The Religion of "Peace-" Counting the Dead Bodies

Back in May, I published an entry here highlighting some statistics on deaths and attacks attributable to Islamic terrorism.  It is time to update those statistics after another four months.

For Iraq, it was a particularly deadly month; in fact one of the deadliest this year with 944 deaths.  They missed the record- set in January- by only 236 dead bodies.  The next closest country was Afghanistan with 168 deaths, although Nigeria tried their hardest for the Silver Medal.  Obviously our good friends in the ISIS caliphate are alive and well.  And it does not bode well as there are now reported ISIS terrorist attacks in Afghanistan, although the Taliban remain the top terrorist attack group in that country, and Libya.  That great Arab Spring ushered in by the policies of Obama and Clinton sure have paid dividends in Libya!  If not for Libya, northern Africa would have been a veritable tourist destination oasis.  Please note that my statistics involve only terrorist deaths, not the thousands of refugees fleeing these countries for the friendly confines of Europe, or those left injured and maimed.  Speaking of which, unnoticed by most outlets was a recent decision by Slovakia to accept a certain number of refugees provided they were not Muslim.  Their reason?  There are no mosques in Slovakia and they aim to keep it that way.  Not to sound racist, but there is a certain lure to that line of reasoning.  If the problem is Islamic terrorism, then keep Islam out.  That is playing it super safe.

However, don’t book a vacation in sub-Sahara Africa unless its in the very southern reaches of that continent.  In Nigeria, Boko Harem has not been as active as in other periods, but they still pose a serious risk to your life in Nigeria, Cameroon and Mali.  And should you find yourself in any of these countries, full body armor is suggested.  The reason?  Their preferred method of inflicting death is through the machete and hacking one to death.  They also seem to like torching villages and do not particularly care if anyone is stuck in a burning home.  And apparently earning one’s living through fishing is un-Islamic to these guys because they have attacked and killed fisherman in several attacks in Nigeria.  So if you for some reason seem to find yourself  in Nigeria, wear full body armor or be near water should you have to throw your burning body in that water, but do not fish from that water.

We have heard the oft-cited statistic that most of the deaths at the hands of Islamic terrorists are fellow Muslims.  Thus far this year, there are a reported 16,000+ deaths attributed to Islamic terrorists.  Of that, 3,100 have been non-Muslims.  While it is true that not all of those 3,100 have been Christian (Hindus, Buddhists, and religious minorities have been victims), I do not believe one can say with a straight face that Muslims are exclusively the victims of Muslim violence when greater than 19% of the deaths involve non-Muslims.  Get that number down to like 2% then come back and cite your statistic.

I define a “major” terrorist event as resulting in the death of at least 20 people.  Of course, that is little consolation to the hundreds of people left injured, but since this is an article about death, let’s stick to death.  Comparatively speaking, the last four months were relatively quiet with only 77 such incidents in the past four months compared to 183 incidents in the first four months of 2015.  I have a theory here: even terrorists tend to take vacation in the summer months.  Besides, its particularly hot in these areas this time of year and some people may not just be motivated to load all those explosives in a car and drive it into crowded markets in the nearest village.  Its a sweaty, dirty, thankless endeavor and just too damn hot to do anything.

What else?  Oh yes- method of death.  The good old-fashioned gun remains the terrorist weapon of choice.  The only drawback is that you can only take out so many people with a coordinated attack involving guns.  Instead, things like explosives give you more dead bodies- greater bang for the buck.  In fact, if we add up the bombings, we get 250 attacks involving bombs compared to 169 involving guns.  But remember that the terrorist is resourceful and original.  In those bombing statistics are bombs planted somewhere (shops and mosques are the favorite locations), car bombs (usually left in high-foot traffic areas) and suicide bombers (anywhere!).  Throw in some IEDs and obviously it becomes apparent terrorists just love bombs.  In fact, bombs are the bomb to Islamic terrorists.

But what about those beheading you ask?  As a means of execution, it remains popular and stable.  In the first four months, there were 53 confirmed beheadings; 44 in the last four months.  That is the picture of statistical consistency.  Of course, there are other ways to execute the infidel.  ISIS leads the way in execution innovation.  For example, in one incident the accused were tied in a car and the car used for target practice.  In another, explosives were placed around the necks of the accused and detonated.  This created a conundrum for me: do I count this as a beheading or an act involving a bomb?  I chose to place it in the “Execution, unspecified” category along with a low-cost method- tossing homosexuals off the top of a building.  Most of them survive only to be beaten to death by the onlookers shouting “Allah akhbar!”  And gay Americans are fighting over a wedding cake?  And lest we forget, since your average Islamic terrorist is living a lifestyle common to that time, they also have crucified some victims.

Some like to say that terrorists are cowards and that they do their dirty work anonymously.  However, in greater than 60% of Islamic terrorist attacks worldwide, some group has taken responsibility for the attack.  And why not?  Its great publicity for your cause.  Even if it doesn’t gain converts (and who wouldn’t want a lifestyle akin to 300 A.D.?), it scares the hell out the infidels.

Overall, in the past four months deaths at the hand of terrorists are lower than in the first four months, as are the number of attacks.  However, the body count per attack is up in the most recent four months.  Quality over quantity, I guess.  I guess we should take consolation in these statistics, unless you live in Iraq…or Syria..or Afghanistan…or Saudi Arabia…or Egypt…or Libya…or Pakistan…or Nigeria…or Cameroon… or Mali.  These may be distant, misunderstood and ignored countries, but it should also be noted that Islamic terrorist attacks are up in places one doesn’t normally associate with Islamic terrorism: India, Thailand, Philippines.  And lest we forget, although it may be characterized as the work of a “lone wolf” or workplace violence, it has occurred in Europe and the US.  To date, 51 deaths in Europe and North America are attributed to Islamic terrorists.  I guess the only real safe haven is South America…or Antarctica.  Must be the cold or the humidity that scares them away.

PS: Cumulative count to date of victims of Islamic terrorism-  16,119 dead and another 18,638 injured.

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