My Annual Top 20 Liberal Jerks of the Year


The following are my favorite liberal spews of 2015

20. Charles Blow- or Blowhard as the case may be.  This columnist for the New York Times sees a racial bogeyman everywhere.  But then again, there was a lot of that going around this year.  I was surprised to learn that a Confederate flag caused someone to go on a shooting spree.

19. Rachel Maddow- The cutest little boy on television since Ricky Schroeder, the liberal “news” host on MSNBC makes the list after a one-year absence.  A good presidential campaign brings out the worst in nutty behavior and commentary by liberals.  She may have been rated higher, but no one really watches MSNBC.

18. Charles Pierce- a writer whose articles appear on a plethora of Leftist websites.  Just in the past month he has “exposed” the Koch brothers’ “real motivation behind prison reform,” brandished Abigail Fisher and Antonin Scalia racists, said the terrorist attacks in Paris were attributable to lax American gun laws and decried the fact that Obama did not disclose the financial backers of hate speech directed at Muslims.  Enough said…

17. [mc_name name=’Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000146′ ]- the best thing about 2016 will be the last year we have to endure listening to this ethically challenged cure for insomnia.  He actually makes McConnell look good.  Good riddance- don’t let an exercise machine hit you in the face on the way out.

16. Jonathan Butler- this is the man behind the alleged controversy at the University of Missouri.  In fact, we know that some of the alleged injustices that Butler protested by his hunger strike were manufactured.  But to the liberal, the ends justifies the means.

15. Chris Matthews- the most lily white apologist for alleged racism and “white privilege.”  He also has the biggest media platform for his white guilt diatribes since he has the highest rated program on MSNBC.  Of course, I jest- having the highest rated program on MSNBC is not really saying much.

14. John Stewart-  the good news is that he left his show after many, many years and his liberal slant on the world.  The bad news is that for those many, many years those age 18-24 thought this was actual news.  His departure according to the Leftist blogosphere had one believing that he was ascending into Heaven.

13. Andrea Mitchell- when NBC needs an “expert” they trot out this Obama apologist hag.  When not propping up the Obama administration, she’s fawning over Hillary Clinton.  She has a lot in common with Joseph Goebbels, but at least he knew it was propaganda.

12. Zaid Jilani: a supposed journalist, he is the Left’s point man for reminding us all of our ultimate sin- Islamaphobia.  Usually, everything boils down to Israel.  If only they would allow those peace loving, rocket-tossing, suicide vest-wearers their homeland, then all would be right in the world.  Maybe he should prove his journalism credentials and imbed himself with ISIS and see if he returns with a head.

11. Michael Moore- this fat slob of a human just can’t help himself and stay out of the news.  His “We are all Muslim” movement put him in the news.  Just eat another crate of potato chips and go away!

10. Sabrina Erdely- she, you may remember, is the “journalist” who perpetrated the great University of Virginia rape scandal, er…hoax.  What’s a few lives and reputations ruined as long as you elevate discussion of an overblown, overstated problem.

9. Thomas Picketty- the academic inspiration behind the wage gap meme and how to cure it.  Hailing from France, is it any wonder he sees a socialist solution to the problem.  Although his tome has enough holes in it, he instigated an ongoing Democratic Party theme.

8. Jeffrey Tayler- everyone’s favorite atheist on the Left, he sees a vast right wing conspiracy trying to establish a theocracy in America.  Meanwhile, he ignores a real theocracy like Iran and to him ISIS is just a group of misunderstood religious zealots- sort of like an evangelical Christian- in his mind.  Tayler should join Jilani with ISIS and my guess is that he’d find Jesus real quick.  Oh…and Monsanto is poisoning your kids.

7. Lena Dunham- the actress turned author turned liar did the world a favor when she closed down her Twitter account because she was offended by some messages in response to the nonsense she posted.  Unfortunately, her last post was a picture of her exposed breasts, whatever message that was supposed to convey.  Regardless, it wasn’t a pretty sight.

6. Ta’hesi Coates- this journalist epitomizes the racial bogeyman behind every tree.  Even if you are the most unracist person in the world, if you are the wrong color (i.e., white) you are a racist.  But Coates has a solution to the perceived problem- reparations.  This guy is actually respected in the academic and literary communities.

5. Hillary Clinton- this political chameleon is interesting to watch as she veers Left in response to Bernie Sanders.  It’s funny to hear her talk about rape victims when she spent the early part of her political career ruining the lives of her husband’s victims.  The uber-liberal is married to a sexual predator.

4. Paul Krugman- the bearded bard of Keynesian economics.  Although he lost his job at Princeton, he is a mainstay at The New York Times.  Even when proven wrong, he insists in his progressive policy solutions that usually translate into: “Tax the rich until they are no longer rich.”  Krugman is a socialist through and through; he has the beard to prove it.

3. Bernie Sanders- Well, the Left couldn’t get St. Warren, so they got the next best thing- a 77 year old Socialist from Vermont whose spittle sprays the audience, if he doesn’t knock an eye out with his waving hands.  His proposals are up to about $18 trillion which makes Obama’s stimulus look like a play thing.  But, feel the Bern, which sounds oddly sexual which means only one thing:  Eeewwww

2. Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi and Patrisse Cullors- the alleged inspiration behind the blacklivesmatter movement which stands for…  What exactly do they stand for besides protesting?  When they do present an agenda, it sounds suspiciously like something we heard once from the Black Panthers.

1. Amanda Marcotte- if one ever needs a go-to argument to get your blood boiling, I suggest this woman’s rants.  In Marcotte’s America, all men are closet rapists.  Even when facts prove that campus rape, for example, are hoaxes, the hoax is still justified.  Marcotte will not be satisfied until all men are castrated since her many articles on woman sexual pleasure prove, in her mind, that men are not necessary.  It is a strange circular logic that seems to prevail on the Left.  It is understandable in Marcotte’s case; just Google her image.