The Jihad News- Volume 3, Mar. 9, 2016


While America wrings it hands over Apple unlocking an iPhone, atrocities abound at the hands of ISIS.  While Obama warns that keeping the scum of the earth incarcerated in Cuba is a tool for recruiting terrorists, he can’t bring himself to say the words “Islamic” and “terrorism” together.  While the US is engrossed in a political campaign that has descended into a defense of one’s penis size, nuns are tied up and shot by terrorists in Yemen at a nursing home.  An American tourist is killed in Jaffa, Israel and we “condemn in the strongest possible terms” this act.  The “strongest possible” condemnation will not cease these acts, nor will closing Guantanamo or the creation of a Palestinian state.

We are told that at most only 5% of Muslims are radicalized or show that tendency.  That surely is a minority of the population until you realize that 5% of one billion is…well, a lot of people.  It is easy to ignore international acts of terrorism which occur every day.  Its not immediate and its not visceral.  Because it has not reached our shores (yet), however, makes it no less real.

Children are being beheaded or stoned to death.  Young women are sold into slavery and passed from terrorist to terrorist like a piece of meat.  By any other name, we would call it gang rape, but we ignore it.  Even when actual gang rape occurs as the incident in Cologne, Germany illustrates, Western leaders call it an aberration when they even admit it occurred.  America needs to wake up and open its eyes to the daily atrocities committed by that 5% of 1 billion in the name of Allah.

Regional News

North America/Australia

Earlier in February, a U.S. Amy enlistee pleaded guilty to attempting to detonate a car bomb at Fort Riley in Kansas.  He wanted to “bring the Islamic State to your doorstep.”  Meanwhile, Daniel Franey, a former Army deserter, was arrested on unrelated charges but declared that Osama bin Laden was a “wonderful man” and made pro-ISIS statements calling on the deaths of Army service members.

A Muslim man from Somalia unleashed a bloody attack with a machete in a Columbus, Ohio deli.  Barack Obama called it another case of a dissatisfied patron objecting to his corned beef special.  The perpetrator had been on an FBI list of people with possible ties to terrorism.

In a February 16th sermon, a prominent Edmonton cleric pronounced that Rome and the Vatican will be conquered by Islam since it was a prophecy of Mohammed.

Australian ISIS terrorist Khaled Sharrouf was believed killed in a drone strike in Syria in 2015, but apparently not.  He has been making threatening phone calls to his native Australia to stop officials from seizing his home.  Either he wasn’t killed, or this is good episode of The Twilight Zone.  Ibrahim al-Qosi was released from Guantanamo in 2012 where he said he would return to a peaceful life in his native Sudan.  Except he has shown up in Al Qaeda videos in Yemen calling for the overthrow of the Saudi monarchy.


Spanish authorities arrested seven Muslim men accused of attempting to smuggle arms from Europe to ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria.  They did so under the guise that they were sending humanitarian aid.

In Italy, there are reports that several recent Muslim converts to Christianity- perhaps the biggest sin in Islam- are keeping their conversion secret out of fear of retaliation by the growing Muslim population in Italy.  To the north, we are only two months into the new year and Austria has already accepted their yearly quota of refugees from the Middle East.

Nothing suspicious here: Danish police arrested a recent refugee from Syria when he tried to avoid them by steering his bike into the woods.  When caught, he was in possession of 18 laptops and 11 iPhones.  Spanish and Moroccan police arrested four Muslims after it was discovered they were trying to acquire guns and bomb-making materials, and attempting to recruit fighters for ISIS.  The interesting thing about these arrests is that one of them was a former detainee from Gitmo who was captured in Afghanistan in 2002 and later released, according to Spanish authorities.  Yet, our naive president denies the reality of these scum returning to a life of terrorism…

Gyulchekhra Bobokulova will go down in infamy as the nanny who beheaded a 4-year-old in her care to protest Putin’s bombing of ISIS in Syria.  Apparently, according to court documents, Allah commanded the 38-year-old recent convert to Muslim to kill the youngster.  Incidentally, police are still searching for boyfriend who happens to hail from Syria and be a member of ISIS.


Marking the 37th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution, the government recreated the capture of 10 US sailors earlier this year.  They were portrayed as overweight, weak and crying as cheering crowds lined the streets.  John Kerry expressed his “outrage.”

In Indonesia, a non-binding fatwa was issued expressing displeasure with any Muslim who joined, condoned or associated with any LGBT group or cause.  Showing Islam’s tolerance for homosexuality, Pakistan recently banned the use of any emoticon that in any way expressed approval of gays or gay marriage.  Guess we won’t see too many rainbow-enhanced photos of Pakistani citizens any time soon.

President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan recently warned that if talks between Pakistan and the Taliban do not bear any fruit, the country will not survive 2016.  Afghanistan has witnessed the most casualties since 2001.  Pakistan is where the Taliban runs free along the border with Afghanistan.

However, we I guess we should thank the Pakistani police for breaking up a marriage between a 9-year-old girl and 14-year-old boy ordered by the city religious council to settle a dispute between two families.  Gives new meaning to the concept of “family court.”

Middle East

There are reports that Iranian-backed militias in Baghdad are seizing churches, homes and property of Christian citizens in that city.  This has led to pleas from the ever-decreasing Chaldean and Assyrian Christian minority for help in stopping what they now describe as “religious and ethnic cleansing.”

In the interest of peace, Hamas has called on the faithful to carry out suicide bomb attacks inside Israel with buses being the main target.  To get the point across, they even posted an online music video filmed in front of a green Israeli bus praising those who have already attacked Israeli citizens.

In a set of war games called Veleyat-94, Iran test fired an upgraded surface-to-surface missile successfully with a range of 95 miles.  Way to go John Kerry- making the world safe for Islamic lunatics.

There are renewed reports that ISIS is using chemical weapons against Kurdish fighters in northwestern Iraq.  Of course, despite the evidence, the US is “investigating,” but then again there never were WMDs in Iraq…

In what has got to be a new low, ISIS terrorists in Yemen managed to attack a home for the aged killing at least 16.  At least four of the dead were Catholic missionary nuns who were working as nurses in the facility.

The Latest ISIS Atrocities

This is a new section of the Regional News dedicated exclusively to ISIS atrocities in Syria and Iraq, or their alleged caliphate.  We start with the execution by stoning of four women in Mosul before a crowd of screaming onlookers.  Their crime was alleged adultery, however it was later learned that they were victims of rape at the hands of ISIS fighters.

In a video released by ISIS, they show the execution of four alleged British spies.  Three confess their guilt as they are bound in a car rigged with explosives.  A four-year-old boy, later identified as Isa Dare, the son on Khadija Dare (a British convert to Muslim), then hits a button that detonates the explosives.

In early February, ISIS publicly amputated the arms of three teenagers for committing theft.  This apparently sparked some outrage in Mosul given the age of the accused.  In response to a feared backlash and other events in Iraq, ISIS publicly executed by firing squad 300 citizens of Mosul to quash any rebellion.

Also, in Mosul they publicly executed by beheading a 15-year-old boy.  His crime was listening to Western music.  One wonders if it was Justin Bieber.  Also in Syria, two girls age 17 and 16 were publicly stoned to death after being found in a home with two men and accused of adultery.  Although the two young girls were stoned to death, the two men suffered their punishment- 50 lashes each.  Somehow, it seems the punishments are a little askew.  Amanda Marcotte!!  Where are you when we need you?

And while we debate waterboarding and Apple iPhones, ISIS recently publicly beheaded a 16-year-old boy for missing Friday prayers.  The large crowd that had gathered to witness the execution were warned that a similar fate they would meet if they missed Friday prayers.


The fine members of Boko Harem have apparently opened up a new front in their attacks on the infidels- refugee camps.   One suicide bomber attack in a refugee camp managed to take out 60 innocent people who fled their carnage.  Meanwhile, another suicide bomb attack took out another 30 innocent lives at a camp along Nigeria’s border with Cameroon.

And in Mali, Islamic jihadists are driving Christians from their homes and taking their property.  In fact, they kidnapped a Swiss Catholic nun and paraded her through a village in a black hijab.  They are demanding the release of Islamic terrorist captives in Mali and in Belgium.

In a scary scenario, authorities in Morocco broke up an ISIS cell that planned attacks within the country.  The scary part is that these same authorities reported that the terrorists had nerve agents in their possession and intended to use the chemical weapons in their attacks.

The Comics

Liberals_Terrorists_Climate.jpg (750×496)

Obituary Page

  • Terrorist attacks in February: 124 (268 year-to-date)
  • Deaths due to terrorism: 1,362 (3,024 year-to-date)
  • Injuries due to terrorism: 1,557 (3,241 year to date)
  • Total casualties: 2,919 (6,265 year-to-date)
  • Non-Muslims killed: 126 (207 year-to-date)

And In Conclusion

The Huffington Post- that great beacon of American journalism- has a new feature: an American Islamaphobia tracker.  There you can find these nuggets of examples:

  • Megyn Kelly for asking Chris Christie whether neighbors should have called the police regarding the San Bernardino terrorists;
  • South Carolina for advancing a bill to deny sharia law in state courts;
  • Alleged cases of hate speech in Sacramento and in Michigan directed at Muslims;
  • Opposition to the construction of a new mosque in Milwaukee and in Bayonne, NJ;
  • The ejection of a Muslim woman from a Donald Trump rally;
  • And numerous instances of vandalism at mosques.

It should be noted that one of the cases of vandalism involved ketchup smeared inside a mosque in Kentucky.  And the woman at the Trump rally led a group of protesters.  The irony is that she could not stand up at a rally in any Muslim country and protest.  You just gotta love America…and the Huffington Post.