Chicago and Trump: The Left Needs to Shut Up

It was a bizarre scene this past weekend with remembrances of Chicago 1968 at the recently cancelled Chicago rally for Donald Trump.  One wonders why Trump would choose a venue like the University of Illinois at Chicago to begin with other than to reach a large number of supporters in one fell swoop at a large pavilion.  But, clearly the handwriting was on the wall that something was going to happen Friday night.

To understand, we have to go back a little and examine what exactly happened.  A week before the planned rally, when it was originally announced, several Chicago area activists began mobilizing for protests with the express purpose of shutting it down.  The city was primed already after almost daily protests against Mayor Rahm Emanuel.  The organizers of the Trump protests tapped into two key constituencies in Chicago: the pro-Bernie Sanders faction, and the #Blacklivesmatter contingent.

On Monday March 7th, an overflow crowd of UIC students decided they would march in protest against Trump’s appearance on campus.  They organized a Facebook page that attracted at least 11,000 pledging they would join in the planned protests.  Facebook reported that over 1.5 million people visited the page.

Concurrently, another student activist- undocumented immigrant Jorge Mena- started a petition with the blessings of the George Soros group- Moveon.org- calling on the school’s administration to cancel the event.  That petition drew more than 50,000 signatures.  This encouraged senior political activists at Moveon.org to assist in the protests and they printed banners and signs for the protesters and further encouraged participation by other groups with ties to Moveon.org.

Organizers sole purpose was to disrupt the Trump event after the school’s administration refused to cancel it under mounting pressure from virtually every Leftist student organization on campus and many professors.  Mainly through social media, the organizers advised protesters on how to behave and actually get into the venue besides protesting outside.  In fact, many did gain entry to the pavilion after purchasing tickets (with advice from Moveon.org).  The plan was that after the initial applause died down after Trump’s introduction, those who entered the hall would begin protesting en masse thus overpowering security.

One organizer, Ja’mal Green, was recognized by security and removed.  However, he changed shirts and quickly regained access.  The organizers advised protesters on how to behave within the venue- to spread out, to act natural, not to enter as a group, etc.  In other words, this was a well-staged protest, not some spontaneous activity rashly organized.  One would suspect that in order to achieve this, professional agitators were involved.

Outside, the protesters were an amalgamation of various groups.  Most notable- but absent from most mainstream media video accounts- were the flags of the radical Hispanic group La Raza, Blacklivesmatter, the F#%! the Police movement, and a smattering of hammers and sickles.  When it was announced the event was canceled by Trump over security concerns, the violence began.  One protester rushed the stage and ripped up a Trump sign before being taken out by security.  Other scuffles broke out, especially when the pro-Trump people began to exit the venue.

In disgusting act, a female Trump supporter was groped.  Later, supporters of the protesters noted this behavior was acceptable since she was a “white racist bitch.”  Another protester threatened the wife of an observer with rape after that observer decried the groping.  Hopefully, these were the outlying instances of disgusting behavior since it is easy and chicken-S&%! to hide behind the anonymity of social media.

As for fault, one believes there is enough to go around.  Donald Trump is entitled, under the First Amendment, so say almost anything he wants.  While protesters yelling at Trump rallies are almost a fact of life, some have blamed Trump for his rhetoric in response to these protesters for the violence in Chicago.  Saying you would like to punch someone in the face because they disrupt your speech, some may say, incites an attitude in your supporters to do just that.  However, except for a few rare cases, that never happens.

Conversely, there is enough evidence to conclude that Leftist organizations saw this as a perfect opportunity in a city with high tension already to make a stand.  When Bill Ayers stands up at the protests, it is almost like wanting to actually vote for and support Donald Trump.  When an unapologetic supporter of open borders like Congressman Luis Guiterrez- a borderline if not actual Communist- stands with the protesters, it is more reason to support to Trump.

Looked at more rationally, all these protesters in the lead up to the event, portrayed Trump first and foremost as a liar.  Hence, his rhetoric against Islam and Mexicans is, if they believe their own words, lies.  But these protesters are simply the filthy scum remains of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  One wonders why there is no video of anyone defecating on a police car.

As for Bernie Sanders, most of these people were supporters of his candidacy.  Moveon.org has endorsed him in the Democratic primaries against Hillary Clinton.  There is likely no direct link to Sanders endorsing or actually inciting the protests, but there is no denying the protesters overwhelmingly support Sanders.  To up the ante, Trump threatened to send his supporters to disrupt Sanders events in the future.  This may very well be misplaced vitriol.

However, there is an ominous tone to this entire episode.  The Democratic Party’s process is obviously rigged to favor Hillary Clinton.  As the most likely winner of that Party’s nomination, the pro-Sanders faction will likely turn their attention exclusively to Donald Trump should he be the GOP candidate.  Many have already said this is what will happen if that comes to pass.  With no one to officially support, this group of disaffected activists will find something to oppose and protest.  Already, Cleveland’s finest should be preparing for a Chicago ’68 scenario come the Republican convention.  If this past Friday in Chicago proved anything, it is that the Left will stop at nothing to stop Trump, including violence then blaming their violence on Trump.

There are many reasons to disagree with Donald Trump on a variety of issues.  The fact that he is an arrogant, ignorant authoritarian wrapping himself in the rhetoric of conservatism is perhaps the biggest reason to oppose him.  But, it would be better if conservatives rid themselves of this charlatan rather than the Left violently protesting.  Otherwise, they are becoming the biggest reason to support Trump.  Their actions have the potential to galvanize the Right in support of Trump.  If there is one thing true conservatives dislike more than Donald Trump, it is the American radical Left.  They need to shut up, go home, and let us get rid of this menace ourselves.