Jihad News, Volume 2

The Front Page

The biggest news from the past month involved a new form of terror directed at Westerners, one that is sexual in nature.  The events of “Middle Eastern and Northern African” men groping, surrounding, harassing and, in at least two instances, raping Western women received some attention out of Germany.  This led to the firing of the Cologne, Germany police chief for allegedly covering up the Islamic connection to the attacks.  The mayor of Cologne suggested that German women watch the way they dress.  So much for German feminism.  A German newspaper also discovered that several attackers were from Morocco who made their way to Turkey and entered Germany posing as Syrian refugees.

Here in the US, the attack on a Philadelphia police officer is still not being called a terrorist act by the Obama administration.  Although the assailant may have been mentally disturbed, the fact he claimed he did this in the name of Allah and pledged support to ISIS- not to mention his membership in a local mosque and a trip to Mecca- the Obama administration still fails to see the connection.  Not that the mayor of Philadelphia is any better after his smarmy embrace of Islam after someone- in the name of Islam- shot one of his police officers.

Regional News

North America/Australia

Imam Rageah, an influential Islamic cleric in Canada, recently called on the faithful to unite as a political force.  They will do this by concentrating their population in cities making it difficult for secular forces to make decisions without their approval.  He used the Sikh community in Edmonton as an example.  He also said that Muslims should only hire Muslims and do business with other Muslims, not the infidels.  So much for assimilation, not to mention affirmative action.

Meanwhile, arrests in Houston and Sacramento of ISIS supporters became news in the United States.  In the Houston case, an Iraqi refugee intended to set off bombs at popular Houston shopping malls and was learning to make electronic transmitters for that purpose.  In Sacramento, a Muslim man was charged with traveling to Syria to join ISIS and lying to investigators about his trip.  Since April 2013, there have been 80 arrests for terrorists within the United States.

The US Department of Education put out a warning this month advising schools that they should be on the look out…for acts of discrimination or harassment against Muslims, immigrant or refugee children.

In a truly sad story (sarcasm intended), Al Jazeera-America has decided to call it quits in April.  This station, one remembers, bought Current TV, that Al Gore soap box station.  At the time, Gore described Al Jazeera as being at the forefront of journalism and “speaking truth to power.”  Unfortunately, low viewership and some sexual discrimination lawsuits put a damper on speaking truth to power.  May it rest in peace.


At a meeting of the European Union, it was determined that an additional 1 million refugees will flee Syria and Iraq in 2016 through Turkey.  They estimate that Turkey can only accommodate 200,000.  Doing the math, that means another 800,000 Islamic refugees will enter Europe in 2016.

Proving that it is not only the Obama administration that is naive, Pope Francis recently commented on the refugee crisis in Europe and the Middle East.  He basically asserted that compassion should trump security, although one does not see the Vatican accepting too many refugees.  Considering that the people in ISIS have said they will be satisfied when their black flag flies over the Vatican, one would think that the Pope would be a little less vocal here.  After all, martyrdom through death went out of vogue around 400 A.D.  In fact, Pope Francis should watch his back, not to mention his head…literally.

In Dortmund, Germany two Muslims were arrested for accosting and stoning two transgender women at a train station.  Meanwhile over in France, in response to an attempted knife attack, Jews were advised not to wear skull caps in public.

The President of the Czech Republic has come out against immigration stating it is impossible for Muslim refugees to assimilate into Europe.  Hmmm… might be on to something here.

Asia/Middle East

Karam Sa’ad, an Iraqi army officer captured by ISIS who managed to escape, is describing the horrendous conditions for Christians in ISIS-occupied territories.  He has described tortures that make those during the Inquisition look like child’s play.  One such torture is to lock someone in a casket and set it aflame.  But hey- Pope Francis says we should show compassion…  In Baghdad, this same group set off car bombs at a shopping area and mowed down those fleeing the area with guns killing at least 18 and wounding another 50.

Besides the fact that Iran seized 10 Americans who drifted into Iranian waters, the administration continues to tout the nuclear deal as being influential in gaining their release.  One of the good things about the end of an administration is that some secrets start to leak out.  One involves the 2009 Green Revolution in Iran which was brutally repressed by Ahmadinejad.  According to some reports, many within the fledgling Obama administration saw this as a unique opportunity to topple the theocracy.  However, in typical professorial fashion, Obama adopted a “wait and see, let’s study the issue” response and lost a golden opportunity.

Instead, they later placed their hopes and fortunes in dealing with the allegedly more moderate Hassan Rouhani, Ahmadinejad’s successor.  Some moderate!  In 2015, Iran led the world in executions with 1,084 breaking the previous record set in 2014.  In fact, since this moderate has attained power, executions in Iran have soared with each successive year setting a new record.

Then there was the attack in Istanbul that killed several including eight of those welcoming German tourists.  This seems to be a new ISIS strategy to target tourist sites.  Another such attack occurred against Starbuck locations in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Again, ISIS was implicated.  The only thing good out of this attack was the low number of casualties- two, since Jihad News refuses to acknowledge terrorists in the body counts.

And further illustrating the depravity of Islamic terrorism, a suicide bomber in Pakistan targeted a polio vaccination center in Quetta.  Most of those killed were Pakistani police officers protecting those headed to the clinic to receive vaccinations.  It seems that radical Islamic terrorists have a thing against vaccinations.

In other developments, three Americans were kidnapped in Iraq.  We are awaiting video footage of the beheading, unless Obama trades some Gitmo captives.  In an attack on Deir Ezzor in eastern Syria, ISIS is said to have killed over 200 and captured another 400 women and children.  And in Afghanistan, the resurgent Taliban stormed a university and killed more than 20 people.

In the latest issue of Dabiq- ISIS’ online magazine- they claim that they intend to expand into Kashmir and target the “cow-worshiping” Indians.  Meanwhile, India is soliciting help from Israel in their attempts to build a terrorism fence on their border with Pakistan.  Speaking of Israel, knife attacks against Jewish citizens continues unabated.


In the tiny country of Burkina Faso in Western Africa, Islamic gunmen detonated a bomb in a hotel frequented by UN aid workers and westerners, then stormed the hotel shooting people killing at least 20.  Apparently yet another front has been opened in sub-Sahara Africa, or maybe they are just running out of innocents to kill in Nigeria.

Al-Shabaab, a militant group aligned with ISIS, killed an estimated 19 people in a popular restaurant in Mogadishu- Somalia’s capital.  The attack came at a popular area with restaurants.  This will surely put a damper on Somalia’s burgeoning tourist business…

Boko Harem closed out the month of January in shocking fashion by burning villages on a terrorism rampage.  It is estimated that 86 innocent people were killed in this attack including women and children.  Those not burnt to death were shot while escaping their burning homes.

The Comic Page

islamic-terrorism-cartoon-mckee.jpg (495×328)

The Obituary Page

  • Terrorist attacks in January- 145
  • Deaths due to terrorism- 1,662
  • Injuries due to terrorism- 1,684
  • Total casualties- 3,346
  • Non-Muslims killed- 81

In Conclusion

A recent jihad manual discovered for lone wolf terrorists in Europe describes how they should blend into the community to deter detection.  For example, one suggestion is to converse in loud nightclubs where it is less likely to be overheard.  It also describes the importance of the element of surprise and some suggested soft targets.

Not to be outdone, a school in Qatar- that bastion of independent thought- recently banned the book Snow White after complaints from Muslim parents that it offended Islam.  Searching through my personal copy, if you look at page 18 you can see the prophet Mohammed peaking out from behind Dopey.  Not to be outdone, an influential imam in Saudi Arabia recently declared chess to be un-Islamic because it breeds competition.  Stay tuned as hordes of Saudi citizens will rise up in the streets of Mecca and Riyadh and demand their chess boards back.

Does anyone remember Obama’s speech at Georgetown a few years back when the White House asked that college to cover over “IHS,” or Jesus’ name in Greek and a Christian symbol?  One wonders why there was no request that Allah’s name in Arabic at his recent pandering speech at a terrorism-linked mosque in Baltimore?

Interesting statistical fact of the month:  The United Nations estimates that 200 million Muslim women, including 50% of girls under the age of 11 in Indonesia, have undergone genital mutilation.  Where are the feminists?  That’s right- devising college speech and behavior codes.

And in conclusion, Jihad News would like to wish James Twyman, a Portland, Oregon area folk singer, good luck on his trip to Syria to serenade the faithful with his songs of peace.  He has actually set some verses of the Koran to music and this should go over well among Islamic terrorists.  No doubt a video of the event will be filmed by ISIS Productions and distributed on YouTube featuring the grand finale- James Twyman in an orange jumpsuit in the middle of the desert with a machete to his neck.