2016 Gubernatorial Races- November News

DELAWARE:  There has not been a Republican Governor of Delaware since 1988 and don’t expect one in 2016.  The most credible name mentioned is state senator Colin Bonini, but he will likely run for the Lt. Governor’s position next year instead.

INDIANA:  Polling is hard to come by, but one out of Ball State shows that Mike Pence has a comfortable if not overbearing lead thus far.  Again, when the state legislature comes back into session, they will likely take up some measures that may put Pence on the hot seat.

MISSOURI: Although it has hardly been effective, Michael Bloomberg’s forays into state politics to advance his agenda (gun control, climate change) took an interesting twist.  One candidate he is targeting is Missouri Democratic candidate and state attorney general Chris Koster.  He is the only Democrat running and the Bloomberg ad attacks him for being against Obama’s clean energy plan.  This can only play to the advantage of Koster because he is more popular in Missouri than is Barack Obama.  And his stance against Obama on clean energy can only help him here along with the fact he can point to a New York billionaire trying to take him down.  This only proves one thing: Michael Bloomberg is an ass.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Mark Connolly, the state’s former securities regulator, has thrown his hat in the ring on the Democratic side making him the second Democrat to do so.  Thus far, only one Republican is definitely in- Chris Sununu.

NORTH CAROLINA: Some early polling out of the state shows Democrat Roy Cooper leading incumbent GOP Governor Pat McCrory, although within the margin of error.  A year out, it is facetious to read too much into a few polls.  All anyone can discern is that this will be a close race come 2016.

NORTH DAKOTA: Democrats are having a tough time fielding a candidate in this open, Republican-held state.  Former state agricultural commissioner Sarah Vogel is said to be considering.  Although she won her two most recent statewide elections, they were to lower level positions.  Her last run in 1996 was met with defeat in a state supreme court election.  All things considered, if this is the best the Democrats can do then there should be few worries on the GOP side.

WEST VIRGINIA: Democrat Jim Justice, who has the Democratic primary all to himself right now, has released yet another campaign ad- his third this far out from the general election.  However, local news has been playing video of a recent traffic stop involving Justice that portrays him in a bad light even though the stopping officer let him go with a warning.  That did not stop the Mine Workers Union from endorsing Justice, despite the late fees and safety violations involving some of his mining operations in the state.

Ratings chart:

G. Herbert- UT M. Pence- IN P. McCrory- NC
(J. Darymple-ND) OPEN
(J. Markell-DE) Open (P. Shumlin-VT) Open (J. Nixon- MO) Open
S. Bullock- MT (E. Tomblin-WV) Open
K. Brown- OR (M. Hassan-NH) Open
J. Inslee- WA