The Democratic "Debate"

While the news media is this morning touting the “lively” Democratic debate, I managed to watch about an hour of it before switching channels.  If anything, it shows there is a lack of diversity in views among the five that were on that stage.

Chafee: I still contend he is a caricature of that old Red Skelton character, Heathcliff the seagull. His “I just got appointed to the Senate so I voted on something I knew nothing about because the other guys were” comment sums up his chances.

Webb: Am I the only one to think he looked like one of those Christmas decoration wooden soldiers people?

O’Malley: Unimpressive ass-kisser at its worst.

Sanders: I really didn’t listen that much as I watched his hands and my eyes focused on the bubble of spittle forming on the corner of his lips.  O’Malley and Chafee were probably lucky to have Clinton between them and the line of spit.  And it was the same blah blah blah.

Clinton: Speaking of blah blah blah, that epitomizes Hillary.  But, during the course of the lovefest at least we were all treated to that patented Hillary laugh/shriek/fingernails across chalkboard chuckle.

In conclusion, it was what I expected and can be summarized in one phrase:



PS- Why no questions about the costs of their Utopian vision of America?