Reporting a Hate Crime Can Be Dangerous Than a Hate Crime

First, let me get something off my chest- all crimes involve some element of hate or disrespect.  We only have hate crime legislation to enhance a penalty when racially-motivated hate is involved. Hate crime laws are passed to make people feel better as if these laws will actually discourage acts of hate.  If the death penalty doesn’t discourage your average murderer, one doubts hate crime laws will discourage your average hater.

And it is all in the definition of hate.  One man’s legitimate protest- say, against gay marriage- could be another’s interpretation of an expression of hate.  The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate crimes and groups in the United States (and makes a lot of money doing it) is great at this trick of language.  And usually, the hate has to be directed at some minority group and America has a plethora of minority groups.  You have your average run-of-the-mill African-Americans, Latinos (of which there are numerous hyphenated varieties), Asians (again, many varieties), gays, gay Latinos, gay Latino-Asians, etc.  Note that other than gays, whites are under-represented in the listing of those protected by hate crime laws.

According the SPLC, hate crimes are on the increase and that whites are the biggest group of haters.  It isn’t that America is more hateful than it has been in the past, or that the haters are just getting more bold.  It is in the definition of “hate.”  Its like the definition of autism, a group I worked with while in college.  The kids I encountered were clearly autistic and showed all the classical signs of autism.  If we skip ahead a decade or two or three, it appears that autism, like hate, is on the rise.  That is because the classical definition of autism has changed to now include a broad spectrum of behaviors that fall under the umbrella term of “autism.”  Because its on the rise, there has to be a cause…like vaccines, or aluminum pans, or something like that.  And so it is with the definition of “hate.”  The definition has now expanded to include any disagreement with a Leftist agenda.  Say something against gay marriage- it is a hate crime.  Say something about affirmative action- there is hate somewhere in that message.  Say something about immigration enforcement- it has to be motivated by hate.

This is not to suggest that crimes clearly motivated by hate do not exist.  The incident of James Byrd in Texas who has dragged for at least three miles behind a pick-up truck on an asphalt road while alive only to be killed when his arm and head were severed clearly classifies as a horrendous crime.  The perpetrators clearly deserved to be sentenced to death and to burn in hell after that.  The motivation behind the crime- they didn’t like black people- makes James Byrd no less dead and should not be a reason to not execute these jerks.  But to hear the SPLC speak and write, one would think incidents like this are an almost daily event.

In fact, they are the exception to the norm.  So what do these groups and people do?  They create the hate crime du jour which the illiterate press picks up and runs with thanks mainly to social media.  Case in point: Does anyone remember Dayna Morales?  She was the young lady who was a waitress in Connecticut who had her 15-minutes of fame when she revealed that after serving a couple, they stiffed her on a tip after writing “I’m sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle or how you live your life.”  That lifestyle was the fact she was a lesbian.

After the story broke, Morales became the victim of the day and received thousands in donations because this hateful country is also a giving country.  But, one has to question this whole scenario from the beginning… as in the couple’s arrival at the restaurant.  How did they know Ms. Morales was a lesbian?  Did she introduce herself as, “Hello, my name is Dayna.  I’ll be your lesbian server tonight.  Can I start you with some drinks?”  The fact is that Dayna had a history of lying and the couple in question left a generous 20% tip.  And they didn’t know Dayna was a lesbian.  And they didn’t care even if they knew.

Vassar College is a very liberal college in Massachusetts.  They’re so liberal they have a student/faculty Bias Incident Response Team.  I picture these people holed up in the basement of some campus building with a white Ghost busters type truck outside with a slash through the word “BIAS” in big, bold red letters.  And they got the call on their bat phone and responded to an apparent incident of spray painted remarks derogatory towards blacks and transgender people.  Two days later it was revealed that the perpetrators were members of the Bias Incident Response Team.  That’s like Batman robbing a bank to prove Gotham has a band of bank robbers.

Although there are more examples, including anything associated with Al Sharpton or Lena Dunham, I will list two more.  The first was the curious case of Shaima Alhimidi which proves that Muslims now have gotten in on the act.  She was found dead with a note telling her to go home and intimating she was a terrorist.  CNN contributor and terrorist apologist Reza Aslam led an online attack against alleged Islamophobes.  However, poor Shaima had asked her husband for a divorce and he did what any good husband would do in that situation- he killed his wife and wrote the note himself to make it look like a hate crime.

Another egregious act involves Rick Jones who owned a Utah pizzeria.  He was robbed and knocked out but not before having the words “Die fag” carved into his arm.  His family home was also vandalized with anti-gay graffiti.  However, it seems that Mr. Jones had perpetrated the entire scenario himself.

And now we get to the dangerous part of this whole sordid affair.  The lawyer for Jones, after it was revealed this was an elaborate hoax (and elaborate is an understatement; Jones will be forever scarred on his arm), said it was “a cry for help,” “a 911 call that was misdirected, but real,” and illustrates the “difficult and rough roads that those in the LGBT community go through.”  Wow!!!  That takes a twisting of logic of such magnitude.

What makes these incidents dangerous is that they sterilize the public to these stories.  Soon, when the next Marlon Byrd is dragged across a asphalt road, we start to question it.  And these “ends justify the means” excuses for the actions of people like Dayna Morales, Shaima Alhimidi, Rick Jones and the dorks at the Vassar College Bias Incident Response Team illustrate the twisted minds and logic of the Left.  Elaborate lies up to and including murder and self-mutilation are condoned because they shed a light on a non-existent problem.  To the extent a problem does exist, they sully the analysis.  Whether its the Duke lacrosse team or Lena Dunham’s rape fantasy pedaled as truth, it is these people who are blinded by the worst form of hatred- hatred against truth.