Is Scott Walker a Racist?

As this campaign heats up, accusations will be flying from the Left in an attempt to tear down the eventual GOP nominee for President.  One such accusation that caught this reader’s eye involved Scott Walker being racist.  I endured about ten articles from Leftist websites on this issue.  Since becoming Governor of Wisconsin, Walker has undid years of Democratic/Leftist chicanery in Wisconsin.  This attack on the status quo is considered racist by many of these writers and these accusations are hardly new.  Back in 2011, Joe Scarborough called him “un-American,” while Dana Milbank referred to him as a “hooligan” ignorant of the real hooligans in the streets of Madison.  Taking it up a notch, both Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton compared him to George Wallace.  “Comedienne” Sarah Silverman wished to “anally probe” him and “comedian” Bill Maher compared him to the banjo player in Deliverance.  In my book, if you are pissing off liberals this much, you must be doing something right.

The problem for the Left as it concerns Walker is that he is a tough cookie to crack.  One Democrat in Wisconsin said that despite the situation and how dire it may seem for him, he always responds with a wink or a smile.

Of course, Walker would not be the only Republican to be flirting with what they refer to as racist ethno-nationalists.  Since most of their accusations and “proof” is rooted in code words and dog whistles, ethno-nationalist is a Leftist code word for a white Republican male.  They claim this “extreme” contingent always existed in the GOP and only broke through recently because of Twitter and other social media and, most importantly, Donald Trump.  They accuse the GOP of depending on racial resentment to bring the various factions of the GOP together.  These accusations come from a movement that thrives on hyphenated Americans and identity politics.

So what are Walker’s transgressions?  All the articles note that Walker’s rise to political power in Madison and in Milwaukee County derive from right wing radio.  For example, they use as “proof” the fact that one talk show host opened his show by poking fun at [mc_name name=’Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’M001160′ ] for missing a key vote on the debt ceiling.  The host used a fake black voice (Moore is black) and made fun of her weight (Moore is fat).  Scott Walker’s transgression was appearing on that same show only a few days later.  The politically correct thing to do would be to excuse yourself from the show until the hosts apologized to Moore.  The radio show in question was more a comedic performance than an in-depth political analysis.

They claim his rise to power in Wisconsin is directly attributable to the decline of Milwaukee and the resulting polarization.  When in the state assembly, he was regularly dispatched to do talk radio guest stints when assembly leaders were unavailable.  Many of those appearances were on that aforementioned show out of Milwaukee.  Of course, Milwaukee is the largest radio market in Wisconsin and it makes perfect sense to use it to reach the greatest number of listeners.  Furthermore, racial polarization in Milwaukee began long before Walker’s arrival on the scene.

But to the Left, it appears he did not do enough to alleviate those disparities between the affluent middle class suburbs and Milwaukee itself.  The biggest “crime” they point to is the fact that as county commissioner, “Walker cut institutions upon which minorities depend.”  And what are these institutions?  The one that comes up the most are city parks.  So there you have it: city parks are a needed “institution” for minorities- right up there with the public library.

You want further proof that Walker is a racist?  How about those published e-mails among Walker staffers disparaging blacks and Hispanics (the majority in Milwaukee)?  How about the fact those staffers were fired by Walker after the e-mails became public knowledge, or the fact that not a single one of these e-mails was seen by Walker.

More proof?  Walker’s push for right to work legislation is seen as racist.  One article said it is designed to hurt minorities more than whites and they trace the history of right to work status to its alleged racist origins in Texas.  Left out of the discussion is the systematic discrimination against minorities and women by organized labor.  They leave out the fact that something near and dear to them- Bacon-Davis legislation- was designed as a racist tool by unions to keep minorities out of their ranks and unemployed during the Great Migration north by blacks.  Fact: right to work status helps, not hurts, everyone.

They decry his cuts to education and support of vouchers as further proof of his racism.  But, they never note that the Milwaukee voucher system, specifically designed to target low-income and minority students, is largely a success and that parents- not liberal Democrats- like the vouchers.  In the mind of the Leftist, something like voter ID is a poll tax and thus racist.  Of course, that does not explain why minority voter rates are up in states with voter ID requirements.

During one campaign, Walker said on the 4th of July “we celebrate our independence from government, not our dependence on government.”  Warning: racial code word- “dependence.”  It is the racially sensitive Leftist who sees and hear race in every sentence.  During his most recent election in 2014 he said “let’s not let Wisconsin become like Milwaukee.”  Because Milwaukee is greater than 50% minority, Walker was surely making a racist comment here also.  Since 1960, Milwaukee has not had a Republican mayor.  In that time, the city has seriously declined and decayed.  Is that what Wisconsin should aspire to?

The list of silly accusations goes on.  But what really disturbs them is the fact that despite the odds against him, he wins.  This is a classic case of the Left projecting something onto someone else- the fact that they are the true racists here.  Democratic Party politics is one of racial identity.  Scott Walker scares the Left not because he is a racist but because he wins.  They are left with nothing in their arsenal other than to rely on old tactics- name call and smear.  And to think we haven’t even reached Iowa yet…

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