Sympathy for the Devil: The Trump Protests

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A Trump rally in Chicago, Illinois is cancelled after protesters gained access to the pavilion where Trump was scheduled to speak.  In Dayton, Ohio, a man rushes the outdoor stage where Trump is delivering a speech before being restrained by Secret Service agents.  Protesters at a Trump campaign rally in Kansas City are pepper-sprayed by police.  In Salt Lake City, Utah protesters outside a venue where Trump is speaking confront pro-Trump people, throw rocks at Trump supporters and tear down a Secret Service screening site.  Protesters in Arizona block the road that leads to a Trump rally in Fountain View, Arizona.

Trump has certainly generated his share of controversy on the campaign trail.  He is a ticking verbal time bomb that could say just about anything at any time to upset just about anyone.  Part of the miscalculation of Trump by the political intelligentsia was based upon this fact: he will eventually implode.  That is clearly not happening.  Looked at another way, with every implosion, he has only strengthened.

On the Right, there is serious doubts about Trump’s sincerity when it comes to policies and positions near and dear to conservatives.  The conservative movement in America has largely purged itself of the racist nationalists which now flock to Trump’s rhetoric despite the Left’s best attempts to describe conservatism as some stealth racist movement.  They regularly refer to innocent statements as “dog whistle” truisms.  If one refers to “state’s rights” in the context of gay marriage, to the Left that is just a dog whistle statement to Jim Crow laws.  And the list goes on.  Another perfect example is using the phrase “welfare reform.”  To the Left, this is simply an implied racist utterance.  This writer contends that if one sees or hears race in every statement, the listener is the true racist.

This writer does not know if Donald Trump is racist.  I do know that Donald Trump is no conservative.  To the extent that he is, it is no brand of conservatism this writer is familiar with.  For that reason, this writer views Trump’s candidacy as having the potential to destroy conservatism in America for a generation.  And that is why this writer believes that Trump must be stopped by whatever legal means necessary by conservatives overall, and by the Republican Party in particular.

However, what this writer does not want is help from the American Left.  Let us not sugar coat the events in Chicago before the Illinois primary.  Those protests were organized and staged by a who’s who of Leftist organizations.  MoveOn.org, the George Soros group, printed signs and banners for the protesters.  Other groups coached protesters on how to gain access to the pavilion where Trump was to speak.  Their goal was to shout down Trump en masse.  This was no grassroots uprising against Trump’s appearance.  In the aftermath, MoveOn crowed about the fact they chased Trump out of town, that they shut down the event- in short, they denied Trump his free speech rights.  In the aftermath, MoveOn proudly used the event to solicit funds asking for just $3 from anyone so that they can lead further protests against Trump.

In the Kansas City melee, there were representatives from the BlackLivesMatter movement.  In Chicago, the radical Latino group La Raza was well-represented.  In Salt Lake City, it was a local radical Latino group- Proteyo Latino- that led the rock throwing.  One suspects that as this campaign draws on, more and more Leftist groups will join the cause and protest Trump appearances.

Unfortunately, this is the worst strategy at the worst possible time.  Very few true conservatives are Trump supporters.  I am not referring to people like some personalities on Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin (despite his recent epiphany), Ann Coulter, Andrea Tantaros, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and others.  This writer never really looked to them for political guidance and I lost any respect I had for them when they hitched their star to the Trump bandwagon.

If there is anything a true conservative dislikes more than a fake conservative (think: Trump, Christie, etc.), it is a liberal, or more specifically, the radical American Left.  By that contingent joining the chorus against Donald Trump, they are doing two things.  First, they are not changing the minds of the Trump supporters.  If anything, they are confirming in their minds what Trump is saying.  Protesting, shouting down, throwing rocks and verbally and sometimes violently confronting Trump supporters only solidifies support for Trump.

Second, their actions only generate “sympathy” for Trump among the fence-sitters.  The last thing the Republican Party or conservatism needs is more people flocking to Donald Trump based on emotion, and sympathy is certainly an emotion.  With every violent confrontation, these groups and people are driving people to Trump out of spite.

Trump thrives on media attention and nothing gets the media’s attention more than seeing protesters confronting others or the police, sometimes violently.  He uses these images to his advantage in his next campaign appearance.  He uses these protests to pick up more supporters.  In effect, the Leftists protesting Trump events are becoming the greatest recruiters for Donald Trump.

Therefore, the American Left needs to stop the recruitment and fundraising campaigns, put down the rocks, signs and banners and just shut the hell up.  Let the GOP and conservatism take care of its own.  At this point, they are causing more damage believing they are “doing something” to stop the Trump train.  Regardless, these are people who like to protest and are, by and large, the refuse of the Occupy Wall Street movement- that hodgepodge of Leftist nonsense that rioted in the streets of Seattle and defecated on police cars in New York City.  One guesses that they would be just as likely to protest a Ted Cruz rally if Donald Trump had remained a real estate mogul in 2016.  They are not protesting Donald Trump- he is just the current flash point.  They are protesting us and by doing so they are drawing people to Donald Trump.