George Clooney: Spokesman for Hypocrisy

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Usually, this writer catches Meet the Press when it is replayed at 3:00 AM and I had to turn it off once Debbie Wasserman-Schultz made her appearance.  But, I am sooooo glad I saw the interview between Chuck Todd and George Clooney because it illustrated not only the hypocrisy on the Left, but their stupidity.

While all eyes were on and all words over the weekend were dedicated to Donald Trump, Clooney hosted a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton.  It was reported that a couple could gain a seat at the table with Her Highness for a cool $335,000 donation.  In all, he managed to raise $15 million for the Clinton campaign.  Some protesters among Bernie Sanders supporters greeted the arriving limos by showering the cars with $1 bills.

When Todd asked whether the amounts raised were obscene, Clooney said that it was, in fact, an obscene amount of money.  To summarize his reasons for participating in this obscenity, most of the money raised is being used to help down ticket candidates, especially in the Senate.  It is important that the Democrats win the Senate so that they can get a Supreme Court nominee confirmed who will overturn Citizens United so that he will never have to do a fundraiser again.  Then searching for the right words, he said he considered Citizens United  “one of the worst laws passed.”

Keep looking for those words, George, because Citizens United is not a law that was passed.  But let’s go further.  When pressed on the accusations by Sanders that big donors hope to gain greater access to Clinton, Clooney denied that motive.  Then he invoked the biggest bogeyman in the Leftist arsenal when it comes to campaign finance: the dreaded Koch Brothers.  Follow this convoluted logic- if the Democrats win the Senate and White House, their policies will “cost” the rich donors who supported Hillary.  Conversely, if the GOP wins, then the Koch brothers profit.

So if I get this right, George Clooney wants Hillary Clinton and the Democrats to win Congress so that he can pay more in taxes.  Solution: Get a simple 1040 and don’t take any deductions.  Take the standard deduction, George- don’t itemize!  If you feel for us poor slobs in the 99%, then fill out a tax form like we do without all the deductions and loopholes that your phalanx of tax accountants discover.

And supposedly he raises money for the Democratic Party to “even the playing field” against rich guys like the Koch brothers.  It isn’t to even the playing field; it is because you believe your cause is better and more just than those on the other side.  And guess what?  That’s alright!  You can do that, but don’t deny those with whom you disagree an equal opportunity to do it also because that, dear George, is called fascism- the very thing of which you accuse others.

The real problem for Clooney and the Democrats is myriad.  First, they have no concept of free speech except that which bounces around in their empty skulls.  Second, they are stung by Citizens United because it actually evened the playing field as far as outside spending goes.  Third, Citizens United affected expenditures by outside groups and raising for the Hillary Victory Fund is NOT an outside group.  Fourth, he is the typical West Coast elitist who believes his cause is the best and the most just and everyone else is…wrong.

Most importantly, he overlooks the fact that we choose our leaders not by the amount of money they raised in a campaign, but by votes.  He makes the erroneous assumption that whoever spends the most will automatically win.  It does not happen that way in the real world.  I like when these dolts open their mouths because they show how utterly stupid they are.  Things were fine when organized labor skirted the campaign finance laws and “campaigned” for candidates, 98% of whom were in the Democratic Party.

It is not a question of fairness or “obscenity;” it is a question of being a sore loser.  And George Clooney proved once again that he is among the biggest losers.