A Proposed Donald Trump Moratorium

In a very unscientific study I undertook, I scanned back over the last 50 Redstate Front Page stories and discovered that 28 mentioned Donald Trump, or 56% of all front page stories.  For accuracy, I did not count the Water Cooler Series which is more an open thread.  In another seven headlines that did not mention Donald Trump in the headline, they noted how Ted Cruz was crushing Donald Trump in the delegate battle.  Hence 35, or 70% of the articles were about Donald Trump directly or indirectly.

Another website tracks coverage of the candidates and found that Trump also dominates the coverage over a 15-day period.  They found that Trump garnered an average 50% of the coverage.  Redstate obviously exceeds those findings.  In fact, it is bordering on obsession at this point.  One would think there is absolutely nothing else happening in the world.

To wit, on the day it was announced that close to 5,000 Christians were killed in Nigeria by Boko Harem-an Islamic terrorist group aligned with ISIS- in 2015, 20 of 25 front page articles were dedicated to Donald Trump.  I stopped counting after 25 articles.

I fully get it: Donald Trump is a seriously flawed candidate.  I am one of those NeverTrump people and was way before there was a NeverTrump movement.  I believe I am record as saying that if Trump is the GOP nominee I intend to use the write-in option and choose Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Hector Camacho, the President in the movie Idiocracy played by Terry Crews.  And I realize it would be akin to a vote for Hillary because I am denying the Republican candidate a vote.  But then again, Donald Trump is no Republican.  I realized that a long time…like in March 2015 when Trump was first considering entering the race.  Maybe before then.  Most importantly, I do not need 70% of the coverage on Redstate telling me what I and most others already know.  He sucks!  How many times and in how many ways can it be said?  Apparently 70% of the time.

It is as if at this point some are reaching for straws.  For example, who really cares about Donald Trump’s architectural propensities as concerns the new World Trade Center from a decade ago?  And the list of such articles is long.  And I totally understand the zeal to demolish Trump.  After all, he is a less amusing version of Joe Biden- a walking, talking gaffe a minute.

Don’t get me wrong.  I work two jobs- 16 hours a day- and still find time to read Redstate every day, more on weekends.  If writers here have an obsession with Donald Trump, my wife thinks I have an obsession with this website that I have been with for six or seven or whatever years.  Because entries are considered diaries, they are supposed to be thoughts, positions, beliefs, or proposed solutions on news events.  Given the weight of the number of articles regarding Donald Trump, it would appear that many here think, sleep and breathe Donald Trump 24/7.  That’s an obsession, folks.  And I fully understand this is a political website, but there is more to politics than Donald Trump.

Wouldn’t it be great for just one day to have a Donald Trump moratorium- no mention of his name, no mention of how Ted Cruz is crushing Donald Trump because Trump is a rube, no mention of his latest gaffe.  Trust me- he’ll be there the next day.  Although he is clearly deserving of all the criticism he receives here, the repeated articles are playing to the choir.  And even if it were not to happen, it will not deter me from reading, commenting and writing on Redstate.  But, I can dream.  It would be a welcome respite if only for one day.