Musings on the 2016 Race

Just some random thoughts on the state of the 2016 race for President (that is, Donald Trump) for some Friday reading for anyone interested.

This week we found out that Ben Carson has a problem with Donald Trump’s faith, Bobby Jindal has a problem with Trump period, and Trump has a problem with Carly Fiorina’s face.  One would think that with everything going on the world and domestically, we would not be debating one’s faith or looks, but here we are.  That is to be expected when a reality TV star/billionaire/narcissist/ (insert others adjectives here) is running for the highest office in the land.

So first, regarding that “pledge” that Trump signed that he would support the eventual nominee, be very wary!  Trump has a history of signing things then finding a way not to honor them.  It is called “the art of the deal” and with Trump it often involves the local bankruptcy court.  Of course, since there is no court for moral bankruptcy, Trump can simply ignore the pledge he signed.  After all, it is not a legally binding contract with the GOP.  And in his narcissistic mindset, it was low risk (now) to sign the pledge because, after all, he leads in all the polls and honestly believes he will be the nominee.  Why not sign a pledge supporting the nominee when the nominee is you?

I find it interesting that while we criticize candidates who are poll and focus group driven, we concentrate on Trump’s poll numbers.  We are in, as Nate Silver describes it, stage 1 of this process.  Those answering the pollsters are test driving cars and window shopping right now.  Everyone talks of a polling “ceiling.”  I say let it go even further higher.  Because come Iowa and New Hampshire when he does not receive actual votes approximating his poll numbers, he is the psychological loser.  Let’s see how he reacts to that.  I am betting the squirrel will be unleashed off his head.

Regarding that Fiorina insult- and dress it as he may, it was an insult- it is indicative of Trump.  It is yet another comment designed to gain attention and dominate the news cycle for another 48 hours (which,incidentally, fuels the poll numbers).  Was it an off hand comment printed by Rolling Stone?  I personally doubt it- it was probably said on purpose to gain attention.

As to the back-and-forth between Carson and Trump, I guess that crosses Carson off the list of possible Trump running mates.  Of course, Trump just could not help himself.  Having dissed the looks of Fiorina, he doubled down by dissing the medical accomplishments of Ben Carson.  Color me silly, but separating conjoined twins and performing surgery on babies in the womb is a little more important than building garish buildings with you name plastered in red neon on them.  Being a world-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon may not qualify you to be President, but neither does being a real estate “mogul.”  When dealing with foreign leaders, Trump should be well-advised that he cannot use eminent domain against them.

I know it will never happen, but wouldn’t it be nice if for two weeks the media did not mention Trump?  Just a blanket gag order on anything Trump.  I’m talking about hacking and shutting down his social media accounts.  Nothing Trump would get through!  What would he do?  Obviously, the Trumpettes would go through some withdrawal, but would Trump save up his insults for when the gag order elapsed, or would he try his hardest to up the ante just to get his face in the news?

As for the best line of the week, that has to go to Bobby Jindal who said Trump has never the read the Bible and he knows that because Trump’s name does not appear in the Bible.  That pretty much summarizes Donald Trump.  As this race took shape, the Left portrayed the GOP field as a “clown car.”  That was before a real life clown entered the race.  Trump is good entertainment and little else.  If that entertainment value draws viewers to the debates so that the non-narcissistic candidates can be heard, then great.  Let us just give them the chance to be heard.

Thank God the football season has started… something to take our minds off Donald Trump if only for three hours.

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