Cruz and Wisconsin: Curb Your Enthusiasm

There has been a lot of talk here and on other websites about ostracizing the Trump supporters should Donald Trump not be the nominee for the Republican Party.  If these sentiments do not show up in articles here, they show up in the comment section.  This writer fully understands these sentiments which run very deep.  Trust me- I am no fan of Donald Trump as my many articles on him prove.  However, I have seen something happen way too many times regarding the Republican Party and that is putting the cart before the horse.

I am of the firm belief that if Donald Trump is the GOP nominee, it will do terrible harm to the Republican Party and conservatism in general.  It also has the likely effect of making the loss of the Senate perilously close and for the Democrats making inroads in the House, although the GOP has such a large margin the chances of losing the lower chamber are very low.

This past week has been perhaps the worst week for Trump.  Between the charges against his campaign manager to his fumbling of the abortion question to his misunderstanding of nuclear proliferation, Trump is showing himself to be the dolt that he is.  Using phrases like “really, really” and “trust me” are no substitute for substantive policy positions.  All of this has caused some to believe that Trump is finally imploding, but we’ve heard that tune many times before.

While Ted Cruz is surging in the polls in Wisconsin, let’s keep this in perspective.  Wisconsin awards 42 delegates- a nice sum, but not enough to catch Trump if Cruz takes all 42 delegates. Some argue that a Cruz win in Wisconsin will deter Trump’s momentum and maybe it will.  But, looking ahead two weeks, Cruz will need a lot of momentum to overcome the large lead Trump has in New York which has more than double the delegates than Wisconsin.  A Cruz victory in Wisconsin can easily be overcome with a Trump victory in New York.

So, unlike some others, I will keep my enthusiasm in check should Ted Cruz take Wisconsin and all their 42 delegates.  Regardless, I believe this entire thing is headed towards a contested convention in Cleveland.   And let’s assume that by whatever means like Ted Cruz emerges as the winner and goes on to face Hillary Clinton in the general election.

Like it or not, Ted Cruz’s performance against Hillary Clinton in hypothetical general election polling is nothing to get too excited about.  Some polls have him winning; others have him losing.  Some have him ahead in key states; some have her ahead in key states.  Whatever the case, polls in March are basically useless.  Granted, Cruz performs better than Trump against Clinton, but either way it is likely to be a close contest fought in a precious few states.

One can rest assured that the Democratic machine, especially the one at the disposal of Hillary Clinton, will be churning out voters.  That means that Ted Cruz must do the same.  Unfortunately, that means Cruz will need some of those Trump supporters if he expects to win in November.

The calls for ostracizing Trump supporters should Trump not get the nomination is very premature.  Trump needs Cruz supporters and Cruz needs Trump supporters to win in the fall.  The time for purging is not now.  Should the unthinkable happen and Trump is the nominee and he loses to Clinton in November, that would be the time for finger-pointing and purging.  Until then, we need to stop dancing on the grave of Donald Trump because things are not going well for him headed into the Wisconsin primary.  If we have seen anything this campaign season it is that he bounces back in a manner that defies logic and intellect.

If Ted Cruz does emerge as the nominee, then we should take a cue from him regarding revenge and purges.  Hopefully, he will take a cue from the Bible and be forgiving of the Trumpettes for being caught up in the frenzy and the anger.  He likely will not win all of them over.  And hopefully, should he win the Presidency and be the leader of the Republican Party, he will deal with the hard core Trump supporters parading as Republicans.  We like to describe the Trumpettes as crazy and deranged.  But, we do not execute the crazy and deranged; we isolate and try to rehabilitate them.  Like all crazies, some cannot be rehabilitated and it is those that must be dealt with when the time arrives.