The Incredible Deafening Silence of the Feminist Left

Maryan Namazie is an Iranian ex-patriot who lectures in the west about Islamic fundamentalism.  At a scheduled appearance at a college in London, the university’s student Islamic Society protested the speech claiming that her presence would make them feel uncomfortable and violate their “safe space” since she was deemed a renowned Islamaphobe.  It should be known that Namazie is no conservative in any sense of the word.  After the event which the Islamic Society portrayed as a woeful tale of marginalization, two campus organizations- one representing self-proclaimed feminists and one representing the LGBT community- pledged their support for the Islamic Society stating Namazie’s presence created an atmosphere of hatred.  They did so stating: “We find that personal and social harm enacted in the name of ‘free speech’ is foul, and detrimental…”

The irony of the solidarity between the Islamic Society and feminist/gay groups is both astounding and perplexing.  One wonders whether either would be tolerated, let alone exist in the educational caliphate which the Islamic Society seems to endorse.

These tendencies are not unique to British or European universities and campuses.  Despite having access to higher education like never in our history, today’s smarmy, guilt-ridden students coddled in privilege and opportunity create non-existent oppression.  In their world and the liberal professors who inculcate these thoughts, democracy, which has lifted the lives of so many, is a fraud, that there is no objectivity, and that to reason with an open mind is elitist.  Rational discussion is tossed out the window in favor of the oppression of the day.

By their own manifesto, the feminist society violated their very words.  Namazie is a woman, and a woman of color, an ex-Muslim, and a secularist.  These are the very groups these feminist groups purport to represent.  But apparently, she has not achieved enough oppression credibility to garner their favor.  Instead, she is portrayed as the face of a common foe: a greedy, corrupt, capitalist, imperialist, Islamaphobic bogeyman.

These are the same people who will protest a song they find offensive, or a beauty pageant, or something else they interpret as “objectifying women.”  An off-color joke in an office is considered sexual harassment.  Bogus reports of rape are justified because they “shine a light” on a non-existent problem on college campuses.  An inadvertent brush of a hand against a woman is now considered a form of rape on some college campuses.

But there is only the chirping of crickets when subjects such as honor-based killings and violence are documented, often by victims.  There is only averted gazes when the subject of forced marriage- often to children as young as 14- is documented, often by victims.  There is nothing but excuses when reports emerge of homosexuals being tried and killed in Muslim countries, while the gay community would rather concentrate their efforts on forcing a bakery to make a cake for them.  There is nothing but deafening silence of documented reports of women being stoned, forced to wear veils, subjugated and having their genitals mutilated.  Instead, they worry about speech codes and safe spaces, florists and photographers.

Instead of at least listening to those who have experienced these atrocities against gays and women under fundamentalist Islam, they sooth their conscience through denunciation of speakers and those who seem to violate their worldview.  It is revealed in proposed policies where women be segregated from men at Islamic campus activities.  The feminist left is eerily silent about this sexual apartheid instead opting to state Western sexism is no better or worse than Muslim sexism; neither serve the interests of women, so who cares what the Muslims do?  In a strange twist, these same feminists are silent when bands of Muslim men surround, harass, grope and even rape women in Cologne, Germany, in Austria and in Sweden.  The response: watch what you wear, girls (translated: you asked for it).  Where is the outcry against this sexual terrorism?  No need- Western sexism is no better and no worse than Muslim sexism.

But there is a difference.  Feminist bloggers in Bangladesh are the targets of machete attacks.  Others are sitting in prisons throughout the Muslim world subjected to torture and rape.  But the feminist and gay left ignores these objective facts instead deciding to postulate a non-existent rape culture on campus by creating hoaxes and stories.  Even worse, when confronted with reality, the ends justifies the means.  Who cares if a few lives are ruined in the process?  It is all for the greater good of gay rights and feminism.  Lying scum like Lena Dunham and Amanda Marcotte are elevated on a pedestal by the feminist left for speaking falsities.

The feminist and gay unholy alliance with the apologists for the atrocities against women in the name of Allah sullies even the best of the gay activists or feminists.  Sadly, their abject silence leads one to believe there are no “best of” gay activists or feminists.