Senate Second Marking Period Report Card

These are the “report cards” for all sitting Republican Senators for the period July 1-December 31, 2015.  Although described as “dysfunctional” by the Democratic minority, the 114th Senate had 339 roll call votes thus far.  At this time in the 113th Senate led by Reid and the Democrats, there were only 291 roll call votes.

As is usual when this writer makes these posts, there will be disagreements.  Some prefer rankings by other outlets like Heritage or whatever.  Well.. it is a free country so disagreement is encouraged. Note that these for votes in a specific time period, not overall.  Some votes count more than others and with missed votes, the Senator gets only 50% of the maximum.  That criteria hurt both Rubio and Cruz this period.  Just a reminder: these are only for a specific time period, not overall.  Final grades are assigned at the end of the Congress after 2016.  Midterm grades are in parentheses.

So, here they are:

A+ A A-
Boozman- AR (A) Cassidy-LA (A) Barrasso- WY (A)
Inhofe- OK (A+) Cotton- AR (A) Blunt-MO (B+)
Lankford- OK (A) Sessions-AL (B+) Coats- IN (B+)
Sasse-NE (A+) Shelby-AL (A-) Crapo-ID (A-)
Daines-MT (B+)
Fischer- NE (A-)
Risch-ID (A)
Scott-SC (A-)
Toomey-PA (A-)
Vitter-LA (A-)
B+ B B-
Cruz- TX (B) Cornyn- TX (B+) Corker- TN (C+)
Enzi-WY (B) Ernst- IA (B+) Hatch-UT (B)
Flake-AZ (C+) Hoeven- ND (B+) Johnson- WI (B)
Gardner-CO (B-) Lee- UT (B) McCain- AZ (C+)
Grassley-IA (B+) McConnell- KY (B-) Paul-KY (C+)
Moran-KS (B+) Moore-Capito-WV (B) Roberts-KS (B+)
Sullivan-AK (B+) Perdue-NC (B+) Wicker- MS (B+)
Thune-SD (B+)
Tillis-NC (B+)
C+ C C-
Burr- NC (B) Alexander- TN (C) Ayotte- NH (D)
Cochran-MS (C+) Heller- NV (C-)
Isakson- GA (B+) Portman-OH (C+)
Rounds-SD (B)
Rubio- FL (B-)
Collins-ME (D) Kirk- IL (F)
Graham-SC (D) Murkowski-AK (D)