This Month in Jihad: December, 2015

The following are some interesting stories from around the globe and the US that may have received scant notice in the news.  Happy reading.

The Farook Family:  The big story, of course, was the San Bernardino shootings.  Little reported in the fact that the mother of terrorist Syed Farook, was a member of ICNA- the Islamic Circle of North America which has links to the radical Islamic Pakistan-based Jamaat-e-Islami terrorist organization.  They have sponsored speaking engagements by the likes of Al Quada recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki.  One of their members was arrested in NYC for plotting a Boston Marathon-like attack in the Big Apple.  And in 2009, five of its members were arrested in Pakistan for plotting attacks against US soldiers in Afghanistan.  Incidentally, they are also behind those billboards you may see quoting the Koran as Islam being “the religion of peace.”

Illinois Plot Foiled?: Hasan Edmonds of Aurora, Illinois- a former Illinois National Guardsman- pleaded guilty to lending material support to ISIS.  After dropping his brother off at the airport, he then obtained some old uniforms in his possession in an apparent attempt to gain access to a National Guard facility in Joliet where he planned to shoot soldiers.

Ohio Man Arrested:  A man in Ohio was arrested for posting the names and addresses of 100 US military personnel on his Tumblr account calling for their deaths in the name of ISIS.  The message originated overseas and he re-posted the call to jihad on US soil.

Two Afghanis Go Missing:  Two Afghan military personnel training in Georgia suddenly went missing.  Federal authorities assure us they pose no threat…

CAIR “Supports” FBI Efforts:  Of course, this is sarcasm.  In fact, the Council for American-Islamic Relations has been passing pamphlets out in mosques in California and Florida urging the faithful not to cooperate with the FBI.  One member, Nezar Hamze, has been giving mosques in Florida active shooter training.  And he is also helping mosques apply for DHS grants so they can beef up security at mosques.  Only in America…

Active ISIS Recuiters in Every State:  So says the Program on Extremism at George Washington University in Washington DC.  They have identified over 300 active ISIS recruiters with at least one in every state, including Alaska.  One hopes DHS also has this information.  They range from sympathizers to midlevel leaders and use mainly Twitter, but also Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr.

Clock Boy Afraid to Come Home:  The infamous clock boy- Ahmed Mohamed- who caused a ruckus when arrested for bringing a homemade clock (later discovered to be a fraud and old Radio Shack radio) into school and it being mistaken for a bomb is currently in Qatar.  He is the recipient of a full scholarship from the Qatar Association which has deep ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  According to some reports, he is homesick but afraid to return to Irving, Texas over fears of “Islamaphobia” because of some recent small scale protests at some mosques in the area.  Listen to your parents, Ahmed- stay in Qatar.

French Airport Workers on Terrorist Watch List:  It was recently discovered that 57 workers at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris are on that country’s terrorist watch list.  A review in the wake of the Paris attacks revealed this information.  Officials in Belgium also pulled the security passes of several airport workers for the same reason.  Samy Amimour- one of the Paris suicide bombers- was a bus driver in Paris raising concerns in all areas of French mass transit.

Meanwhile, Back at DHS:  [mc_name name=’Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’L000562′ ] barely caused a blip in the media when he questioned the vetting process at DHS.  One wonders if Obama’s fear of being accused of Islamaphobia has anything to do with the wanting in the vetting process…

Serbian National Handball Team are Heroes:  On a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Belgrade, a Jordanian travelling on a US-issued passport tried to gain access to the cockpit in flight over Austria.  He was restrained by members of the Serbian national handball team until the flight landed in Belgrade where he was arrested.

Elsewhere in Germany:  A Moroccan “asylum seeker” recently stabbed two police officers after a worker at the Osnabruck train station attempted to check his ticket since he appeared suspicious.  Yelling “Allah Akbar,” he also attempted to grab a police weapon while being restrained.

The European Reaction:  Which is strange that a Moroccan “asylum seeker” would even have a ticket since it is now quite common for migrants to travel throughout Europe without a ticket to avoid confrontation.  Perhaps, having a ticket is what caused suspicions at Osnabruck.

Disturbing Plot Uncovered in Geneva:  Several Muslims were arrested in Geneva Switzerland- home to many international organizations- for providing material support to ISIS.  They are charged with conspiring to make, conceal and transport explosives and chemical weapons.  Truly scary times…

Australian Youth Pleads Guilty to Terrorism:  An unidentified Melbourne youth pleaded guilty to terrorism charges for a planned Mother’s Day attack using a pressure cooker bomb.  He obtained the design from an Islamic jihad website.

Four Arrested in Italy and Kosovo:  Four Muslims were arrested in Italy and Kosovo for making social media posts calling for jihad in Europe.  They also praised the attacks in Paris and stated a threat against Pope Francis.  One wonders if the Pope will dispatch some Muslim outreach officer to intervene…

Somali Pleads Guilty to Being ISIS Recruiter:  Minnesota resident Mohamed Warsame pleaded guilty to giving material support to ISIS.  Warsame is a Somali national.  He recruited at least ten people of Somali nationality to fight on the side of ISIS in Syria.  Nine were arrested before they left the country.  However one- Abdi Nir- did make it to Somalia to “visit relatives.”  The plan was for them to return to Somalia to be at the ready should the Somali terrorist group al-Shabab pledge allegiance to ISIS.

New York Times and Their Confusing Graph:  In an effort to illustrate that San Bernardino was attributable not to terrorism but gun ownership, they published a misleading front page graph showing mass shootings in the US.  Unfortunately, it fails to show foiled plots, shows only the US and includes acts by deranged shooters like James Holmes who had no ideology.  Apparently to the graph makers at the paper, San Bernardino was another case of workplace violence by a disgruntled worker.

Some Interesting Statistics on Those Syrian Refugees:  Since Obama announced the US would take in 10,000 Syrian refugees in FY2016, 528 have entered the country thus far.  Their whereabouts are unknown to state officials. Of the 528, only 6 are Christian.  In December, 237 Syrian refugees have been relocated and settled in the US with only one of them being Christian.  Since the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011, we have taken in 2,401 Syrians- 2,337 Sunni Muslims, 54 Christians and 10 atheists.  Perhaps the Christian count is so low because many of them are dead at the hands of genocide by ISIS.

Meanwhile…  Such luminaries as Ted Koppel, Tom Brokaw and Hillary Clinton have accused or intimated that Donald Trump is a great recruiter for ISIS.  Most of these incidents listed on US soil were devised or foiled before Donald Trump was a candidate.  They don’t need Trump as a recruiter; they were doing a bang up job without him.