Dylann Roof, the Left and South Carolina: What We All Can Learn

The most recent act of senseless violence by a deranged “human” in South Carolina has brought out the worst in the Left and the best in the Right. On the Right, there is universal condemnation and acceptance of the fact that this is a hate crime.  This author dislikes that phrase “hate crime” and has written articles about it in the past.  I find it to be a redundant action in that any premeditated murder is a hateful action.  That designation is used to enhance penalties for murder.  In South Carolina, one cannot enhance the penalty beyond death or life in prison without parole which is what Dylan Roof will receive as punishment.

When I think of this crime, I think of the people of Charleston, South Carolina.  Here was a crime predicated upon hate against African-Americans yet instead of tearing that community apart like Baltimore or Ferguson, the murder of these innocents has brought the community closer together.  I think of the families of the victims addressing the killer with many of them “forgiving” the killer and asking God for his redemption.  I think of the woman in North Carolina who identified his car, called police and followed him for 30 miles, then when being portrayed as a hero responding that God was the true hero here.  I think of Nikki Haley’s heartfelt tears in addressing this tragedy and people of every color in South Carolina and throughout the South condemning this act of hatred with disgust and disdain.

Unfortunately, I also think of and read the Leftist articles indicting a region of the country because of their past, because of “lax gun laws,” because of a what is on a piece of cloth. Regarding the first area, violence against a minority group is not indigenous to the South.  There are organized hate groups operating in every state in this country.  Worse, there are hateful bigoted racists in every state of this country.  Hatred, bigotry and racism is not exclusive to the South.  If anything, the South is more sensitive to the issue than other regions of the country given their past.  Yet, the Left portrays the background of this crime as somehow rooted in a general atmosphere prevalent in the region- mainly, conservatism- as laying the groundwork for the act of a mentally disturbed person.  No one was cheering this killer’s actions.

Alan Colmes described the mixture of inherent racism in the South, lax gun laws and mental illness as creating the toxic stew that led to this tragedy.  Perhaps the silliest accusation from the Left comes from their condemnation of the Confederate flag being part of the flag of South Carolina and questioning whether it would fly at half staff.  It did.  Colmes stated that there are streets in South Carolina named after Confederate heroes and indeed there are.  In fact, there are whole counties in the South named after Confederate and Southern heroes and many counties named after Jefferson Davis.  And so what?  This somehow creates an atmosphere of hatred and racism?  If every street or county name were changed tomorrow and the Confederate flag was removed from the public sphere, this act still would have happened.

Unlike other areas, justice against Dylan Roof will be swift and exacting in South Carolina because they are a conservative state.  One need only look at that state’s actions against the police officer in a neighboring town to Charleston when that white police officer shot an unarmed black man eight times.  That officer remains in jail awaiting trial on homicide charges.  Was there rioting in the streets?  Despite the attempts by the race-baiters on a national stage (Al Sharpton), were there mass demonstrations and violence directed against all police?  Instead, the people of Charleston and South Carolina responded with a respect for the rule of law because they are a conservative state.

This exemplifies the difference between the Left and the Right.  The Left assigns collective guilt; the Right sees personal responsibility, or a lack of it.  The Left portrays the average conservative as some kind of monster with latent racist intents that we suppress and deny.  To many on the Left, even the denial is proof of the latent racism so that it is a no-win situation.  Yet, it is the Left that fans the flames of discord with their “war on women,” their “war on young black men,” and their “war on voting rights.”  The Left thrives on that discord they create.

But here is the funny thing about it: despite those attempts, the good people of South Carolina- black and white (with a few exceptions)- have resisted those attempts, or ignored them because they are a conservative state.  They see this act for what it is: an act perpetrated by a disturbed young man with individual hatred in his heart towards a group of people.  He is not a product of the South or a product of conservatism.  He is wholly a product of his own demented mind.  And he will suffer the consequences as a result.  And another funny thing about this is the reaction of the families of the victims and the forgiveness in their hearts- despite the hurt they must feel- as a result of their religious beliefs and the redemptive value of the teachings of Jesus Christ which is exactly the very things the Left denies, denigrates and wishes to wipe from public discourse.

We could all learn a valuable lesson from these families, but more so those on the Left.  In that, this writer stands with the people of Emanuel A.M.E. church is Charleston, South Carolina and my prayers along with those of every sane conservative go out to those families that they may receive solace in the fact that their loved ones are today one with Jesus Christ in heaven.