Professor Grundy, Certified Racist

No race outside of the europeans had a system that made slavery “personhood” instead of a temporary condition…there is also no race except europeans who kidnapped and transported human beings in order to enslave them and their offspring for life… in other words, deal with your sh*t, white people.  slavery is YALL thing.

These are snippets of tweets from Dr. Saida Grundy, a newly hired professor of African-American Studies at Boston University.  From the actual quotes above, two things become quite obvious when it comes to social media.  First, obviously all rules of English grammar and spelling are thrown by the wayside even for a college professor.  Second, social media brings out the worst and the most stupid in individuals.  Verbal vomit of 40 characters or less can never do any subject true justice which is why tweets like this often get the tweeter in hot water.

One of the greatest things about this country is free speech.  What I particularly like about it is that when people exercise that right, they often vividly display their stupidity.  What makes it this instance egregious is that this is coming from a college professor at a college that charges highly for education.  But, who exactly is the typical student who takes any course in African-American studies?  It is usually an African-American or a white student suffering from liberal white guilt.  It is people like professor Grundy who then only perpetuate the idea that blacks are inferior because whites have made them inferior.  It has nothing to do African-Americans themselves because they live in a racist society which is the legacy of years of slavery.

Grundy is not new to controversial statements on Twitter.  In March, she referred to St. Patrick’s Day as “white people’s kwanza” and “completely made up.”  Obviously ignorant of feast days of saints- there are numerous throughout the year with varying forms of celebration and importance- St. Patrick’s Day was made an official feast day by the Roman Catholic Church in the 1600s.  By the number of drunken celebrants, you do not have to be Irish to celebrate the “holiday.”  But to compare it to Kwanzaa is clearly illustrative of stupidity.  How many blacks, let alone non-blacks, celebrate Kwanzaa?  Incidentally, for a professor of African-American studies, one would think that she could properly spell the word “Kwanzaa.”

She also claimed in another tweet that [mc_name name=’Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’P000603′ ] was “not a med school graduate.”  Although Paul did not receive an undergraduate degree, he was accepted into the Duke University School of Medicine and received a medical degree and completed his residency in 1993.  Thus, Grundy is patently wrong and a simple check of the facts on Wikipedia would have revealed the truth.

Then there was this one:

Dear white people: u are all Ben Affleck.  Those euphemisms for your ancestors like “farmers” and “pioneers” means you owned people and killed natives.

There is so much to dispute here regarding these many tweets.  The first obvious one is that if I am putting out $47,000 a year in tuition to attend Boston University, the least I should expect is that a professor can spell correctly.  I would also expect that my professor would not be racist and a bigot.  Grundy obviously fits that bill.  It is clear that she carries a huge racial chip on her shoulders, a chip she wishes to impart and disguise as knowledge to her students.

The university has stated that they are not supportive of her comments, but they are supportive of her right to make those comments.  However, to show how her studies are nothing but indoctrination into the liberal mindset, this is the belief of one of her supporters:  “You need to have institutional and systemic power in order to be racist.  People of color like Professor Grundy don’t have that.”  In other words, blacks cannot be racist.  And taken elsewhere, women cannot be sexist either.

The problem is a supposedly well-respected college professor expressing obvious and serious hostility towards a whole population.  The problem is compounded when she uses sweeping generalizations to prove her point.  And it gets really serious when she uses personal beliefs and presents them as facts.  Her “facts” ignore inconvenient truths like the objective fact that slavery still does exist in the world and not in Europe, but in Africa and throughout the Muslim world.  She leaves out the fact that many black tribal leaders sold their captured rival tribesmen to the European slave traders of the past.  She leaves out the fact that ancestors of many present day Americans toiled in de facto slavery, many of them white.

Grundy begins from the erroneous assumption that blacks are the only group in America that have ever faced discrimination and prejudice.  And even if she acknowledged that other groups faced this, they are somehow subordinated to the plight of blacks in America.  The reason is simple: these other groups advanced themselves without playing the role of victim at every opportunity.  Despite the indignities they sometimes had to endure, they managed to overcome them.  They did not succumb to the victimization trap.  There was no Al Sharpton speaking for Eastern European immigrants working under terrible conditions in coal mines.  There was no Jesse Jackson crying out against the prejudice Irish immigrants faced.  There was no Jeremiah Wright railing against the troubles Chinese people faced building railroads linking the coasts.  There were no Irish-American or Italian-American Studies departments at major universities.  Instead, these people did what Americans do best- picked themselves up by the bootstraps and advanced their station in life.  They did not cry “racism” or invent terms like “microaggression” every time they felt slighted.

As long as there are the Professor Grundys of the world spouting their racism and bigotry, there will be racial problems in this country.  And it is this country that gives her the right to spout that racism and bigotry.  Fortunately, it is also those rights that allow the rest of us to see what a dope she truly is.  Learning to spell and use grammar correctly- even in 40 characters or less- might make some people take her half seriously, but even that is doubtful.  One hopes she is the exception and not the rule.