Left Wing Protesters are Brats That Need to Be Spanked

Remember those Tea Party protests back in 2010 when people would stand up at a town hall meeting with their elected leaders and ask questions?  Sometimes, they would protest in groups on the mall in Washington, DC and pick up their trash afterwards.  Sure, they looked silly in their tri-cornered hats and I’m sure the occasional character dressed as Benjamin Franklin did not help their optics, but they were clearly a nice, peace-loving group despite attempts to characterize them as a racist bunch of bigots.

Meanwhile, about a year later, instigated by some Commie advertising firm out of Canada, the Occupy Wall Street movement arose ostensibly to protest against the big banks.  These were the refuse of the anarchists that ran amok expressing this disdain of capitalism in Seattle by breaking the windows of your local Starbucks.  Unlike the Tea Party protesters, they were a slovenly bunch.  The one photo that best exemplifies the OWS phenomena was one showing a protester defecating on a police car.  That’s fighting “the man;” taking a dump on a cop car.

In those Seattle protests, the police noticed that some protesters looked eerily similar to protesters from other areas and with good reason- they were.  Many of the OWS people were actually professional protesters- people who make a living protesting something, or community organizing as they call it, before moving on to become President of the United States.  They claim to represent the 99%, but their demographic looks like anything but 99%.  They were the same people who were seen at Code Pink anti-Iraq war rallies or budget hearings on the Left Coast and in Washington.  They were also anti-Semitic given their support for groups like Hamas.  One supposes that some diatribe on the Elders of Zion made the rounds of tents erected in various cities right after Das Kapital and The Communist Manifesto.

This phenomena of the professional protester is nothing new.  Organized labor has used it before and even today.  In demonstrations at a WalMart in Washington, most of the protesters were not WalMart employees, but union activists from other areas.  Only three of 15 arrested protesters were employees.  The other 12 were paid union activists.  In fact, they usually arrange for the arrests to increase media coverage.  Seems that if you peacefully protest, the media will ignore you, or denigrate you as they did with the Tea Party.  But, throw a brick through a Starbucks window and the media will descend on the scene like a flock of locusts in ancient Egypt.

Then there is the BlackLivesMatter movement which seems to show up wherever some black criminal is shot, led by its leader Deray McKesson.  This young man, who proudly wears unemployment as a badge of honor, has shown up in Ferguson, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Charleston, Chicago, etc.  I work two jobs and a trip 50 miles away places a financial burden on me and this guy runs all over the country leading protests.  Obviously, he is getting funding somewhere.  For this, he’s received the 2015 Howard Zinn Freedom to Write Award and even landed in the top 100 of Forbes’ most influential leaders (actually #11).  Not bad for an unemployed rabble rouser.

Nothing against BLM; the shooting of unarmed people of ANY color should be a cause for concern.  But, please don’t parade around (literally) as some grassroots uprising.  Your anger is as manufactured as that of the self-aggrandizing Johnny Cochran in the OJ trial.  McKesson lands in the same category of the other great raceturbators- people who get off fanning the flames of racial tensions.  Mark my words: before too long, McKesson will be talking in rhymes that twist the norms of the English language like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have done before him.

In the West, environmental protesters instigated by a who’s who of Leftist organizations with no skin in the environmental game have led something called “Keep It in the Ground” rallies.  Simply, these are people who believe that we should not extract natural resources from western lands through fracking or any other means.  Of course, they do not arrive at these rallies in electric cars.  Instead of using the process to air their concerns- like the public commenting period- it is much easier to pick up a sign and block a bulldozer.  You want to know when to give these people an ear?  Only if they carry hand-written signs.  At least they took the time to make the sign and think rather than be protesting automatons of the Left.

Not that I like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, but he recently had a protester kicked out of a town hall meeting in his home state… New Hampshire.  Just kidding, it was NJ.  That protester read from his iPhone a list of grievances fed to him by the group that instigated the protest against Christie.  This illustrates that these protesters are incapable of forming a coherent, original thought beyond those fed to them by the professionals.

And there are actual professionals.  For a fee, one group- Crowds on Demand- will provide you with not only signs and placards to show your indignation, they will even provide people!

But guess what?  This illustrates that capitalism wins out every time over righteous, misplaced indignation.  Even with the BlackLivesMatter phenomena, it seems that many of the protesters in Ferguson were paid for their troubles.  What makes this whole thing even more hilarious is that they actually began to protest against BlackLivesMatter for not getting paid.  Seems the movement owed some protesters up to $5,000 and they were mooching on the promise.  No doubt, some of that money was used to transport McKesson from one state to another.

Which brings me finally to the protests against Donald Trump.  I don’t like Trump for a variety of valid reasons.  But no matter how stupid his speeches and utterances and no matter how vile some view him, he has a right to speak and the people who attend his events have a right to hear him.  Instead, the Left has engaged in organized, professional protests.  That supposed uprising in Chicago was instigated by MoveOn.org and they even fund raised on it afterwards.  In fact, there is evidence that an organized group of paid protesters follows Trump now in the hopes of getting punched in the face because of their provocations to prove Trump is the bad guy.  He is the bad guy, but these dolts are making him look like the good guy to the very people you don’t want Trump looking like the good guy.

This proves one maxim in politics:  Only the Left and their protesters can screw up a good old-fashioned protest.