Eleven Reasons to Dislike Lena Dunham

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There are likely more than 11 reasons, but I will list just these for now.  I have every confidence that as she grows older, there will be future Dunham fodder.  However, the best news is that she has promised to move to Canada if Trump becomes President.  Almost makes you wanna vote for Trump (um…not really).

#11.   She is a hypocrite.  For a book signing fair/festival, she charged people $38 a head to attend.  About 8,000 people showed up.  That is $304,000 for her to sign a book.  Oh yes- there were entertainers there to keep you entertained while you waited to get your book signed.  Oh yes- she paid these entertainers exactly nothing.  Oh yes- this is the same Lena Dunham who criticized future Iowa Senator Joni Ernst for opposing a hike in the minimum wage.

#10. In 2015, she famously announced she had finally found the ultimate Halloween costume- a Planned Parenthood doctor.

#9.  She wrote a biography…at the age of 28.  So much accomplishment!  So much to share at such an early age.  A true Renaissance woman.  No doubt she will be releasing updates every 7-10 years.  But, isn’t that why she has a Twitter account?

#8  Speaking of Twitter, Ms. Dunham had a hissy fit because some people objected to some of her tweets and she didn’t like it.  So she swore off Twitter, but not before launching one final, nasty salvo- an image of her bare breasts.  Yuck!

#7.  Speaking of bare breasts, her HBO series Girls was replete with images of a bare-breasted Lena Dunham.  I know it is supposed send some message or something like that.  Whatever the motivation, it is not a pretty sight.  Besides “yuck!,” this also gets a “Ewwwwww!”

#6.  She once conducted an on-line poll asking readers to determine whether the action was that of her dog or her Jewish boyfriend.  Of course, she meant nothing by the apparent (to everyone else) anti-Semitic remark.  But her apology begs the question- why specify your “Jewish” boyfriend and why not just “boyfriend?”  Clearly this was a bad attempt at bad humor and she succeeded badly.

#5.  She once published a picture of herself bare-breasted (again…Ewwwww!) sitting on the toilet doing something while eating a birthday cake.  This was, again, apparently sending some kind of message.  Clearly, it is unhealthy and disgusting (seeing her breasts again, that is).

#4  In her book, she describes an alleged incident where she was allegedly raped by some alleged conservative Republican allegedly named Barry at Oberlin College, where she attended.  You knew this had to be false because the words “conservative” and “Oberlin” don’t go together.  Regardless, there was a real live Barry who did attend Oberlin when she did and he was “outed” and ostracized.  She later apologized, but the damage was done.  It did not matter that he was not that Barry.  This was not so much poetic license or even a hoax.  It was a rape fantasy plain and simple.

#3.  And when it comes to writing scripts, the sexual fantasies of Lena Dunham obviously play an important role.  What else explains all the sex and nudity on Girls.  It leads one to believe that all post-graduate somethings in New York City do nothing but hang out with friends, have sex and lay around naked.  There is no way her scripts are drawn on real life experiences.

#2.  No list would be complete without mention of the now infamous passages from her book describing how when she was seven years old, she essentially molested her 1-year-old sister.  And later masturbated in bed next to her sister as the younger sibling slept.  The Leftist press praised her for her candor in describing “normal childhood curiosity and behavior.”  In the real world, we call this child molestation no matter how you look at it.  But when people justify it, then it becomes just plain disgusting.

#1.  So, how do you top #2?  Well, in 2012 Lena Dunham had a big slobbering love affair with Barack Obama so much that she agreed to film a creepy commercial for Organizing For America- Obama’s reelection campaign propaganda arm.  No– she didn’t bare her breasts this time (thank God).  She compared the excitement of voting for Obama for the first time with another “first time”…losing one’s virginity.  Surprisingly, Dunham did not cross a line and have an orgasm when she said the words “Barack Obama.”  I told you it was creepy.

I understand that Lena Dunham is trying to be all New York hipster and cutting edge and all that.  She has the liberal intelligentsia (there’s a good example of an oxymoron) on her side.  On balance, however, there is just way too much of the “Ewwwww” factor and no awe factor.