A Battle Sent From Heaven

While the Congress escaped the August heat of Washington, their last act was an attempt to transfer funding from Planned Parenthood to community health centers in stand-alone legislation.  This was doomed to failure since McConnell realized there would not be enough Democratic votes to advance the bill.  This is typical McConnell squishiness when it comes to issues that unite all true conservatives.  But, the continued release of videos are no less disgusting and horrifying because McConnell lacks the will, stomach and male genitals to fight the battle.

And it is a battle worth waging.  It is a battle that will in no conceivable way lead to the dire prediction of thousands of women going without health care.  This is the perfect opportunity to show the true colors of liberals and their Democratic Party proxies- that they are a true culture of death.  And its the death of innocent unborn life then harvested for their organs and tissue.

Its truly amazing to see the Left circle the wagons and obfuscate and deny.  Their top argument is that the videos are selectively edited.  Who cares about the editing?!  Those scumbags on those videos said what they said and the manner in which they said it cannot be denied.  No one put words in their mouths.  And by denial, their lackey media cohorts have largely ignored the entire story.

As the Media Resource Center notes, since the first video on July 14th the major networks have devoted 0.16% of their coverage to the videos and forget about airplay of the actual videos themselves.  That comes to one minute and thirteen seconds of over 243 hours of news programming on the three major networks, or 0.008% coverage.  As the MRC rightfully notes, in 2012 the networks spent 88 minutes of coverage in three days over an undercover video of Mitt Romney speaking to campaign donors.  Surely, they have nothing against undercover videos…

Yet, there is no denying what is on those videos and the arrogance and cavalier attitude of Planned Parenthood leaders when it comes to dealing in fetal body parts.  So now something must be done.  It is time to deny federal dollars to this grisly organization.  Planned Parenthood is a $1.2 billion a year enterprise.  The federal government’s contribution is about 25% mainly through HHS grants.  The remainder comes from private donors and they too should be the target of pro-life conservatives through a concerted boycott.http://www.thefederalistpapers.org/us/the-41-companies-that-donate-directly-to-planned-parenthood-will-shock-you

As for Congress, they need to show some back bone here, even if it takes attaching defunding Planned Parenthood to another appropriations bill.  When Congress returns from their recess, they will have to take up a spending bill to keep the government running.  Government “runs” whether an appropriations bill is passed on time or not.  But more importantly, it is a fight worth fighting.  Show the videos on the floors of Congress.  Force the Democrats to watch the videos.  Force the Democrats to justify them.  Show the nation what the Democrats are defending.  Forget that “only 3% of our clients are abortions” nonsense.  Abortions can be provided by Planned Parenthood even with $700 million in annual revenues without the money the government kicks in.

And that money is going to community health centers.  Instead of “the GOP is shutting down the government” meme, why not the minority party in Congress and the White House shutting down the government by insisting on funding for Planned Parenthood- an organization caught red-handed in harvesting fetal body parts and tissues and in the most callous, life- disregarding manner possible?  Turn the tables!!

And kudos to every state that has cut off funding to Planned Parenthood thus far, but that is half the battle at that level.  Title V is child and maternal health care grants through Medicaid where the state has control.  Next are Title X funds- comprehensive family planning funds through HHS block grants.  As far as one can tell from HHS’ own guidelines, Title X funds cannot be used for encouraging or providing abortion as a means of family planning.  There are only two legislative mandates associated with the grants and both involve minors.  It is these grants that must be blocked from reaching Planned Parenthood.  The applications are made directly to HHS by any entity- public or non-profit.  In fact, states and community health centers should inundate HHS with grant requests to squeeze out Planned Parenthood.

This is a fight worth fighting even if it means a government shutdown.  The machinations of government are inferior to the sanctity of innocent life.  Abortions will still be legal and Planned Parenthood or any other entity is free to provide those services.  Let corporate America and the liberal nexus of donors fill in the funding gap.  And rest assured, not a single woman will be placed at risk because Planned Parenthood lost federal funding.

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