Amanda Marcotte Has Her Knickers In a Twist...Again

Amanda Marcotte, that far Left feminist who sees a sexual bogeyman (that is, conservative male) behind every tree has been quite prolific in the month of March writing for various rags that pass for journalism.  And there was, according to her, a lot to scream about.  A RFRA-like law had passed the legislature in Georgia only for Republican Governor Nathan Deal to succumb to pressure from business groups and veto the law.  After all, in today’s world the rights of 2% of the population (gays) trumps the rights of 70% of the population.

There was the Little Sisters of the Poor Supreme Court case where the sexual bogeyman was apparently hiding under the habit of nuns and collars of priests.  Then there was a law working its way through the Mississippi legislature which Marcotte argues is something more intrusive than those rubes in Texas and elsewhere could ever imagine.  She swears this proposed law in Mississippi will give the state the right to tell women to wear make-up.  Really, Amanda?  Although in Marcotte’s case, a little make-up could possibly be an improvement.

It was not even the law in North Carolina which requires that cities take the unusual position that those with a penis use a men’s bathroom and those without a penis use the ladies room despite what gender one identifies with themselves.  NOTE: I have been in a woman’s room twice in my life and I can safely say they are a lot nicer than a men’s room (don’t ask…I was drunk both times).  Nope!  Not even this North Carolina law which now proves that since the great same sex marriage debate is over after Anthony Kennedy published his decision in the latest edition of The American Journal of Poetry since we have apparently moved on to the next great battle over gay right- bathrooms!

Instead, Marcotte was most angered by a bill signed into law by Gov. Mike Pence in Indiana.  Not only does she say that it is dangerous for women’s health, but that it was “asinine,” “miserable and humiliating,” “woman hating,” “worse than a Donald Trump tweet” and most importantly, “sadistic.”  And why?

The bill requires doctors who perform abortions to offer the remains to the parent(s) which- and these are her words, not mine- look like “a really heavy period.”  This, she claims, is designed to make the woman feel guilty “because they had a brainless embryo removed from their uterus.”  Nancy Pelosi once suggested that conservatives need a lesson in the birds and bees.  Marcotte needs a rudimentary lesson in embryology which proves that the human brain starts to form three weeks after conception.

The law also requires a doctor to perform a sonogram in order to detect a heartbeat.  Marcotte views this rather perfunctory medical procedure to determine gestational age as some state tool to shame a woman.  Why, one supposes, the shame?  After all, this is a brainless embryo.

She then totally dismisses the informed consent provisions which says are designed to scare women.  Marcotte is your typical advocate of death asserting that she wants abortions to be safe, then when attempts to make the procedure safe are enacted, she cries foul.  It is the classic “damned if you, damned if you don’t, damn it- just do as I say” syndrome the Left regularly uses.  There is in some states more informed consent required to remove a mole than there is to receive an abortion.

Admitting privileges are also forbidden in Marcotte’s worldview because they are yet another barrier placed in the way by the state where a high bar has to be reached to receive admitting privileges.  This, she claims, will adversely affect women’s health and quite possibly kill them.  This utter fallacy is debunked by the fact that no hospital will ever turn away a medical emergency whether the doctor who created that emergency has admitting privileges or not.  Regardless, it should be a moot point since she also claims that abortions are safe procedures where medical emergencies require a hospital visit are extremely rare.

Next we come to her accusation of sadism and that is the ban on abortion for race, gender or disability preference.  Again, this is a conservative conspiracy which is actually a projection of the Left’s modus operandi.  You see, conservatives slipped this in there as a “gotcha” because liberals are supposed to be all about gender and race equality (and by implication, conservatives are not).  She has the balls to explain:

In reality, however, this provision is both deeply racist and misogynist.  There’s no real evidence that aborting based on a fetus’s race or gender is a thing that happens.  Conservatives believe, however, based on some ugly urban legends, starting with the unsavory assumption that women of all races would abort rather than give birth to a child of color.

These are some very loaded words.  As for lack of evidence, this very Indiana provision is in effect in England.  Yet, annually more than 400 English women pony up the air fare and lie on reasons for coming and fly to the United States to have an abortion for these very reasons.  Imagine how much more convenient it is for an American woman to the very same thing that Marcotte claims does not even exist.

As for the racial overtones, after she finishes her crash course in embryology, she should head over to the history department.  There she will learn that the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was not only a racist, but a leading advocate of eugenics at the time.  It is not because of coincidence or economy of scale you will find Planned Parenthood clinics that provide abortions in urban centers.  It is to carry on the racist wishes of Sanger.

Then there are the deformed or developmentally disabled which Marcotte explains away.  This actually does happen and Marcotte then uses this as an excuse for late term abortions which, she claims, are necessary for these reasons because most anomalies are not detected until later in pregnancy.  Of course,Marcotte’s rhetoric has not kept up with medical technology.  Those sonograms she wants to do away with can reveal genetic deformities early on, as can any number of genetic tests.

There is one other area where Marcotte is on the wrong side of the facts.  She claims that most abortions are of the medical type- that is, drug induced where she gleefully claims “the pregnancy comes out in the toilet.”  According to the Guttmacher Institute- a mouthpiece for Planned Parenthood- 78.1% of all abortions are accomplished by curettage (including dilation and evacuation) and that most curettage procedures are achieved by suction.  Greater than 96% of second-trimester abortions are accomplished by dilation and evacuation.  Hence, the great purveyor of abortion rights cannot even get her facts straight no matter how crass she frames the discussion.