The Donald Descends Into the Race

So Donald Trump entered the GOP sweepstakes to take on the Queen-in-Waiting Hillary Clinton.  He did so to the fanfare of television cameras as he descended an escalator.  Perhaps a better entrance would be to have six people carry him in as he threw out rose petals…or something like that.  The symbolism of a descent down an escalator should be a metaphor for how we should be dealing with this buffoon of a human.

One thing about Trump- he should be uniquely qualified to deal with the national debt since his financial empire which he touts regularly deals with debts.  I have no doubt that should the unthinkable ever happen and he became President, the United States, under a President Trump, would steal a chapter from his “art of the deal” and the country would declare bankruptcy.  Of course, the White House would first have his name emblazoned in obnoxious red neon like every building he owns or erects,

He touts the fact that he incredibly rich.  But it was hardly anything he earned since he inherited some 27,000 properties from his slumlord father.  This is a man who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth whose silver is being tarnished by what Donald Trump represents- pure arrogance.  This is a man who railed against Obama and a birth certificate, but likely has so many financial skeletons in his closet that I doubt any detailed financial statement from His Donaldness will ever see the light of day.

He wants to build a wall on the southern border and have the Mexicans pay for it.  Sounds great, but did he ever think it through?  We all have crazy ideas now and then, but most of us are not running for President and we generally suppress it to the deeper recesses of our brains, not articulate the “plan-in-the-making” on national television.  Regarding that wall, perhaps he can get the Chinese to build it; I hear they’re good at building walls.  Ooops- the Donald is going after the Chinese also!  He has a fool-proof plan to knock out ISIS, although he won’t say what it is.  Perhaps it is some reality television show.  Instead of “You’re fired,” the losing terrorist actually has to get into a fire.

Do we really need another President suffering from a messiah complex?  When it comes to intelligence, Donald Trump makes Barack Obama look like a member of Mensa!  And here is the sad thing- according to the Realclearpolitics average of polls- the very metric that will decide who debates in September- he ranks 9th ahead of people like Rick Perry and Carly Fiorina.  Rick Perry in his confused 2012 debate state of mind is light years ahead of Trump, and Fiorina possibly even further ahead, yet this moron leads them in the polls.

A better use of Trump’s time should be spent perhaps finding a new hairstylist followed by a better plastic surgeon for his wife.  Then he can work on shoring up the finances of his crumbling real estate/casino “empire” and doing something that the rest of America is doing- actually paying off some debt without the aid of a bankruptcy court again…and again…and again…and again.

His arrogance and ego know no bounds.  Instead of watching this man descend on an elevator as if the messiah descending from on high (he no doubt views himself as such), we should be burying him in the dustbin of political history and then driving a stake through his political heart once and for all.  Even Ross Perot knew when it was time to move on.  Must we be subjected to this ass every four years?

Dana Milbank, a columnist for the New York Times, among others has dubbed the GOP presidential field as a “clown car.”  Donald Trump’s entrance into the race unfortunately lends some credence to that characterization.  Let’s face it: he is not going to be the nominee, but he sure can be a major embarrassment before we reach that conclusion.  He already is.