With Friends Like These: George Soros-Part 2

In part 1, I outlined the basic tenets of Soros and his Open Society Institute (OSI).  They revolved around the denial of American exceptionalism, world governance, and wealth redistribution.  Nothing so changed recent American history than the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.  Although the plan had been in the making for years, Soros led the call that the attacks were somehow the fault of the American government, specifically the policies of George W. Bush who had been in office only eight months when the attacks occurred.  Bush’s response to the attacks epitomized everything the OSI and Soros stood against.  As a result, the OSI turned its attention to thwarting Bush’s agenda and attempting to undermine the war on terror.  They claimed that although the invasion of Afghanistan was justified, America could do greater good by engaging in a massive affirmative action program on a global scale to wipe out poverty and support human rights in countries that breed terrorists.  The latter part of this OSI proposal had its ugly realization in the so-called Arab Spring when Obama became president.  The OSI also asserted that the United States was partially responsible for Islamic terrorism because of our support of despotic Arab regimes, and Israel.

In 2002, Soros appointed Morton Halperin as chairman of the OSI.  Halperin was long suspected of being a Communist sympathizer, if not member, by government officials.  Halperin was tasked with the duty by Lyndon Johnson of devising a detailed top secret history of US involvement in Vietnam- the famous Pentagon Papers.  After leaving the Defense Department, he ended up as a director with the ACLU on national security matters.  After Bush’s 2002 State of the Union address, which mentioned the axis of evil, Soros became convinced that Bush was the antithesis of everything the OSI stood for and he became determined to defeat his reelection in 2004.  In early 2003 at his Long Island home, Soros convened a meeting with Halperin, pro-abortion advocate Ellen Malcolm (of EMILY’s List fame), John Podesta (previously profiled), Carl Pope of the Sierra Club, and others.  Their goal was to develop a coordinated strategy to defeat Bush in 2004.  One outgrowth of that meeting was the formation of America Coming Together, a grassroots Democratic organizing group which has much in common with ACORN.

There were seven core groups in this effort- ACT, the Center for American Progress, America Votes, The Media Fund, Joint Victory Campaign, the Thunder Road Group, and MoveOn.org.  All but MoveOn were incorporated in Washington DC and along with Soros, Harold Ickes (previously profiled) had a hand in their formation.  Ickes was charged with coordinating the activities of these groups with one goal in mind: defeat Bush in 2004.  Soros had donated over $27 million in seed money to get these groups off the ground.  Many of the big donors Hillary Clinton today chases after were also large donors to this 2004 effort.

After the 2004 reelection of Bush, Soros was not deterred in advancing his agenda and that of OSI.  After licking his wounds, he kept these groups together and they became to be called the “shadow party” by some conservative media outlets.  There was no time to waste crying over the 2004 loss since the 2006 midterms were approaching and this would be the next opportunity to flex their political muscles.  Taking nothing to chance, another group was founded with Soros money- the Democracy Alliance- whose main program was the SoS Project- a concerted effort to elect, where possible, Democratic state secretaries of state since they were responsible for declaring victors in close political elections.  They also enforced state election laws.

But they weren’t finished and in early 2006 Soros money along with massive donations by SEIU and Andrew Stern created Working For Us.  This group was not dedicated to targeting Republican candidates, but taking out centrist Democratic candidates and politicians.  This was a clear and concerted effort, with the tacit blessing of [mc_name name=’Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’P000197′ ], to move the Democratic Party even further to the Left.  Over the years, they have worked to take out conservative-leaning Democrats by supporting Republican candidates through independent expenditures.

The effort paid off in the 2006 midterm elections as Democrats recaptured control of both houses of Congress.  Perhaps this is why Soros and the OSI in 2007 began to look beyond Hillary Clinton as many viewed her as too centrist for the new Democratic Party.  After a meeting with Soros in early 2007 in New York, Barack Obama decided to form an exploratory committee for the open 2008 presidential race.  In Obama, OSI and Soros and the nexus of Leftist organizations funded and founded by Soros had discovered someone much more to their liking.  In fact, Soros became an early supporter of Obama despite his close ties to Clinton and he pledged support for her if she was the party’s nominee.

After the election of 2008, Soros became the brainchild behind using the financial crisis- and a government response- to maximum advantage to further the Leftist agenda.  Rahm Emanuel may have expressed the “never let a crisis go to waste” sentiment, but it Soros and Obama who openly embraced the philosophy.  There is great overlap between the beliefs of OSI/George Soros and Barack Obama for it to be mere coincidence.  For example:

  1. Both have negative views of capitalism and have been vocal proponents of wealth redistribution;
  2. Both favor big government solutions to problems;
  3. Both favor world governance and deny the exceptionalism of America (we are just another country);
  4. Both advocated and supported a huge fiscal stimulus package in 2009;
  5. That stimulus package undid much of the 1996 welfare reforms, something Soros had railed against in 1996;
  6. Both opposed the Bush tax cuts and both advocated higher taxes on the wealthy;
  7. Both are firm believers in climate change and advocate costly solutions;
  8. Both advocate transforming America through lax enforcement of immigration laws
  9. Both believe in the concept of “a living Constitution” that evolves over time;
  10. Both advocate for government take over of health care;
  11. Both view terrorism as a criminal matter rather than a “war on terror,” and;
  12. Both believe in unilateral executive action to achieve their agendas.

While denying any involvement in the Occupy Wall Street movement, Soros money nevertheless found its way to that movement’s founders.  That movement was the brainchild of AdBusters- an anarchist anti-consumerist group based in Vancouver.  Much of their funding comes from the Tides Center, a New York-based activist clearinghouse of sorts.  They in turn are heavy recipients of OSI donations and grants.  Thus, indirectly at least, Soros money did flow into the OWS movement.

In 2012, Soros was a major donor in the DumpWest movement in Florida, an alleged “grassroots” organization designed to defeat Republican Allen West.  For that task, Soros recruited Charles Halloran, a former adviser for the 2008 Clinton campaign.  In August 2013, he became a heavy supporter of Bill DeBlasio in his campaign to become New York City Mayor and donated to his winning campaign.  DeBlasio was Clinton’s campaign manager in 2000 in her successful bid for the Senate.  Two months later, Soros joined Ready for Hillary, yet another “grassroots” organizing outfit designed to get Clinton to run for president in 2016.

Since then, it has been revealed that OSI and Soros money has gone to outside groups which protested and organized in Ferguson, Missouri, New York City and Baltimore in response to the killings of black subjects by white police officers.  Many of these groups had nothing to do with race relations and were an amalgamation of Leftist groups with differing interests.  Soros’ contributions to these groups total over $33 million.

His latest project is funding groups designed to overturn state voter ID laws.  For these efforts, Soros personally tapped Marc Elias who was also a leading lawyer for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.

As anyone can see, the influence of the Open Society Institute in general, and George Soros in particular is wide-ranging.  Today’s rhetoric from the Democratic Party and the Left is spoon-fed pablum from these entities.  The ugly wholesale embrace of these ideas is one thing, but to accuse your potential rival to be a puppet of the Koch brothers or corporations is disingenuous and hypocritical.  It is not even original.  For almost seven years we have witnessed the damage these ideas have wrought upon America domestically and internationally.  We cannot afford 4-8 more years of George Soros and company pulling the strings.

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