Some Other Cultures Actually Do Suck

Cultural relativism is a stupid argument from the start.  It teaches that truth is relative to any culture.  If that were so, then there are no “truths” and 2+2 does not equal 4 since that is a “truth.”  This then implies that there is no good and there is no evil.  What we in the West may view as “bad” or “evil” really isn’t because there is no objectivity, just our misunderstanding of the foreign culture.  Through these rose-colored glasses, any atrocity can be viewed as being with the best of intentions and therefore moral.  But, morality is not relative any more than bad or evil are relative.

For example, is someone culturally blind when they see an 8-year-old Yemeni girl die from internal injuries and bleeding?  I forgot… it happened on her wedding night.  This practice is somewhat common in some Muslim and Asian countries where young girls are married off to older men, sometimes to attenuate a family squabble.  Not that Muslims are the lone perpetrators of these acts.  It is estimated that 25% of girls under the age of 16 are married to older men in the Hindu Indian state of Rajastan.

For a Westerner to attack these practices, they are considered racist, bigots and xenophobes.  When Westerners themselves attack the attackers, it is called multiculturalism.  This asserts that we are wrong to attack these cultures because we do not understand them.  Actually, I understand it real clear: these cultures condone raping eight-year-old girls in Yemen.  This is not relativism; it is pedophilia culturally condoned.

When we talk about equality, it is equality among individuals, not cultures.  Not all cultures were created equal.  Yet, we are admonished to respect other cultures.  A perfect example is the American Left who relishes in the fact that they stand at the vanguard of eliminating oppression against just about everyone.  Their holier than thou attitude towards ending oppression against women or gays makes them oblivious to the oppression against women and gays in other cultures, particularly Muslim cultures.  Cultural relativism is just another name for smug racism.

And why did humans form cultures?  It was to advance themselves...to progress.  Is running through the jungle or living in the caves of Afghanistan “progress?”  After 9/11, some thought that Bush should have bombed Afghanistan “back to the stone ages.”  That is a misnomer- they were already living in the stone age.

Imagine if Western civilization and culture never progressed past the 14th century.  Imagine going to the local apothecary to have them put a few leeches on your skin to draw some blood.  Imagine your wife being dragged from the house and accused of witchcraft because the crops failed.  Imagine toiling the soil being subservient to the king and reliant on him for security.  Nobody wants that except radical environmentalists and the cultural relativists when talking about other cultures.  Feminists have the luxury of talking about “wage gaps” today.  Without “progress,” without “advancement,” without a superiority of culture, feminism would not even exist!

You want to blow a hole in the mind of a cultural relativist?  Ask them if they think torturing a baby for fun is a good idea.  Ask them if any culture condones or practices torturing babies for fun is common, or if they can cite any instances in history where torturing babies for fun was common or condoned.  Guess what?  They cannot answer in the affirmative.  Thus, we can safely say that an absolute standard of morality- that of not torturing babies for fun- exists.  Once we establish an absolute standard of morality, there can be no cultural relativity.

Likewise, they claim that moral rightness is a matter of obedience to cultural values.  Well, Nazi henchmen were complicit in genocide based upon cultural values.  The international community convicted and executed many Nazi war criminals based upon values they believed to be correct.  Germans belonged to the world community and both Nazi Germany and the world community’s values won.  Thus, there can be no cultural relativism since one set of values universally won over another set of values.

Western civilization is the only one that has so progressed that it has come full circle to the point that it now justifies the worst practices of other cultures in the name of relativism.  In fact, cultural relativism and all this craziness is a purely Western construct.  Try practicing some multiculturalism by building a Christian church in Saudi Arabia and see how far your theory goes.  And because we have so progressed, we are superior.