A Not Nice Article About Donald Trump

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Trump is a chump.  He’s a chump totally devoid of any real substance beyond his bluster and sideshow, carnival-like proclamations about Ted Cruz’ nationality, Bush’s campaigning style and Rubio’s footwear.  What exactly has Trump proposed that is substantial?  Building a mythical wall and having Mexico mythologically pay for it?  He’s going to stick it to China because he wrote The Art of the Deal?  Trump’s idea of “art” is garish (he says “opulent”) pieces of real estate with his name emblazoned in red neon.  Trump’s idea of “the deal” usually involves some rendition of threat of or actual appearance in bankruptcy court.  Considering that he “sticks it to his creditors,” no wonder he promises to “stick it to China.”

His ignorance of government is exceptional.  If conservatives loath the Obama executive order, wait until you see Trump’s pen scribbling his signature on executive orders.  To Trump, like Obama, the Constitution and all those troublesome things like checks and balances, separation of powers and Congress are quaint phrases from the 18th century.  Time to move on folks– President Trump is here.  His ignorance on substantial issues is glaring in debates (nuclear triad? China part of TPP?).

Trump’s lack of consistency is also a reason to vote against him.  His coziness with the Clintons was a fact 7 short years ago.  He’s donated to Democrats with the proviso that it is part of doing business in New York.  His views on Planned Parenthood could be copied from a Hillary Clinton position paper.  His tax on hedge fund companies could be from the Bernie Sanders playbook.  This is a conservative?

His lack of humility is also a disqualifying point.  This is a man who claims to have never made a mistake and has never regretted anything in his life.  Before God, there is nothing to be sorry for let alone be repentant about.  He is the only real smart person in the room because he cuts through the bull crap to spout more bull crap.  This bravado has won him the support of his adoring fans looking for a leader.  This is not leadership; it is blather.

This is a man who has promised to slap tariffs on China or tax American companies if they relocate to Mexico or elsewhere.  News flash: that is the role of Congress and instead of carrying a Bible to curry favor of evangelicals, perhaps Trump should carry a copy of the Constitution to curry favor of Constitution-respecting conservatives.

He can cite how great his company is and all the hotels and golf courses he’s built and run, but not in the same breath excuse away the times those entities have been in bankruptcy.  And if there is any more proof that Trump is not the conservative choice- indeed, not the choice- for President, anyone who declares that the Kelo decision did not go far enough is unworthy of the honor.

His characterization that we need to better “brand” the United States is silliness at its zenith.  Since when was the United States a “brand” like one of his gaudy casinos?  If the “brand” Trump seeks is to insinuate about someone’s menstrual cycle, or an opponent’s looks or propensity to sweat, or to insult a disabled reporter, then you can keep that brand.

Trump is not some misunderstood politician.  He’s a businessman and if we take him at his word, a shrewd one.  Using that logic, he did not misspeak when he insulted Carly Fiorina, Rubio, Megyn Kelly or reporters Serge Kovaleski and Charles Krauthammer.  These were intentional remarks.

And as appalling as Trump himself is, even more so are his avid supporters.  He is not giving a voice to their worries and expectations of making America great again.  They are puppets in this public relations game dutifully falling in line “convinced” by his propaganda devoid of substance and punctuated by lies and a chameleon-like epiphany on issues.  Trump does epitomize the elitist East Coast liberal Republican.  One supposes that he has a poster of Michael Bloomberg somewhere in one of his mansions.  And just as Clinton cannot claim to be the voice of the middle class, clearly neither can Trump who flaunts his wealth with impunity.

In my many years of watching politics, never before have I seen a candidate so full of themselves to the point of being sickening.  The sooner he is dispatched to the dustbin of political history the better.  Unfortunately, his bloated blustering ego prevents this and we are stuck with his presence.  It does not say much about the collective intelligence of the electorate if the polls are to be believed, the Republican Party, or the future of this country.  One can only hope and pray that the polls are wrong.