties in May:           4,073 (YTD: 18,119)
  • Number of terrorist attacks in May:      124  (YTD: 753)

The Funny Pages

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In Conclusion

Well, that’s it for this month.  We’ll be back in July with a recap of the best and worst of Islamic terrorism and perhaps ISIS will invent a new method of execution by then.  Although seemingly running out of methods, their depravity knows no bounds and we are sure they won’t let us down.  Nor will our illustrious leaders who seem more content to equate Christianity with terrorism and lecture us on Islamophobia.