Wow! Alternet Takes on Abortion and Ben Carson

One of my favorite loony Left Wing sites is Alternet and their weekly column called “Five Deranged Right Wing Moments This Week.”  I will take up only number one on their list- Ben Carson.  In particular, they take exception to the fact that Carson stood by comments that abortion is the number one killer of blacks and that Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger was an advocate of practicing eugenics on minority communities.

First, the numbers.  The Alternet article sarcastically states:

So when Ben Carson declared this week that he absolutely stands by his assertion abortion is the number one killer of black people- not heart disease as that left wing conspiracy the Center for Disease Control has firmly established- there was only one response.   Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

So, let’s look at the actual numbers from sources Alternet would rely upon.  In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control 610,000 Americans die of heart disease every year.  They further break down the death count by ethnicity and blacks account for 24.5% of all heart disease deaths every year in the United States.  That translates into 149,450 African-American deaths attributable to heart disease annually.

Using an actual left wing source- the Guttmacher Institute- they state that in 2008, 1.21 million abortions were performed.  They further state that African-American women account for 30% of these abortions.  If we are to believe the Guttmacher Institute (remember: this is the authority on the issue for the Left), that translates into 363,000 African-American abortions in 2008.  They then say that the situation has gotten better and that only 1.06 million abortions were performed in the best year for least abortions since 1973- 2011.  In their “best case” scenario, that translates into 318,000 African-American abortions.

My math may be wrong, or I may be a victim of Common Core, but I was led to believe that 363,000 or even 318,000 is greater than 149,450.  I mean…somebody correct me if I am wrong.  The CDC lists heart disease as the number one killer of blacks who actually had the opportunity to breathe air- you know, the living, not that blob of cells in a uterus.

As for the Margaret Sanger comment, Alternet went to an authority on fact checking- National Public Radio.  Although Alternet declares the NPR fact check a total repudiation of Carson’s statements, the actual findings support Carson.  That Margaret Sanger believed in eugenics is undisputed.  The NPR article cited intimates that she “bought into the movement” to curry political favor to advance her birth control agenda.  In fact, her birth control movement (and abortion today is a form of birth control to many- at least 96% of that 1.06 million in a “good year”) had its greatest support in the African-American community, although she used the term “Negro” in her own writings.  She worked closely with the NAACP on the so-called “Negro Project-” an effort to have blacks control how many children they had.  She also believed that only the “strong” should breed lest society be left with a disproportionate amount of crime and charity.

The Left can disguise these facts as Sanger being advanced for her time in the area of race relations (the Washington Post actually came to that conclusion), but looked at more realistically it would be labeled genocide.

The leftist reader of Alternet may buy into this crap they spout as fact, but that only highlights the stupidity on the Left.  Even when they think they have the “facts” on their side, their own sources dispute those facts.  I was also surprised to learn that Ben Carson was “a nonsense-spouting TV neurosurgeon…”  I’ll have to contact my cable provider and make sure I get the “John Hopkins Pediatric Neurosurgery” channel.

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