With Friends Like These: Maya Harris

This is the second in a series of articles examining the movers and shakers in the nascent Hillary Clinton campaign.  Last week I dealt with Jake Sullivan; this week is one of her senior policy advisers- Maya Harris.  Maya Harris is the younger sister of California lawyer, attorney general and 2016 Senate candidate Kamala Harris.  Maya’s resume includes a who’s who of Leftist organizations and causes.  For example, she has worked with the Ford Foundation in charge of their Democracy, Rights and Justice program.  The Ford Foundation, created in 1936 by Henry Ford, has increasingly crept to the Left in the years since its inception.  The division that Harris headed was heavily behind many Leftist causes- open borders, the remaking of legal education in America to take on a more activist role and other causes.  She was a senior associate at PolicyLink, an organization self-described as a national research institute dedicated to “economic and social equity” mainly focusing on minority communities.

She was also head of the Northern California chapter of the ACLU and a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress.  Founded in 2002 after discussions between George Soros and Morton Halperin, the CAP was brought into existence after John Podesta was hired.  Designed as a counter against conservative think tanks like the Heritage Foundation, Harold Ickes, another Clinton long-time crony, was brought in as fundraiser.  Most importantly, Hillary Clinton was very instrumental in the organization’s founding and early years and even boasted about her involvement with reporters.  Even though John Podesta’s name was at the top of the organizational chart, many believed that Hillary was the actual leader behind CAP.

The Center for American Progress also was very instrumental in forming Media Matters, an organization that basically spouts liberal propaganda and smear campaigns against conservative outlets like talk radio and Fox News.  Again, Hillary’s fingerprints can be found over its founding since, after all, there is that vast right wing conspiracy out to get her.  Harris’ contributions at CAP involved working with the economic policy team, their Progress 2050 project, and Fair Shot- a newer program at the time to develop the economic power of women and minorities to force a progressive economic and social agenda.

There is no mistaking the fact that CAP was established as a shadow Democratic Party apparatus.  Many of their fellows and associates have found themselves in either the Obama administration, a Clinton campaign of some kind, or Senatorial and House race campaigns.  They are not so much a think tank than they are a human resources feeder system for the Democratic Party’s Senators, Congressmen, Governors and Presidents- would be- and actual.  Thus, it would be no surprise that Clinton would tap people from CAP for her campaign and for an administration should she win.

Leaving aside Harris’ work at the ACLU or PolicyLink- somewhat disturbing in its outlook in and of itself- but CAP is the most troublesome organization.  While the Left rails about the influence of billionaires in the political process, they conveniently ignore or turn a blind eye and deaf ear towards the financiers that pump money into organizations like CAP.  This is an organization with a drastically Leftist solution for America.

After joining the Center for American Progress in 2013, Harris’ main focus was writing a paper on the influence of female minority voters on electoral outcomes.  Realizing that the Democratic Party is increasingly losing the vote of white males, those votes have to be made up for somewhere.  That is where Progress 2050 comes into the equation.  It is expected that by 2050 there will be no racial or ethnic majority in America.  The Democratic plan is to capture and enslave now as many minority voters as possible.

In the aftermath of the 2014 midterm elections, Harris’ Progress 2050 issued letters to officials in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, North Carolina and Texas requesting investigations over alleged election law violations.  It should be noted that in all of these states except Alabama, Democrats suffered serious setbacks.  In Florida, Governor Scott was reelected while Republicans won Senate seats in Georgia, Kansas and North Carolina and a gubernatorial election in Texas.  In short, it was not because the Republican legitimately won; it was because these states “cheated.”  But, the accusations are ridiculous and they can only muster single hard-luck cases here and there that would make very little difference in the final outcome.

The selection of Maya Harris as a senior policy adviser to the Clinton campaign and a key operative gives an indication, based on Harris’ past words, actions and associations, of how that campaign will be waged.  It will emphasize worn-out liberal solutions empowering minorities and women- key constituencies the Democratic Party needs to win the White House.  So far, Harris has been a spokesperson for Clinton regarding a recent House bill that would curtail abortions after 20 weeks.  It was the typical “war on women” attack that tried to portray the Republican majority in the House as coming after every woman’s uterus.  We can expect much more of this as 2016 rolls around and rest assured, Maya Harris will be behind Clinton’s messaging in this area.