The Left Has No Solution To Terrorism

One can forgive Bernie Sanders for saying the following:

“If we are going to see an increase in drought and flood and extreme weather disturbances as a result of climate change, what that means is peoples all over the world are going to be fighting over limited natural resources,”

Sanders made this statement on CBS’ “Face the Nation” after some Democratic debate where he equated the increase in terrorist attacks to climate change. I forgive Sanders because he is basically a senile old Vermont socialist.

As is Noam Chomsky- not a Vermont socialist, worse…a New York one.  At least I think that is where he lives now.  Chomsky, whose adherents include such notable followers as anyone on the Left, Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam and the members of Rage Against the Machine, claims that Islamic terrorism is caused by the world’s greatest powers, especially the United States.

But an even greater and more influential Leftist leader- British “actor” and “comedian” Russell Brand- had this enlightening take on Islamic terrorism:

“The only power we have on a personal level is loving tolerance, and a continued suspicion of both our media, and of our politicians, who have their own ends. The media just wanna create stories and tacitly support the corporations that benefit from wars in foreign countries because they are the corporations that benefit from those wars.”

That’s deep.

The simple fact is that the Left has many proposed causes of Islamic terrorism which, if true, suggest some solutions.  They range from (1) Western interference in the Middle East, (2) Israeli actions, (3) rapid social change, (4) economic deprivation, (5) low self-esteem, (6) a need for affiliation, (7) dysfunctional families, (8) a lack of education, (9) poverty, (10) the aforementioned climate change, and (11) poor toilet training.

Therefore, the solution is obvious with respect to (5), (7) and (11) above: we simply air drop a huge squadron of psychologists into ISIS-controlled areas and let them do their psychological voodoo.  Numbers (3) and (6) could be handled by a like number of sociologists being air dropped into these same areas.  With (4), (8) and (9), massive foreign aid… oops, did that and that would seem to violate (1).  Regardless, with (8), we would have to round up some willing teachers to air drop into these regions.

That leaves only (1) and (2) as root causes of terrorism and possible solutions according to the Left.  And here, the solutions are equally absurd.  With respect to Israel, two things are noticeable.  First, not too many Islamic terrorists have openly endorsed the state of Israel as having a right to exist.  Hell- not to many Islamic countries have done so either, and if they do it is usually lukewarm.  My best guess is that if every Israeli was to pack up tomorrow and move en mass there would still be Islamic terrorism.  Israel is just a convenient excuse.  Second, one does not see too many Islamic countries entertaining too many Palestinians except Jordan and, ironically, Israel.  So, if it isn’t really Israel then…

The obvious reason is US/Western intervention in the Middle East.  Let’s think about 9/11 for a second.  Bin Laden used as his main excuse for the attacks the continued presence of American troops on sacred Muslim lands, i.e., Saudi Arabia.  However, Bush was already withdrawing those troops from Saudi Arabia when the attacks occurred.  But, the Left protests, there are other instances dating back to 1919 or so.  Only after World War II was the US a major player in the Middle East.

And now we get to the climate change thing.  The US became involved in Middle East politics, they claim, because of oil.  Oil is a fossil fuel.  Fossil fuels emit carbon dioxide.  Carbon dioxide causes climate change.  If only Al Gore had been around in 1945, there would be no Islamic terrorism today.  Of course, that does not explain the rise of Islamic terrorism in places like the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia or Nigeria.  These countries, to the best of my knowledge, never composed some occupying force in the Middle East.  So, the “US intervention in the Middle East” excuse and the resulting solution- the US gets out- is another non-solution.

And the Left knows it which explains why we now should resort to such things like making the United States less secure than it was before 9/11.  For example, they want us to dismantle the surveillance apparatus that allows us to connect the dots.  Prior to 9/11, the Left was the biggest proponent of blaming a lapse in US intelligence for the attacks.  The dots were not connected, they argued, and it was the fault of Bush.  When Bush did something to connect the dots, this too was wrong.  There is no winning these blockheads.

Instead, their strategy is to apologize for terrorism.  That is only to be expected of a movement that has used terrorism in its past to effect social change.  Groups like Bader-Meinhof in Germany, the Red Brigades in Italy, or the Weathermen domestically have been love children of the Left.

And the Left falls for the Islamic apologists themselves.  They argue that because the world has declared a war on Islam, Muslims are unwelcome in the West.  Are they suggesting that if every Muslim was magically deported from Europe and the West that terrorism would cease?  Its opposite- the open acceptance of Muslims into the West- certainly has not ceased terrorism.  It is not a question of acceptance; its a question of assimilation.

Muslims who immigrate to the West should be well-reminded of a famous phrase: “When in Rome, do as the Romans.”  Likewise, when in Paris or London or the United States, do as they.  You can even practice your religion; just leave your terrorism behind.

We are constantly reminded that a small percentage of Muslims are truly radicalized to the point of terrorism- maybe 3-5% or so.  But, 3-5% of 1.6 billion people is… a lot of radicalized Muslims.  Sorry to inform the Left, but none of their solutions will work.  Instead, solutions that kill more of them there rather than here be it through enhanced intelligence, targeted killings or even drones is the solution.  At least it is a solution, something the Left cannot coherently articulate.