25+ Years of Hillary Clinton in Pictures

bill_hillary_rect.jpg (660×440)

“Pass the bong, Hill…I swear I won’t inhale this time.”

BillHillaryClinton.jpg (3040×2256)

“How do you think I feel?  I’m married to her and she bores me!”

adfahillaryafs.jpg (294×402)

You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose.

658740062bb12c2130722fb07f98ca17.jpg (736×521)

Hillary explains why women are attracted to Bill.

hillary_clinton-money.jpg (447×433)

Dressed as The Joker for a White House Halloween Party.

GoofyHillary.jpg (269×344) “I had this many cell phones?”

HillaryWitch-365x450.jpg (365×450)  The shadow knows.

enhanced-buzz-22175-1333996013-11.jpg (300×363)

“And like I used to be a Republican and all that man, but the baggage just got too heavy, you know?”

hillary-clinton-witch-resized.jpg (627×425)  Will the real Hillary please stand up.

RTX19K7S.jpg (550×367)

“I never knew every day Americans could be so damn boring!”

article-0-12AE3CDA000005DC-415_634x423.jpg (634×423)

“I gotta stop taking fashion tips from Italian designers.”

050d3df6-5654-11e5-_972226c.jpg (620×413)  “I promise you this, that, and everything!”

Hill4.jpg (368×400)  Hillary’s imitation of Monica Lewinsky.

clinton-crying.jpg (272×344)

“And Barack said bad things about me and it all goes back to my mother…”

HillaryClinton_0.jpg (494×350) “Yes, Hillary…you are special.”

HCp52215.jpg (445×295)

Hillary celebrating after having another post office named in New York.

Hillary_whiskey.jpg (400×282)  Hillary celebrating after the successful Russian reset.

hillary-clinton.jpg (1600×1135) “I command you to vote for me.”

huma-hillary-150x150.jpg (150×150) “Ignore that woman behind me….”

bush-library-opening__oPt.jpg (450×339)

“Damn!  Barbara Bush still looks younger than me.”

Hillary56.jpg (297×324) “There seems to be a scandal on my back.”

bill-hillary-clinton.jpg (1100×733) The Clinton strategy revealed.

imrs.php (1484×985)

More Hillary explanation on Bill’s sexual prowess.

n-HILLARY-CLINTON-large570.jpg (570×238) “I’m baaaaaack…”

clinton.jpg (480×320)

“Yes, Huma…I will obey your every command…”

140411183838-tsr-hillary-clinton-gets-shoe-thrown-at-her-00000129-horizontal-gallery.jpg (640×360)

Hillary demonstrating how she ducked from enemy fire.

Hillary47.jpg (777×516)

“Is it true you can tell a person’s age by counting the rings in their teeth?”


Hillary+Clinton+President+Barack+Obama+Visits+lvipVwW_tb4l.jpg (315×594)

“Good bye politics.  You won’t have Hillary to kick around any more.  Where is Checkers?”

Hillary-Clinton-in-Prison.jpeg (218×350)

“It wasn’t supposed to end like this…”

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