Planned Parenthood Needs Your Support

Katha Pollitt, a columnist for The Nation, a liberal rag that sometimes passes itself off as an intellectual exercise, recently published an article so absurd in its assertions as to induce either silly laughter or crying for the author’s stupidity.  For those of you who wish to read the original article, it can be found here.  http://www.thenation.com/article/even-if-you-havent-had-an-abortion-you-owe-planned-parenthood/

The bottom line of the pro-death movement is put on vivid display here in many areas.  What is the ostensible reasons for legal abortion?  The pro-choice movement uses the specter of medically dangerous back alley abortions as the reason for legalized abortion.  Let’s take a step back.  Prior to Roe v. Wade, there were abortions.  We know this because they were taught in medical schools and any aspiring gynecologist learned the techniques.  Of course, at the time there was a stigma attached to abortion and part of this article argues that this stigma needs to fall by the wayside since it still exists.  But if the purpose of legalized abortion is to ensure that the procedures are performed under the most safe medical conditions possible, then why is the pro-death lobby so insistent against laws that require this?  Instead, they are portrayed as impediments to abortion on demand rather than attempts to address very real issues regarding the safety and sanitary conditions of abortion providers.

Depending on the source you cite, abortion complication rates depends on your definition of “complication.”  But, one analysis indicates that about 10% of patients develop a complication of some type with 2% of them being a “major” complication.  When one hears of the .05% major complication rate from pro-death forces, they are referring to those requiring hospitalization.  In another study, under the best of sanitary conditions in a hospital, it was reported that over 20% of patients developed a complication of some type to some degree.  No matter how one looks at it, there exists risk of complications that require further medical intervention.  That fact alone justifies state regulation.

The author asserts that “ostracism, death threats, bombings and arson” are driving abortion clinics out of business.  Since 1973, NARAL can cite only six instances of an abortionist being murdered.  That may be six too many but pales in comparison to the number of youths killed in gang violence in Chicago in a week, or the number of lives snuffed out in the womb on any given day in America.  As for bombings, there has not been a documented one since 2005.  No sane person in the pro-life movement condones or finds reason to celebrate when someone is killed or property is damaged.  NARAL and Pollitt characterize these as almost daily events when the opposite is true.

Regarding the ostracism charge, one suspects she is referring to protests outside abortion clinics.  The same Constitution that allows Pollitt to write these articles and for NARAL to put out “fact sheets” allows people to protest outside abortion clinics.  In fact, there are likely more regulations on that constitutional right than there are regulations on abortion at the federal, state and local level.  Instead, this is simply nothing more than trying to tip the free speech scales in their favor.  Regardless, free speech has a greater foundation than a right to abortion.

But then the article reveals a lie perpetrated by Planned Parenthood- that abortion is not their primary function or that it forms a very small percentage of their “business.”  She states that if only one-third of those who have had a Planned Parenthood abortion stepped forward, it would tilt the conversation.  That would be a lot of abortions- perhaps more than 3% of their services.

Personally, I favor a pregnancy prevented rather than a pregnancy terminated.  But, one has to ask regarding Planned Parenthood’s contraception provision services: How many are after the fact?  If the thousands upon thousands of people utilizing their services are there for contraceptive, STD, or routine women’s health concerns (mammograms, Pap smears, etc.), then there should not be such a great need for their abortion services.  Unless….

Planned Parenthood’s true mission is to provide abortions and all the other nice things they do is superfluous.  And the article more or less admits that they exist to do just that- provide what I refer to as the abortion of convenience.  It is the abortion sought and performed because it interferes with one’s lifestyle- their schooling, their career, their extramarital affair, etc.

Near the end of the paragraph where she notes what can be done by pro-death people, especially those who have had a Planned Parenthood abortion, she says that if they all just donated $10 to the organization, it would go a long way to continuing their services.  What a great argument for the federal government defunding Planned Parenthood!  In 2014, according to Planned Parenthood’s own annual reports, they performed 327,600 abortions.  If just these patients (not those from 2013 or any other year) donated the $10, it would amount to over $3.2 million.  According to Planned Parenthood’s own schedule of service fees, that could provide enough money for 8,400 abortions.  If everyone who had a Planned Parenthood abortion from 2010 to 2014 donated $10, that would amount to $16.4 million, or enough to perform over 42,000 abortions.

But let’s take this further.  According to the Census, 76% of females in this country is over the age of 18.  That comes out to over 119 million women age 18 or older in this country.  According to a Gallup poll, 50% of women nationwide are “pro-choice” and 41% “pro-life.”  For the sake of it, let’s just give the other 9% to the pro-life group.   That would leave 59.6 million women over the age of 18 who are “pro-choice.”  If they all just donated $5 to Planned Parenthood, that would add up to $298,300,000, or enough for 764,871 abortions- more than double the amount they perform in any year.  Hey- it would even be tax deductible.

In short, Pollitt’s article is great justification for defunding Planned Parenthood.  Throw in continued contributions from corporations and the nexus of Leftist foundation donors and Planned Parenthood’s ability to perform abortion on demand (or any other service) would not skip a beat.  The only beat missed would be that of the heart of the aborted human life.


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