Dependency Is the New Black

From 1940 to 1960, by most metrics blacks were improving at a greater rate than their white counterparts.  Consider these statistics: in 1940 only 10% of blacks held a middle class job, but that figure rose to 23% by 1960.  In the same time period, median income of black households increased 75%.  The poverty rate among African-Americans decreased 50% in that time period while home ownership increased 65% compared to 42% by whites.  The average life expectancy increased from 53 to 64 and the high school graduation rate increased threefold.  By 1971, a two-earner black household was making 5% more than their white counterparts overall nationally.  So what happened?  What halted this natural progression of improvement?

Answer: the African-American community and their  white liberal guilt-ridden enablers.  The stagnation and eventual decline of the African-American community can be directly traced to (1) the civil rights movement and (2) Johnson’s Great Society programs.  The civil rights movement started off confronting very real instances of discrimination, but went off the tracks.  Having received “social justice,” the demands turned to economic justice.  Furthermore, the civil rights movement was largely co-opted by a new breed of leader after the death of Martin Luther King, Jr.  This new breed of “leader,” which personifies the “leaders” today, tends to see a racial animus in everything even where race is not an issue.  And the situation has gotten so out of hand that it evolved into the theory that a non-black is not even aware of their inherent racism. You are guilty by virtue of your skin color.

Take the example of the Koch brothers who are portrayed as racist white guys from Kansas.  They are at the forefront of prison and sentencing reform efforts in this country, including teaming up with the very liberal Center for American Progress on the issue.  These are two issues which directly affect the black community in a very large way.  The Koch brothers are large donors to the United Negro College Fund which helps African-Americans pay for college.  The new breed of civil rights leader espouses the belief: “All the way or the highway.”  Failure to agree with the black agenda 100% brands you a racist.  That agenda includes an admission that America is an inherently racist society, that police are at war with the black community including the indiscriminate killing of black people, or that the non-black community owes the black community for the indignity of slavery in the distant past.  If not slavery, then Jim Crow laws,  If not Jim Crow laws, then one’s inherent racism over which you have no control because you are, after all, not black.

Blacks constitute 18% of the American population.  They are a minority and one increasingly losing demographic ground to other groups, mainly Hispanic and Asian.  Being under these demographic pressures and the over-riding belief that one is a victim, it is no wonder that African-American groups like #Blacklivesmatter have arisen and taken on importance.  What started as an alleged grassroots movement against the alleged unwarranted killing of blacks at the hands of white police officers has evolved into nothing short of the former Black Panther manifesto of demands.  They want: full employment, a livable wage, and end to police brutality, the release of black prisoners, affordable housing and food, a free education and one that stresses the richness and horrors of the African-American in US history.  Don’t we all?  That’s right- only black lives matter…

The difference is other groups do not necessarily view themselves as “victims” although the liberal Democratic Party, Leftists and guilt-ridden whites are trying their hardest to make people victims.  They are about half way there with Hispanics and second generation Asians are getting there, but a little more resistant.

From an electoral strategy standpoint, for the Republican Party and conservatives the brainwashing and victimization of the black community is largely a lost cause.  The best one could hope for is possibly 15% of the black vote, but even that may be a stretch.  But, there is hope with Hispanics and with Asians.  Despite the obvious advances noted at the beginning of this article, the black community has taken steps backwards after Johnson’s war on poverty.

To wit: the illegitimacy rate in the black community is 70% today and has increased 300% since 1965.  The absence of a second parent in the home increases the chances of being in poverty by 700%.  Regarding that wage gap between whites and blacks, it all but disappears in two-parent black homes.  In the 1950s, the traditional black family with two parents was a source of pride in their community.  Incidentally, the illegitimacy rate was only 15% then among blacks then.

To deny the importance of a stable family in reducing crime rates among blacks, and the economic disparities is to deny reality.  Using racism is simply an excuse for denying their own culpability in their state of affairs.  It is why when a Ben Carson or Clarence Thomas or [mc_name name=’Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’S001184′ ] stand before them and point these facts out, they are shouted down and called “Uncle Toms” or “oreos,” or accused of being brainwashed by the white racist political infrastructure.  One realizes that it is always easier to point fingers and assign blame and much more difficult to accept personal responsibility.  But, isn’t that one of the major differences between the Left and Right?

Is this what the Hispanic and Asian communities aspire to?  A life of victimization and dependence?  Instead of being slave to a plantation owner, the black community is today a slave to the government.  Is this really what other minority groups want?  Is this the real reason they immigrated to the United States legally or illegally, some at great risk?  To throw off the yokes of slavery in one nation only to become enslaved to and dependent on the government of another nation?  Do they truly want high crime and incarceration rates, low high school graduation rates, and high illegitimacy rates?  The war on poverty did not alleviate poverty, only worsened it because it failed to reward personal responsibility.  It may be too late for the black community, but the GOP- with the right message- can save the Hispanic and Asian communities from this fate.