Musings From the Wacky Feminist Left

A recent article by Leftist feminist Valerie Tarico starts off with this memorable paragraph:

The so-called ‘war on women’is not a war; it is a one-sided assault.  It is conservative men, drunk on power, calling women sluts and then rolling up their sleeves and knocking us back into place.  It is conservative men letting us know that they own our bodies and our reproductive capacity, which according to the Bible has been their’s since the Iron Age.  It is conservative men making damn sure that women get punished for failing to keep our legs together, for daring to pursue intimacy and sexual pleasure on our own terms and without their permission.  It is conservative men ignoring our pleas that we don’t want to be pregnant and deny us the ability to resist impregnation as deliberately and aggressively as if they had our arms pinned.

So there you have it- conservative men are the equivalent of your average, run-of-the mill serial rapist.

This Leftist rant reveals an underlying premise of the Left wing and feminists in particular- the denial of personal responsibility.  In this mindset, the woman is always the passive actor and the male the aggressor.  The boundaries of the definition of “rape” are expanded to capture a catch-all of possible situations and scenarios where, after the fact, women are always the victims.  For a movement that stresses equality of the sexes, they provide ample fodder for the belief that women are the weaker sex.

As a conservative male, I personally really do not care how many times one does not “keep their legs together” or pursues “intimacy and sexual pleasure.”  If that is what you are into, all the more power to you.  However, as a human please do not insult my intelligence and insist that I have to pay for your behaviors by supporting Planned Parenthood, free contraception, and killing another human life.

On the day that Tarico published this rant, Kalli Holloway, another wacky feminist, published an article about a new IUD on the market- Liletta- that is over 99% effective according to the CDC.  What makes it so interesting is its affordability.  A traditional IUD could cost anywhere from $800 to $1,200 after all is said and done.  Liletta costs $75.  The reason is that it is considered a generic IUD and its implementation and study was conducted by a private organization- the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation (yes-that Buffett!).  This was a $200 million investment in which the Warren Buffett Foundation also kicked in considerable funds.

So if one private foundation can put up over $200 million to bring affordable and effective contraception to women nationwide, why is there a need for $500 million in HHS funds for Planned Parenthood?  The hypocrisy is stark, but all too common on the feminist Left.

That hypocrisy is underscored by the reaction that totally befuddled feminists when it was suggested in the Colorado Senatorial race in 2014 that birth control pills- since they are so safe and effective- should be an over-the-counter drug.  Only in the mind of the feminist Left could that be construed as another salvo in the war on women.

Let’s assume that contraception was freely available to all women.  And let’s assume there was a willy-nilly sexual free-for-all: spread legs and pursuit of sexual pleasure and intimacy as Tarico suggests should rule the day.  As we know, other than sterilization, not every form of birth control is 100% effective.  Would the feminist Left still be such great advocates of abortion on demand?  My guess is that the answer is “yes” because abortion- the sanctioned killing of another human life- is simply another form of birth control to them.  Do we excuse the woman who did not make sure her partner used a condom?  Do we excuse the woman who neglected to take her birth control pills?  Do we excuse the woman who, in the heat of passion, “forgets” the spermicide or diaphragm?

There are two surefire contraceptive methods- sterilization and abstinence.  Sterilization is, unless medically necessary, ethically repugnant to both sides.  Abstinence is “prudish” to the Left and those who actually opt for this route are chastised by feminists.  Great job, feminists!

For a movement allegedly predicated on equality between men and women, it has devolved into anything but that.  For all the gains in equality, it is never enough because in their minds things will never be equal until the ultimate equality- no sexual differences between men and women- are achieved.  Nature or God (take your pick) made females the child bearers of most animal species, including humans.  It is the ultimate fact of life and a fact the Leftist feminists are bound and determined to negate.

Unfortunately, that negation results in the disregard of human life as over 1.2 million human lives end up in medical waste containers every year in this country.  While they decry the false narrative of a war on or aggression against women, they ignore the real wars on women common in Africa, China and the Muslim world.  If they want to talk war and aggression, those are the real focal points.

Instead, this is a feminist assault and war on and aggression against the most vulnerable of human lives.  So until people like Kalli Holloway, Valerie Tarico and Amanda Marcotte admit the obvious, please do not expect anyone- conservative or not- to fund your pursuit of intimacy and sexual pleasure.  Spread your legs to your heart’s content, but at least have the decency to take responsibility for your actions and the actions you encourage in others.