Jihad News, Volume IV- April 9, 2016 edition

Front Page

The two biggest events over the past month were (1) the terrorist attack in Belgium and (2) the Obama administration charging ISIS with genocide.  As regards (2), one has to wonder what took so long to come to such an obvious conclusion.  This is such a statement of the obvious that the administration should be ashamed of not coming to the conclusion two years ago.  But then again, JV terrorist teams are apparently unable to carry out genocide.

As for the Belgian terrorist attacks, some disturbing details emerged.  The first is the links to the November attacks in Paris and the depth of the conspiracy.  This was a serious network of terrorists living and working right under the noses of the authorities in Belgium.  And it appears that two of the terrorists who blew themselves up at the airport were known to police.  One was involved in an armed carjacking and the other apparently shot at police in another incident.  Yet Belgium decided to free them.  A third problem is the apparent ineptitude and lack of manpower in Belgian counter-terrorism abilities.  Do they not take it seriously enough to increase their presence?  Especially after Paris and the link to Belgium?  But probably the biggest impediment to tackling terrorist cells in Belgium is something that afflicts most of Western Europe- political correctness.  Apparently, watching Muslims to deter Islamic terrorism  is not important.  Until they change their attitude, there will be more attacks.

Regional News

The Americas (including us)

Tairod Pugh was convicted in a federal court in Brooklyn, New York of attempting to join the fight on the side of ISIS.  The Egyptian native bought a one-way ticket to Turkey where he hoped to slip into Syria.  In over 75 actions against suspected ISIS sympathizers in the US, this is the first jury conviction.

A group of hackers who call themselves the Caliphate Cyber Army (guess who they support) have published the names, addresses and other information of 36 police officers in Minnesota, mostly around the Twin Cities.  Minnesota has a large Somali population.  Since 2007, several of them left Minnesota to take up arms in jihad abroad.

Meanwhile, Mohamed Saeed Kodamaite, a Syrian-American, was sentenced to eight years in prison in a San Diego court after being charged with supporting a foreign terrorist organization and providing material support.  Kurdish fighters have captured Muhammed Jamal Amin, a Virginia native currently fighting for ISIS in Syria.  Cell phones, identification and US currency was found on him when captured.

And in our first incident from Latin America, a Jewish man was stabbed to death on the border between Uruguay and Argentina.  The attacker yelled “Allah akbar” during the brutal attack.

The UN Human Rights Council appointed anti-Semite Canadian professor Stanley Michael Lynk to an office dedicated to investigate alleged Israeli human rights violations in the occupied West Bank.  Lynk is very active in anti-Israel activism in Canada and has assumed leadership roles in several Canadian Arab lobbying groups.  The Human Rights Council is a joke anyway and this appointment further confirms it.


In Macedonia, police arrested a suspected ISIS member after he escaped from jail in Iraq.  He used false documents to enter the country.  He has ties to another terrorist currently sitting in a Rome, Italy jail and yet another on the loose in Iraq.  According to authorities, he was going to attempt a car bombing attack.

Four Muslim girls were arrested in France after discussing carrying out a planned attack on a music venue in Paris.  Unfortunately, they used Facebook to plan the attack.  In Holland, authorities announced they had identified about 30 wanted war criminals among the 59,000 Syrian refugees that country took in last year.

In Denmark, a 16-year-old recent convert to Islam was arrested for planning a bomb attack on local schools, one of them Jewish.  She was aided by a 24-year-old friend who was a former fighter in Syria.  Unlike other threats, she actually obtained chemicals and other items to make the bombs.

Israel indicted a Palestinian living in Ukraine for planning attacks against Jews in Ukraine and elsewhere.  One such attack involved using a woman to lure a senior IDF official to the Sinai where he would be kidnapped, or refusing the invitation, killed in the Ukraine.  Another plot involved either shooting up or bombing a Jewish tour bus in Odessa.

French anti-terror police thwarted an “imminent attack” in central Paris after they arrested four Muslims planning the attack.  In Brussels, an Algerian national was killed by police snipers after an intense standoff.  He was found dead next to a black ISIS flag, terrorist propaganda and an automatic rifle.

And if that isn’t enough, the EU predicted that besides the estimated 1 million refugees expected to flood the continent from Syria and Iraq this year, they could expect an addition 450,000 from Libya due to turmoil in that country.  Way to go Hillary.

Here’s one that won’t make your daily newspaper.  Asad Shah, a Muslim shopkeeper, who had the audacity to wish customers a “Happy Easter” was stabbed to death in front of eyewitnesses by another Muslim.  Shah is quite popular in Scotland for his moderate views.  Scottish police are now investigating a Glasgow mosque, especially after their leader praised the killer of a Pakistani who murdered a pro-Christian lawmaker.

The Middle East

Iran test-fired two ballistic missiles.  One had the phrase “Israel must be wiped out” written in Hebrew on it.  The test came as Joe Biden was visiting Israel.  In a mass demonstration among Palestinians, one speaker called for the indiscriminate killing of Jews in their settlements and basically dared the United States and Europe to do anything about it.

And in a follow-up to their sickening attack and killing of nuns at a home for the elderly in Aden, Yemen, ISIS militants stormed an all-girls school and threatened to murder any girl not adhering to the Sharia dress code for girls.  In the US, feminist activists worry about bathrooms in North Carolina.

There were a few attacks in Turkey.  One targeted Israeli citizens after they left a restaurant on Istiklal Avenue.  He exploded his bomb killing three and injuring 11 others.  ISIS is being blamed with another suicide bombing attack on the same street that killed five- including two Americans- and injured 36 others.  There were 12 foreigners among the injured.

The good news is that the Syrian army took the historic town of Palmyra back from ISIS.  The bad news is the destroyed Roman-era antiquities.  And an ISIS suicide bomber took out 29 innocent people at a soccer stadium south of Baghdad.


Malaysian police arrested 15 suspected ISIS terrorists in this country.  They were attempting to obtain explosives and were caught with a cache of weapons.  Those captured included a cleric, a student, a technician and a police officer.  Four women caught in the sweep were planning on going to Syria to join ISIS.  In the past two years, Malaysia has arrested more than 160 suspected ISIS terrorists.

And in Pakistan, activists are worried about Asia Noreen Bibi, a Christian mother of five who has been in jail for 6 years on charges of blasphemy.  Recently, Islamic religious leaders in Pakistan have been calling for her execution.  These calls come after a politician, who questioned the conviction, was murdered by a Pakistani member of the Taliban.  He has since been executed and it is that execution which led to the calls to hang Bibi.

It was a particularly bloody Easter in Lahore as a Taliban offshoot aligned with ISIS took out an Easter celebration killing over 60, mainly women and children.

In the Philippines, another group associated with the Islamic terrorist group Abu Sayyaf (wasn’t that the name of the monkey in Alladin?) has pledged allegiance to ISIS.  And in Bangladesh, ISIS claimed responsibility for the brutal murder of Hossain Ali, a convert to Christianity.  They posted that the murder was a warning to anyone considering giving up the Muslim faith.


Ten Tunisian soldiers were among over 60 killed, including at least four Europeans, in a crossing station into Libya.  The terrorists were members of ISIS who led a bold attack.  Since, the crossing station has been closed and a curfew established.

Islamic terrorists targeted four tourist hotels in the small west African country of Ivory Coast.  At least 16 were killed, including two soldiers.  France confirmed that one French national was also among the dead.  Al Queda claimed responsibility for the attack which leads to fears that Islamic terrorism is spreading throughout west Africa.

And not that this is genocide or anything, but there are reports that Islamic terrorists have killed at least 500 Christian villagers in central Nigeria over the past month.  It is also believed that many of the terrorists are still hiding among the scared villagers.

ISIS Atrocities

In a new act of depravity, there are documented reports out of ISIS held areas that sex slaves are now forced to use contraception and that many abortions have been performed to increase the value of the captured women.

A new ISIS film shows captured Iraqi soldiers being executed.  Another shows an Iraqi soldier being forced to the top of a metal tower and forced to jump to his death with a GoPro camera which captures the gore in glorious detail.  The final segment of the video resorts to a tried and true method- the mass beheading of several captured Iraqi army members.

In an ISIS-controlled section of Iraq, leaders there warned that anyone who engaged in any spring celebrations would be punished by public lashing twenty times.  And as is their custom after a terrorist attack for which they are responsible that gains worldwide attention, ISIS passed out candy to children after the attack in Brussels that left over 30 dead and over 250 wounded.  Guess the ISIS Bunny came early this year.

In the “I kid you not” department:  ISIS is conducting an online poll to see where their fighters would like to see the next terrorist attack.  As of this writing, the United Kingdom leads in early voting, followed by Germany in second place and the Italy tied with the United States for third.

The Funny Pages

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  • Deaths in March-           922 (YTD 5,151)
  • Injured in March-         2,870 (YTD 6,767)
  • Number of attacks-       120 (YTD 489)

Final Word

The United States Department of Justice has opened an investigation into Bernards Township in New Jersey whether there were any civil rights violations in that community’s decision to disallow the construction of a mosque.  However, the proposed building is in a quaint, quiet neighborhood in Basking Ridge.  This is similar to another controversy in Bridgewater, NJ in 2011 when a proposed mosque was to built in a quiet neighborhood although Bridgewater had an ordinance that any house of worship be built on major roads.  One would think there are more important things to worry about by the Justice Department, but hey…